Stop Doubting Yourself And Make It Happen With Astounding Confidence

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Stop Doubting Yourself And Make It Happen With Astounding Confidence Featuring Rachel Chung

Stop Doubting Yourself! Life can be tough even for those with a lot of self-confidence. It’s tough to keep that positive attitude. We can continue to doubt ourselves and our decisions. In order to reach our full potential, we must continue to remain energized. Find a way to push down that self-doubt and just make it happen. Use your confidence to keep your energy levels up.

About Rachel

Rachel Chung is an ICF-qualified Confidence & High-Performance Coach. And she is the founder of Essence by Rachel Chung. 

Rachel’s mission is…

Through mindset mastery, personality profiling and personal brand image consulting with 8 years experience…

She helps the online-serviced based female solo entrepreneurs at the start-up stage to overcome procrastination challenged by self-doubt, fear and perfectionism. So they can kickstart and keep thriving in their business with the highest productivity and absolute confidence as their best self. 😉

To fulfill the mission…

Essence by Rachel Chung is focusing on ‘YOU’ with A-Z 100% personal touching support…

Inside this community…

You can learn how to build your core confidence from inside to outside…

With hands-on support from experts and a well-structured system.  And this is a fun interactive and safely respected environment for you. You will explore your potential to a new reality…

With all-in-one & One-stop full transformation.

During your joyful journey here…

You will also discover the Instant applying and Instant long-lasting achievement as well~

Essence by Rachel Chung has helped women Stop Doubting and Start Believing… 

So they can create a long-lasting impact with their business worldwide confidently.

“Stop Doubting Yourself, Start Believing Yourself!”


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Business Podcast » Self Help » Stop Doubting Yourself And Make It Happen With Astounding Confidence

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Stop Doubting Yourself And Make It Happen With Astounding Confidence Featuring Rachel Chung

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Roy Barker  00:07

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host, Roy. We are the podcast of course that brings you a wide variety of guests. That talk about a diverse set of topics. We always want to try to present issues. That maybe people are unaware of. Or present solutions that may help your business. But we also like to put you people in front of you that if you have a problem keeping you up at night. They can definitely provide a solution and today is no different.

We’re happy to have Rachel Chung. She is an ICF-qualified confidence and high-performance coach. She is the founder of Essence by Rachel Chung. Rachel’s mission is through mindset mastery, personality profiling, and personal brand image consulting with eight years experience. She helps the online service base Female Solo entrepreneurs. At the startup stage to overcome procrastination. Challenged by self doubt, fear and perfectionism. So they can kickstart and keep thriving in their business. With the highest productivity and absolute confidence as their best self.

To fulfill this mission essence by Rachel Chung is focusing on you with a to z 100% personal touch touching support. Inside this community, you can learn how to build your core confidence. From inside out, with hands on support from experts and well structured systems. At and this is a fun, interactive and safe respected environment for you.

You will explore your potential to new reality. With all in one and one stop full transformation. Nearing your joyful journey. Here you will also discover the instant applying. An instant long-lasting achievement as well essence by Rachel Chung has helped women stop doubting and start believing. So they can create a long lasting impact with their business worldwide. confidential confidence. Stop doubting yourself, start believing in yourself. Rachel, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. We certainly appreciate it.

Rachel  02:18

Thank you. So it’s really an honor to be here as a guest. Right? Thank you so much.

Roy Barker  02:23

Before we jump into this, this is also important, you know, that confidence factor? Because I’m just going to tell you, honestly, you know, we’re challenged with that every day, no matter how long if you’ve been in business for one day, or for 10 years. There’s always something but before we jump into that, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you find yourself coaching and helping women?

Rachel’s Story

Rachel  02:45

Yeah, I think to talk about that, well, maybe it’s better to share my story. It’s kind of awkward personal story. So maybe you probably gonna be peekaboo like guests know my accent. So I’m originally from Korea, South Korea, but I’m lucky in Melbourne, Australia now. It’s been exactly six years so far. So as just you share about me and then my background, and my business back in Korea was personal brand image casting and with a personal profiling. Then when I come here, and to be honest, I came here with a purpose. Stop doubting yourself

Yeah, so Coco’s. And then I was okay with a lot of hope, a lot of optimistic mind. And I come here always, life is not exactly as we expected. Right? always very rare. Very rare. And then as he shocked me because I come here, yes, I proposed I hope and I always always wanted to help people. And and then Okay, let’s continue my journey because he was a part of Cisco back in Korea. Okay, let me continue. And I opened a launch it and I think first year, totally, exactly four to six months is really really, really hard. And of course, and then my business totally fail and give a lot of lessons but that time was our only hard is God and, and then because I’ve known for really constant always know what I’m doing so people already knows what you’re doing.

Yeah, she was good. And my sub conference was absolutely high, he must have asked me when I came and everyone reject whenever I did, like I get proper, reject, reject, reject, because that time I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t have any proper papular to keep moving for and then I didn’t have a business or like experience, work experience, nor reference nothing than that. So I think I was actually baby here and no one actually care and no one actually trust me. That’s not last year was a really strong but a lot and and after that, nearly two up to two to three years and then I was stuck and they keep trying.

They just not backup try. And then at some stage actually nearly gave off really, really gave up. Then because our brains and totally burn out, and this is impossible can move forward, I think I can’t think of any any fruit at all. They probably, and my mom and dad, like got my mom to come back. That’s kind of Korea was the point there. I was really in dilemma about but I think that time, I just like I only try so many. That’s how I try one more time, one last time. And ask that one last time actually, who still helped me a lot.

And then that was my turning point. Actually, okay, it’s time to actually awake because he was kind of the failure, it was also some part of my problem. I wasn’t like God, focusing what I can do, and what I’m good at. And then actually, I guess I care about who I’m gonna be helped, but I think more like what I can do first. So okay, I really deep into the Australian culture and because I’m here, and what actually can combine to actually make you work. And that’s how I found out like, God, okay, what I can do, and then that time as, as founders, the castle, the life coaching, okay, that’s aligned my purpose there online, to prove what people want. Now people want and then I think, okay, so I’m gonna be stuck this one.

Then the time starting from that, two years intensive, intensive coaching, like God training intensive, I thought the answer the master degree was so intense. And then after that, finally, finally, I qualified for last year, and then, okay, it’s time to do start new. It’s, I’m ready, because I always made me the whole back end people actually want for me was actual qualifications because they want to see because when they see that they can see through me because I know this is another country, they first start is an Asia look young.

Then they just like, Can I can I trust her? So I think to overcome that part is called proper qualification. So since then, okay, out of the glass coaching, what I’m good, who I can help that, okay, confidence. 80s? Yes, that’s I was, how can people spot on, and then people after every coaching or even just a cage, you’re talking people are really motivated, I feel really confident, I think I can do that.

So okay, that’s confidence, actually people through me and I’m good at. And then I thought that confidence is not enough. So what I adding on is confidence for me was because I love everything practical and tangible. And then out of the out that so I chose fourth language cost effective and instant. Okay, how can I actually help them to not abstract away a more tangible way, then I add in a high performance because they can live with not only confidence, but actually they doing? They achieving? So that through the journey, and up and down. And finally, I found a fair path? What actually I can be in? So that was my journey. And

Roy Barker  08:14

and, you know, we talked about this a lot with helping others is that you’ve been through this. And, you know, it sounded like that you had a few years there where you struggled. So who better to help the next person than somebody that’s actually been there lived through it. And the lessons that you’ve learned, I mean, it’s tough. And, you know, don’t get me wrong. It’s, it’s, it’s sad, you had to go through that. But on the other side, is that look at all this valuable life lessons that you have learned and be able to help other people? For me, there’s nothing better than being able to take those lessons and and, you know, help other people maybe not have to go through that. That’s

Rachel  08:57

true. Yes. Actually, that’s a really great way to flip the angle, right? Yeah.


Roy Barker  09:02

Yeah. Because confidence, it’s, you know, it’s big. And I think that I suspect from what I hear from others that, you know, it’s even a little bit more difficult in women because, you know, they tend to be held back and not as respected as experts a lot, you know, not like men and so they stepping out on their own there can be a definite confidence factor plus they’re usually responsible for the kids and you know, everything else that happens so just that time commitment as well.

Rachel  09:36

Exactly. I think a woman is up sometimes it’s not her type or just like, kind of physically and mentally we actually can’t change some part right we bone sometimes the woman is a naturally have a more modern nature, because we’re gonna have a baby and we’re going to look after that compared to the men. I think it’s kind of fact is our modern nature, we have a more higher than in that Which means is Mother Nature Mac OS, we want to willing to help more people look after more people, which means you want to please be promoted.

That’s what I think a lot of people are in the people pleaser side. And that’s what I’ve been through too. Yeah. Then see, I’m working on that part. And that’s why I’ve been such the perspective and such connect our instinct, make us actually put others first than us, which means we are more likely, if you’re going to be a bit negative is that we’re going to keep comparing ourselves to others, which is kicking our low self confidence, low self esteem, because we’re gonna doubting ourselves limiting belief. And the Archons comes once.

So that’s why I think it’s really important, starting from our Where are we actually facing that part? And then starting from there, we can just work in our confidence, because a lot of people now I’m not, I’m not, but it is not. Yeah. So I think if we accept the fact is a fact. And then from that, we can just identify how can we actually overcome that part? To be more confident? Yeah.

Comparing Ourselves To Others

Roy Barker  11:05

Yeah, a couple of points that you made there, comparing ourselves to others. You know, it’s, it’s hard not to do that for anybody. But we just have to stay in our own lane, and we have to run our own race. And that’s gotten a lot more. I’ve gotten where I use that a lot more, because I think it’s, you know, we have to have like the blinders on. Because social media can present so much information that we don’t even know if it’s true or not, but we see this person that achieved this or has this unless we know them for, you know, we know them personally, and we know that that happened.

But we see so much false information, and then it makes us feel bad about ourselves. Because it’s like, well, why can’t I achieve that? Why don’t I have this? Why don’t I have that? Where if we focus on our own lane? And then the other thing that you said I think about that was the nurturing part about tendon to take on too much. And it’s hard. But you know, we all have to learn to say no, to things that don’t further our goals. And that’s not selfish.

Rachel  12:15

No, no, because that’s actually a good point to even including myself, after the like a caring myself and saying, No, actually, after the very selfish, but our staff care selfish, like people, and even including myself, but as soon as you get a really good point, because we are not boned, yes, we are going to be in a perfect, we are going to be our best and better. And then always our main character in our life, it should be us because without the main character in the movie in drama, how can we be gonna be keep going? How the drama going and going?

And that’s impossible. That’s why always we put ourselves first and people think, oh, that’s not the kind of person know that that’s a negative thing. That’s the first thing because without you How can Ferghana we have other people who you want to help. So so that’s the it’s kind of paradox. So always, it’s okay, looking after yourself and more energy and their moral capacity, then you can have more people. Kind of this is not negative net minus minus game, this actual plus plus game. Then they says, OK, then starting the awaring. And I challenge them.

And just now you are just thinking what if, but also now making just don’t start in the future and guessing just the Triforce mega project and experience, then we can discuss further. How was it it was really bad as expected? What actually nothing really much were actually he was actually more positive.


Roy Barker  13:49

Exactly. Yeah. I think you also mentioned I read in, in your bio, and the lead in was about perfection. And that’s again, something that tends to strike all of us is, we think that everything has to be perfect. We can we call it analysis paralysis. Sometimes we can get so hung up thinking about how can I make this perfect, it’s not perfect that we end up not doing anything instead of just doing and learning as we go.

Rachel  14:23

I see one online like girl kind of role model and the heart model, or whenever her slogan her say is stop dreaming. Start doing. Yes. And I really liked that because like even I was I was a dreamer always on. I want to do I want to do that one and then I’ll worry. And then always I was stuck. I was a people pleaser. That’s all I care the people. I was scared of fear of judgment. They made me perfectionism. What if other people like that, and this is like a negative cycle actually made me stuck and then just only dreaming.

And as he says that actually when you actually put a To Action reaction, normally things different. And actually, you says that actually we met a failure. But actually we learn valuable things from there, and the death make us much better. That’s, I think, so. So do and then we just learn something and then better and then do because that’s progress. Progress is better than any perfectionism. So that’s actually I want to say we want if you and you’re stuck, and you just delay only learning, and they just don’t put action, then it’s time to actually take action. Yeah.

Always Growing

Roy Barker  15:34

When we, if we, if we get started, and we start and we listen to feedback from others, we know which areas to grow. Because you know, what I’ve done, honestly, in my past is, there was an area that I was kind of iffy about and was focused on. And then once you get the product or service out there, you realize that people don’t care about that they care about this other point that you didn’t even think about. So, again, you know, we put it out there. And we’re always growing and always kind of tweaking what we’re doing, always have will have a better outcome.

Rachel  16:12

Because I think that’s a great point. I also the same same, like experience after the Okay, I really worry about what if people don’t like it, forget about it just do. Suddenly I ended up like that, and people actually liked it. And suddenly free debate about some people, like some part I never thought of as he did, and Oh, actually, no matter if you’re going to be exposure, if I’m going to put out there no matter what, what I’m getting is everything is learning everything in the back. Actually, the only thing I’m gonna get is a feedback and better improvement. So that’s really good.

Stop Doubting Yourself

Roy Barker  16:50

Yeah, and so you you’ve kind of also added, you know, working with this confidence factor, but you also work with startups to to kind of help them overcome this, the procrastination, the fear. And so, you know, what are some things that you do? If you if somebody comes to you and they’re struggling a little bit in business, what are some steps that you generally take to help them out?

Rachel  17:15

I think the startup stage I think I found all over the face, some people great growth, escapes growth stage, some people scale stage, now startup stage, I think, don’t those days, you people most not confident, and that always stuck most, and then really with unclarity and then less focus, I think after the start up. And at the same time, not many actual support out there. Because I asked around why other coach fellows and I said, We start off actually, they are don’t know what they want to do. And they actually so many things to hands on.

So it’s actually even when coaches too much. So even though they at the end, they never really gain that much the impactive like really impactful changes after coaching because as a coach, I get it. And we want to like a really transformation in like really, really powerful transformation. But when we do start up because there’s so many things to do untangle. That’s why it’s has done so many help and support, like base, especially base in Australia nominee support out there. So that’s why starting started that targeting for this talk because mainly my main so main purpose for my business was Yes, generating revenue and like a profit is important. But first cons is actually happening because that made me help it. Anyway.

So So startup is out, I think the very first one they are really, really, really stuck in perfectionism and their self doubt. And because they are scared, because they are stuck in zero whenever we starting zero to one is the hardest and scariest. Because after we starting something, it’s a call on the happening dollar got momentum. So we keep doing. So like whenever we do go to the gym, and the force today and just put our stuff the intention is the hardest. Or when you get there, we felt good. We fed all sweating, and they look good and more muscles, things popping more and keep going keep going make momentum.

So between zero to one is a really scary thing, even though just a one difference, but Allah stuck in there. So what I’m doing is very first one is we all know we all know, man, this is a important mindset because this is our fundamental. What I found also is every aware montazah is important, but when actually when they’re building or working inside of business, they think they’re more focusing actually business tactics, skills, and then like a marketing stuff. I tell students absolutely proton to their part, but also monster is important. So people actually Yes, it’s important but not actually working on under estimated that time or maybe later.

I know So and then that’s why I think CSL but really looking to your monitors and working on because most confidence problem comes from mindset, which is we talk about professionalism, we talk about fear of judgment, fear of failure, we talk about self doubt. And all this on actually First comes first treat appointees from mind sets. So without a clearing the mind block, and I went, What I found is added a better test and then added Oh, the front monitor first and then the something else. And then mind is a different they were not tested, actually, yes, it cannot approve itself. So monitoring it first, then people are gonna be like a sort of like a digest whatever I’m talking with them and coach with them. The monitor said, that’s very first part I’m gonna do.

And I’m not talking about everything, I’m not touching everything, I always say them focus. So out of everything was the biggest number one, number one. And after that I just so we clear the list that biggest mind block. And still we have energy and courage to keep moving forward. Next one. And then after that, I think is telling because the people most likely stuck in professionalism. So especially woman wise, and then I think, okay, justify shared, we’re not going to be perfect, we are going to be just a better and best side of us. So which means is let’s focus really on you. We’re going to find the best part of you.

To do that, to do that I using the my personal profiling, because through the personality profiling method, we can actually have some guidance and have a more focus on your end and more Data Wise analysis, and what’s your strength, and what what made you more encouraged. And out of that I focus on Choose the one most resonate with you and I call this one signature strength. So we’re going to have a signature strength. No matter what no other people are gonna say to you why even you’re going to doubt yourself, always back to this one, telling yourself as a mantra, you have a signature strength in this, you can be better and best, at least with this one, no matter other people saying to you, no matter you’re going to be discouraged yourself.

And then they’re going to be okay, getting more slightly more confident, okay, because they’re gonna let the deleter clear their biggest mind block and they have a one clear clear clear signal strength they can focus on and next one is because for my motto, and for my business is I really like a balance. Which image is selected in our in our nature, when when nature thrived more and then when actual plant is more vibrant with eating and like dark side breast size or like a harmony, right? Same thing.

So it’s keeping that exact analogy but what I’m saying is balance is for me is really important even for conference so somebody’s mindset is actually work great. But some point if you are not confident our excellent exposure to others, we have a some point to shaking shake by that swung by that so we just need to work both sides as same time. So we just cleared our manpower for internships are getting better getting good for constant and I says that because as our status this day, not sure how can they’re constantly show up as an expert constantly shine in front of people.

So at least I can then Okay, looking about let’s work in external confidence, then I’m gonna be working with them with the personal brand image casting, because our startup is highly likely they are brand they are brand on beat that to represent their business. Okay, so and then I’m going to find out based on their sense of strength, let’s the analysis what what do you have for you externally? Then how can we show and then share with the year seeing strengths present the best way, then they’re gonna be just, just internally they see into strengths, they’re confident, but actually, they present it to others. And then they’re gonna be actually people are gonna be get that message.

They’re gonna be good feedback, complement. And then we also from there confident, more. So now internal, external, both confident. So in the end, finally, what I’m doing is, if we’re gonna be live like them, they not doing the action, they just say yes, it’s all interesting. Yes, I feel more confident. And then they’re gonna be because now we are finishing fully transformation because without action, that’s not transformation.

So and after that, what I have done is, okay, now it’s time to plan is 90 day plan, including launching their business, and then what they can do so utilizing all we learned, and then after that, we’re gonna be actually practice with that one and the day extra step to action, then they’re gonna be actually higher performers in that they actually the feedback from that. So that’s the whole journey I helped my client and people need my help in terms of the startup stage.


Roy Barker  25:12

And that’s great, because he mentioned some things, you know, the mindset, it’s very important for our confidence because, and it also ties in to the why I think it’s, you know, as I’ve aged, understand more the importance of the why we do something, it helps our mindset, I think, if we believe in what we do, and then we know that we can either help others in some manner and be successful, it helps us take those setbacks that help, you know, the daily setbacks, it really helps us to overcome those if we have the very strong why, and then we have a very strong mindset about what we’re going to do and what we need to do to be successful.

Exactly. Yeah. And I think also, you mentioned the clarity part that, you know, we can get so stretched in, in business, because you know, especially being a solopreneur, or, you know, a brand new startup, we may not have a lot of resources. So, you know, we’re trying to keep the books, we’re trying to do client work. Trying to do marketing, we’re trying to do sales, we’re trying to do all of these things, but we have to put them in order, you know.

What is the most important, we need to get our message clear and concise, you know, work on those type of things, because it’s challenging, and success is linear, and just not straight, you know, start at the bottom left and go up to the top right. It’s just there’s this jagad line that, you know, we have some really good days, and we have some not so good days, we just have to find a way to survive the not good days, and, you know, get back to those good days.

Rachel  26:55

Exactly. I think what I found is, especially at the startup stage, we are stuck in Dodge, like we are facing shiny object syndrome. So because we don’t we, we don’t have another clarity, like you said, and let’s, let’s try that one all day, we’re working well seems like a district, this one, this marketing, and that one, and that one, and that one, and just like a too much, right? And that’s always like that. So we know what you are good. And what you want, who you want to help from the or personalize the conference, personalize the step by step, because we found a cylinder strength. And then already when we know, we know, what makes us discouraged what you want.

So whenever we decide make like a distant time, okay, this one is a doesn’t sit, like it doesn’t align and that this is not aligned my signature strength, my brand, and asking I don’t feel this is gonna be make me more motivated. That’s not work. And very clear. And, and then on top of the action, we know, so clear, who we want to help with, and the my target market gonna be they’re not. They’re going to be unwritten, that we get not. Everything’s, everything just comes to clear. So I think we can focus one at a time, and then just the only focus will be one bridge first to like, a across from where we are to the way we want to be. And then we’re gonna keep living under the bridge and time.

Plant, Cultivate, Harvest

Roy Barker  28:20

Yeah, cuz we can, you know, like you said, we can. Stop doubting yourself And I’ve seen this in marketing with somebody places and ads on Facebook, you know, they put 50 $60 there and run an ad for a day or two, whatever. And then it’s like, Ah, that didn’t work. So we’re moving to, you know, this other, you know, moving to Instagram, and then Google and then Twitter. And instead of, you know, I guess, developing a plan, you know, what is our marketing plan?

We need and we also need to be patient, you know, again, this, you know, starting a business, being an entrepreneur, it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. And so we have to realize, if we do something today, and we have success tomorrow, we’re probably pretty lucky. But as you know, you talked in yourself that you know, it can be a six months, a year, two years to see results. We have to put seeds out there and take care of those seeds to see them, you know, harvested eventually.

Rachel  29:22

Because I love your analogy. Yes, we are like a farmer. Yeah, yeah. Because I’ll it’s impossible next day, just all trees out there for today are fruit there. It’s impossible to see there. Right. So I think you got a really good point too, because I found the patience because I actually was was impatient myself. So that’s why pay if you were not patient, we’re not going to be persistent and we’re not going to positive that we’re going to give up so very good point patient, like a seed with the water and get the fertilizer there and they get loving them and the patient and they personally keep Doing it and then positive, which is fruit cannot come to pick up. Yeah, that’s a really important part,

Stay In Your Own Lane

Roy Barker  30:06

you know, because, again, I love social media. I think it has a great part in our life and in our business, but there are negative aspects of it is that, you know, we see, I don’t know, john smith, we see him on Instagram now. And he’s very successful. We think, well, we, we didn’t know this guy yesterday. Now he’s successful, he’s an overnight success. But we don’t know that this guy has been working, you know, 510 years, you know, toiling away, whatever his craft or product is getting better and better every day, he just now came to the top.

So I think the drawback of this digital age is I feel like that we are all somewhat impatient, you know, we want to put an ad out there on Google today. Then tomorrow, we expect the phone or email to be, you know, flooded with people like, Oh, my gosh, I’ve been waiting for you to put the ad up so I can buy from you. It’s just, it just typically, it doesn’t work that way. If it does for you, then you’re very, very lucky.

And you need to count your blessings. But, you know, Brian, you got to eat. And this gets back to the why. And mindset for me is that you’re going to have to come in and grind this out every day, every day, come in and do the basics. There’s no secret tip or secret trick. It’s just gets back to the basics, but executing them every day stop doubting yourself.

Rachel  31:30

Exactly. I think that’s also a good point to kalasa when I was like learning from other marketing part and then expert and then what he said is nowadays, a lot of people tried all different kind of marketing, try marketing because they think other people what their own working for other people, because we again, comparing some people with their marketing suddenly 00 to like a 50 cat mass. So okay, I’m not for that one. But I think what he said is best marketing said his basic principle.

So that’s why you for like 30 days, 30 years before 20 years before some walking the principal and basic classic things actually work now. So I think don’t just jumping everything like oh, this isn’t working. Okay, this is a term or temporary, no guarantee. So I think what you share is really important. And other thing, one thing I like is what you said is the success like oh, we are not here to the success isn’t that sprint is marathon.

And then I think I want on top of the for me, I always tell the people share what success means and success isn’t a sprint, but for me is that pace store. So what I mean by that is I think we’re gonna keep like sprint is compared to the when we win, right? Actually, we get there to destination we are drained. And then we have absolutely no energy left to even after the another journey. Then we’re just after drank too tired.

And then two bits we didn’t ever actually enjoy at all, because only focusing Ronaldo remember not to win. But if you’re going to be actually Marsan also like step paces true. We actually in our pace, we are actually enjoying the each journey. And then when you get there, we still 50% energy left so we can start on a success journey. No as is this important.


Roy Barker  33:23

Yeah. And you mentioned that, I think kind of building on what you just said, as you mentioned balance. And you said that’s very important to you in your life, stop doubting yourself. But I think it’s important. As you said, if we have balance, we can enjoy the journey. We’re not always just focused on the end goal because what I’ve found is that when people are only focused on the end, when they get there, it’s an empty when it’s not, they’re not fulfilled because they’ve let everything go in between and, you know, you find I think that relationships are important. We have to take time for ourselves personally.

You know, like you talked about that you mentioned the gym earlier and that’s something that it’s the first thing that goes for me when I get busy. I let that go but I feel so much better when I have the bounce of going to the gym. I get more done in my working hours than I do when I let it go.

Rachel  34:19

exactly see I think though because we balance actually focusing ourselves and our pets actually we’re going to enjoy much more we can go farther. Yeah, I think that’s a really everything women. Yeah,

Roy Barker  34:30

yeah. Yeah, for sure. Rachel, thank you so much for being with us today. Is there anything any other points that you want to leave us with before we start wrapping up?

Rachel  34:42

Pretty much all good. Oh, maybe doesn’t want lasting. Okay, so we just default balance is important. And before we I really just talk about being young, I just as an analogy, and I want everyone to know because we also talk about patients important. Yes, patients important which means is when you have a dark side. And when you’re gonna practice side, not and die, when you call easiest together, actually the life is better nature is more prospering. So your business journey, even though you’re stuck in probably dark side now, but be patient, because right sides are coming. And when actually you face the one, you’re gonna attend to your dark side, because you’re gonna learn, you’re gonna improve more.


Roy Barker  35:25

I think we enjoy it, it’s kind of the weird thing about being an entrepreneur doing stuff is that the struggles that we have are the dark side, when we’re in that dark side, when we get to the light, it makes us appreciate what we have much more. And I think, you know, that’s an important part of life, for me is that gratitude that even on my very worst day, I have still got so much to be thankful for. And, you know, like, my priests, he has a saying that, you know, our mind is always grinding.

We can choose what it grinds. We can choose to grind positive or negative. And I think that’s very powerful that if we choose to focus on the negative, we will get more negative, where if we focus on the positive, we tend to get more positive. Yes, totally. Right. Yeah, like that. Yeah. All right. Well, um, do you have a habit? Or do you have a tool that you use in your daily life, either personal or professional that you feel like adds a lot of value?

Rachel  36:30

A few done every morning. I think a lot of people doing they went like a morning yoga and meditation. But I think out of all that, my favorite is two things. The first one is the at the end of the day, I think I just thank you diary. So everyone know, like ready to January. But I like thank you diary. So I just feel like I like lecturing, because I like a don’t take a long time. So five, everyday five things, I just want to thank to myself, thank you to my today.

And as I was writing, and they’re just like really aware, actually today likely says no matter. It was a harsh day. I think this one I’m happy and grateful. And the other thing is I like mono my habit, and my hobby is like a brush calligraphy. So with the color together, because actually, it kind of made me more calmer. And then I think when you do adding the color because the color has some allergy, right? As Okay, I doesn’t really because I also started chemotherapy. So okay, this color I like today, and I’m drawn to Okay, what I’m missing, okay, I can just like a neutral perspective, or I need to do this working on more. So I think these two actually helped me a lot to get and help. Yeah.

Wrap Up

Roy Barker  37:45

I’ve never been big on meditation or journaling. I’ve tried journaling for years, and I just, you know, do it a little bit and quit. But probably the last six or eight months, I have found that the meditation, the first thing in the day, and then the last thing, it just number one, stop doubting yourself, it clears your mind to start your day. But also it clears your mind, where I seem to have restful sleep and not always thinking about things. So it’s, that’s huge.

And then the, the journaling has been good. I just have to make I don’t have to as much now. But in the beginning, I just had to make time to do it. But it’s great. It’s it writing is very cathartic for most people just to get their thoughts out. And then when we can be grateful in that it’s even better. So those are two awesome ones. appreciate you sharing with us. Okay, so tell us this, who do you like to work with? How can you help them? And then of course, how can people reach out and get a hold of you?

Rachel  38:45

Okay, so who I want to work with is very first one, I like people ready to action. Because I’m never here to the dreamers, I’m here to very serious about step out of their comfort zone. So that’s number one, I will who I want to work with, because then we can actually really make the correct transformation in the end. So that’s number one. And then other than if anyone, like you’re at the startup stage, and then you are small entrepreneur, and you really really need to have about their confidence. And I’m right here to help you.

So I’m all like all the juicy like strategy and for your time to really work in time actually waiting for you so you can reach out to me how you can reach out to me is first is my business name the Roy’s introduced before at Essence by Rachel Chung. So you can just start the search me LinkedIn as the Instagram, Facebook and there so you can just simply contact to me. And then we can start from the point we can just not discuss border, and then I’m open to any discipline to just chit chat with me. And then just against clarity, I’m open to this to coffee.

So we can have a short 30 minute chat. And then we can do and then other than, and then just keep an eye on my website, my social media, which is my website doesn’t reach it and back into you. And then there’s upcoming workshops because I’m regularly doing workshop and Facebook Live and summits and just you can just help people to join whichever you would like it.

Roy Barker  40:23

Yeah, great. And we’ll be sure and put all that in the show notes and on the website, so they can find you easily. But thank you so much for sharing. We certainly appreciate it. And I just can’t even express enough about, you know, this what a coach can provide, because we have, a lot of people don’t realize the value, but we have these sports teams that have very talented individuals that make a lot of money. But guess what, there’s always a coach.

Not a lot of them have the coach of the team, but they also have personal coaches that help them stay in shape. And I think it can be good for a lot of things getting you on the right path, but also keeping us there sometimes. You know, even if we have the best laid plans, sometimes we try to veer off path and if we have somebody that we can believe in and that we have trust in and have that conversation makes it much easier to keep us keep us on the straight and narrow. So y’all reach out to Rachel, see how she can help you and thank you again for being here. Certainly do appreciate it. that’s gonna do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast.

Of course, I’m your host Roy, you can find us at on all the major podcast platforms, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Spotify, we’re not in a one that you listened to please reach out I’d be glad to add that one on. Stop Doubting Yourself. You can also find us at We’re on all the major social media platforms probably hang out a little bit more on Instagram than most. And a video of this interview will go up when the episode goes live on our YouTube channel. So until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.

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