Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience

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Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience with Sir Sanju Ganglani and Natalia Armani

Social media is a direct pipeline to our target audience. What a great time in life to be advertising our product and services. Video, video, video if I didn’t stress that enough video is where most digital content is moving. It really exploded in 2020 and we should spend 2021 dialing in our content to resonate with our audiences

About Sir Sanju

He is the founder of gang&lani media serving the global business community across Canada, USA, Europe and Africa for the past ten years.  The company specializes in serving B2C and B2B clients in marketing, traditional and digital, with primary focus on search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, Design & Branding, Print and Website Development.   As an entrepreneur, Sanju understands what level of dedication and support is necessary to help make a business successful. 

He is involved with many not for profits and charities such as NourishHope, Skills for Change. Brilliant Minded Women Foundation, Pink Attitude,  Blues for the Red Door, and Heroes in Black.  He was knighted by the Order of Saint Stanislas – Bishop-Martyer which is awarded to people all over the world for their achievements in the fields of education, science, sport, art, economics, national defense, social work, civil service and for furthering relations between countries.

About Natalia

My name is Natalia Armani and I am a social media manager, digital marketing consultant and Influencer. My goal with every person I meet is to regain their hope in people, love and community. What better way to do that than to connect people together through creating engaging content and initializing conversations with people’s brands.

At the end of the day, the world of marketing has changed because it is not just about your product or service anymore and this is where I come in. The purpose of marketing and social media is to communicate your values and what you represent to humanize your brand so people can resonate and associate themselves with you. Creating these ah ha moments is why I do what I do.  

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Full Transcript Below

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (00:00):

Two one. Hello, and welcome to another episode of the business of business podcast. I’m Roy, we are the show that brings you a wide range and diverse set of professionals that can help you in your business. Uh, you know, everything from marketing and sales to, um, uh, finance and HR issues.

And, uh, you know, not only do we want to spark some ideas, maybe some things that you haven’t thought about. But also if there are things that you have been thinking about, we want to give you some professionals that can really help take you to the next level, help you solve the problems, make your, uh, make your business run smoother and be a more profitable. So today we’re also, uh, we, uh, we’re lucky to have two guests. Uh, we had, uh, one gentleman that had been on a few weeks ago and, um, such a great conversation.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (00:55):

We decided to bring him back and, uh, an additional somebody that works for him as well. So, um, give a short introduction here, Sir Sanju Ganglani. He is the founder of Gang and Lani Media serving the global business community across Canada, US, Europe, and Africa for the past 10 years. The company specializes in serving clients in marketing, traditional and digital with primary focus on search engine optimization, social media design, and branding print, and website development.

Uh, also we we’ve, uh, uh, special guests today, uh, Natalia Armani. She is the social media manager, digital marketing consultant and influencer. Her goal is for every person that she meets is to regain their hope and people love community. And, Oh my gosh, what a job you have cut out for you there. Especially with social media and some of the crazy stuff that’s going on around here for the last couple of weeks, but I want to thank both of y’all for being on and also just give a disclaimer.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (02:03):

We, uh, we live fairly close to an air force base, so you may have just heard, uh, one of our fighter jet screaming over. It’s, it’s awesome. It’s the sound of freedom. I know it kind of breaks up a podcast every now and then, but we love to hear them. So, uh, you just have to, we’ll have to endure and talk around that. But thank you both for taking time out of your day to be with us. Uh, uh, Assad as you, we had such an awesome, uh, conversation last time.

So I know you, we wanted to come back and bring the Natalia on. And kind of focus a little bit. I think we’re going to jump off a little bit on social media to begin. Um, so many topics to talk about and so little time, so let’s get into that. Um, one thing is 2020. Uh, we finally got that behind us and we’re looking ahead to 2021. So what are some of the differences that we’re going to see how we use social media? And what we see on social media?

Sir Sanju (03:05):

So I think if we want to compare how 2020 looks and how it’s going to be looking like in 2021. I think 2020 was a really good a year to really introduce into, to focus on the use of videos. I think 2020 was really that year, that emphasized videos and video content. And I think because of that foundation, you know, apps like technical colorized or, uh, real ads and videos. It’s at the end of the day, I’m always the kind of person that says if you’re going to decide between posting a picture or videos 100 times over always posted it.

Natalia (03:43):

Yeah. My modification and other modification with like Instagram, my dad did reels, um, you know. All these little things that the promoted video or encouraging the more video content . Like then, like Matt said, it became more the trend. Right?

Sir Sanju (03:58):

Mm. And then that even also, it would transpire with IGT views. Right. So that’s why I think the funny thing is I feel like Instagram because Instagram really is the main hub. I would say, of course, Facebook groups, but Instagram is the real star. And I just find it very interesting because with the implementation of IGT me. I feel like that was a way for us to get used to actually watching longer content. And spending more time on these platforms kind of like YouTube or Netflix in that sense.

So I found it so interesting when a juxtapose is with tech talk and reels, which are quick clips, so to speak. So I think the difference is 2020 was really based on videos. 2021, I think is the main focus is really just going to be on building the relationships. So whether it’s a real, a video or a photo, no matter what that is. I think that main goal and what people are looking for right now, or just real companies with the real beliefs. And the real foundation underneath it.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (04:59):

Yeah. One thing I’ve told him and my listeners get tired of hearing me say this. I know, but the, the difference between texts and pictures. And then pictures to video, there’s really no contest from all the evidence that I’ve read. And, and one of my favorite sayings is that, you know, a picture is like leaving a breadcrumb to your blog. Or to your website or your content.

Whereas a video is like leaving chocolate covered breadcrumbs to the same content. It’s just, it’s just that much different. And, um, you know, I think the one thing you said too, that stands out is building relationships. And I think that the video of us, um, you know, because I’ve been around for a long time. So people, you stock photos and that doesn’t really tell us who they are much about anything. Whereas the video, you can really connect with somebody with a 32nd video with a video, you

Sir Sanju (05:58):

Can communicate emotion. And that is the key to marketing. The key to marketing is making people feel the way that you want them to feel, right. Because that’s how you relate brands with yourself, right? So it’s like saying, for example, why do people buy Chanel perfume? Because it’s, you know, it’s a luxurious brand. So they feel luxurious. Social now has worked for this brand presence. And for this connectivity to happen in your brain, which I think is not stated.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (06:27):

Right. So unless let’s step back a minute to, um, Instagram. Because Instagram is probably my favorite platform because I I’m very visual, like the pictures. A couple drawbacks that, uh, you know, what I have found. Especially with the podcast, because you know, my goal of marketing. I think the limit is like 45 seconds to a minute of video. If I’m not mistaken on Instagram. And, um, the drawback to them is you can’t put hot links in your description. You know, in order for people just to click through. But I still like it. And, uh, but if you could tell us a little more. What is I G T V I’ve seen it, but don’t really know a lot about it.

Sir Sanju (07:12):

So what it actually does is it addresses the issue that you were just describing about videos not being long enough. Okay. So the maximum video that you can post on just your regular feed in that sense is a minute long. When’s your reach past the minute. That’s when it turns into an IgE TV. So essentially it’s just a longer video. It’s more than a minute, even if it’s a minute and three seconds, it’s still technically an ID.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (07:37):

Okay. So I could just still post longer content the same way I post the okay. Because what I’ve been doing is like,

Sir Sanju (07:45):

Sorry. So the way that it works is that, let’s just say you have a video that’s a minute and a half. What it’ll do is it’ll show a preview on your Instagram feed of a minute. And then once that minute lapses, then it’ll get sent you a little notification . That says, you know, watch the rest of the video or see more. And then that’s when it’ll take you to see the entire IGT video.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (08:03):

Interesting. Okay. Because, uh, you know, many years ago I tried to, uh, I did some taping of interviews. But that was in the old Skype days. And, you know, the, the struggle was getting people connected. We’d spend 30 minutes trying to connect a call like this. And then everybody was like tired and like, Hey, we don’t even want to talk anymore. Cause we were give out from all the technical issues.

So, uh, but now everybody, uh, you know, has come pretty accustomed to zoom. It’s easy connection. And so, uh, the last few months I’ve been doing it. But you know, I’ve been taking those videos and cutting them down to, you know, 30 seconds or minutes. So that’s awesome to know because of give me a chance to post a little bit longer, uh, content. Now let’s just look at that in the, um, the SEO terms. Or maybe the attraction through the, uh, Instagram platform is a longer going to gain you any more attention or notoriety or is it all about the same?

Sir Sanju (09:02):

Well, the thing is, is that the way that, like, if you take the photo and the video. A video, we know works better. You get better engagement, you can get more people viewing it. Right. So if you have more attentions on a video, then that’s obviously going to, you know. SEO or Google is gonna pick up on that a lot more. Because more people are, it’s like, you know, flies. And you know, they’re going to go where they go, so to speak.

Right. So in that sense of like, depending on the length of the video. I wouldn’t necessarily say that that makes a difference for SEO. Okay. Um, I just think consistency and quality of videos and the content that you’re posting is what’s key. That’s a really good question though. I don’t think anyone else anyone asked me that.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (09:44):

Yeah. Well, I was just thinking in context of, uh, on Instagram. I didn’t know if, you know, like, like me. Um, most of my interviews are anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. So would it benefit me to, you know. I guess if we’re in the middle of a point. It would benefit to like run that an extra 15 to 30 seconds. To, uh, make the point clear in the video. But as far as any other SEO value, probably about the same as just posting the one minute video,

Sir Sanju (10:17):

Anything for you to do is to post the teaser. Or the woman, a video and drive them back to you. YouTube channel two channels are going to get the juice out of it. And use the social media side of it’s actually attract new followers and new subscribers. Okay. What you do on Instagram, those are the breadcrumbs. Right. And then you lead them to the user group.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (10:37):

Yeah. And so that makes it, that’s a good point is, uh, especially with Instagram. Because it’s a little different and that that’s, to me. The advantage of Facebook is you click on the, if you post it correctly, you click on it. You’re taken right to that content. So what, is there any tips or tricks or works or work arounds that when I post something on Instagram. And I want to drive them to my website or to YouTube, is there a way to make that easier?

Sir Sanju (11:08):

So no matter if you have a hundred followers or 10 million followers. Instagram, doesn’t allow you to put links in the actual caption. Right. So that’s why people usually say, you know, LinkedIn bio. So I find that whenever you’re writing, like it’s this, this is like a really simple trick. But it actually makes a big difference. So if you’re writing Lincoln bio, what I w what I would suggest is to tag yourself right. Beside where you write your bio. So people can just click on the link, which brings you back to your profile. Even though your name is there, and they can just click on it.

Sometimes it just doesn’t register where people are. They could do that. So, Todd, so tag your name again right next to where you say LinkedIn bio. And just automatically that will give people an incentive because it’s easier. Or just click on that. And then the bio is just right there. Okay. The little, yeah. And then of course, like, what you could do is then post the post to your actual video. Or photo on your story. And then if you, that’s what, you know, if you do have over 10,000 followers, that’s when you have the ability to use the swipe up feature,. So we’ll get there.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (12:17):

Okay. So, um, let’s talk about Tik TOK for just a minute, since we’re talking about videos. Uh, you know, we had a conversation about that. Um, you know, I’m the old guy that thought that was for dancing teenagers. And then, uh, I think songs, you, I think you told me the story. Was it a glassblower or somebody was telling me. That, um, our, uh, met, uh, art, some kind of, uh, art. Uh, person that build things, that they had put snippets of their, uh, work that they did up on Tik tok. And it had gained some traction. So I guess in, in the right use of it. It could be, um, uh, a good tool for just about any business.

Natalia (13:04):

Well, I, I kind of fall into that. Um, I’m too old for this category too. A little bit to it, but, um. What I would imagine would, would be ideal is two sides, but one is leveraging the educational side of it. So when you’re selling that piece of art for $10,000, people understand why it’s worth $10,000. Love and labor went into it. Um, and then the other side is obviously for the, um, younger guys and ladies. To, you know, interact and have a social life together. And then be fun together. Right. Um, especially with the past year, which is probably why I picked up a lot of steam. Um, but I, I really would defer that back. To not, I guess, in terms of the best uses or, um, or how to take advantage of

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (13:43):

The other thing I think that you made mention is even if you don’t use it, at least go there. And secure your, your name or make sure you get to your hands

Natalia (13:51):

Handles and came running some point a hundred percent. And any social platform that, that generally comes up on. We usually recommend that our clients want at least secure the brand. Right. Because you never know, right. Tik TOK, uh, six months ago was supposed to disappear from the face of the earth. Right. Right. And suddenly now it’s back in full motion. And the people who didn’t register there’s was register are having a tough time.

Sir Sanju (14:11):


Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (14:14):

Natalia, do you want to go in a little bit. Do you want to go a little deeper on the content. And some things that we could do on tickets?

Sir Sanju (14:22):

No, for sure. So I think the reason why I was so turned off of Ted talk in the beginning of that. I feel like it was, it’s true to be completely transparent. I thought it was a waste of time. Yeah. I thought it was a complete waste of time. Because it’s like, for me, what’s important that I look at social media as like a beacon of news.

And just to understand that the open perspective to learn. Right. So I feel like I don’t to go on tech talk and waste my time, just scroll it. Cause like, even like, essentially I didn’t even like the whole concept of just going through videos so quickly. Cause I feel like it does doesn’t. It’s almost it’s it’s we spent the entire year of 2020 trying to build the value of videos and trying to increase length and viewership.

Sir Sanju (15:11):

And then we have another app that just ruined it and two seconds. Yeah. That’s how I felt about it. Right. And then, slowly but surely after, you know, getting more on the app. I do notice that exactly what Sanju is saying. And what I was going to say is that. What we need to really take advantage of is the educational part.

So in the sense that we do have a younger audience on Tik TOK. And at the end of the day, it is still completely varied. Because I have people older than me using Ted Talks, so to speak. Um, I do think it is an app that really really hones in, on creativity, which I got that part. I do. Like there are so many options that you can do. So it’s just cool. Because rather than taking just, you know, a regular video that you would take on Instagram. You can be a little bit creative. Nate showed us some parts of, you know, your product or yourself even right. Showing yourself in different lights. So I feel like Tik TOK is an opportunity for you to be a little bit more fun.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (16:06):

Okay. So what is the, uh, what are the, uh, I guess the restrictions of Tik TOk. As far as the length of video, is it kind of like posting the same thing? Like I’d make a video either on zoom or on my iPhone and then upload it to Tik TOK. Are there anything special or different about it?

Sir Sanju (16:27):

Well, yeah, so it definitely like maps for shorter videos. You can post videos them for 15 seconds to 30 to if it’s up to one minute. But after that, that really isn’t the platform for it. That’s why I’m saying we’ll have fun and do a little, you know, things. I think it’s a great way as well. Especially if people are thinking about how does that. You know, a high, you know, professional. You know, a lawyer, an accountant or a real estate agent, how did they use tech pop?

I think technology is a great way to show your team, the people that you’re working with. You know, show the things that you do on a daily basis. And more of like a lifestyle I would say. Again, a day it does have the opportunity to educate people. And people who are younger, which I do think there’s a lock in that. Right. So, yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (17:10):

You know, one thing when we talk about social media, always it comes up is. Uh, you know, you have to live where your audience lives. And I know that, you know, there are different age groups, different, uh, genders that hang out at different places. And, you know, the, I guess the easiest one to think about is, uh, like Pinterest. You know, probably higher usage of women, uh, in a higher age range.

And then, you know, like Facebook, when it first started, it was all younger college kids. And I think now, uh, because there’s so many parents and grandparents on there. I think the kids have, they abandoned it for a while and it’s coming back. But I think the interesting part would be to think about, um, how many platforms does a typical, uh, user. Not, not the poster, but the viewer, how many platforms do they view across now?

You know, I post because of the podcast I post on all the channels. And so that kind of puts me on all the channels looking around. But I’m just saying for that person, who’s just sitting on the couch, wanting to do a little scrolling through social media. Do they stick with one, one platform? Do they have two, three multiple kind of, what are the statistics on that

Sir Sanju (18:29):

They are definitely using all platforms as possible. Even if you think about it, just sitting in your living room. If you think about it, logically some people usually have a YouTube or Netflix on, right. They probably have their laptop in front of them, maybe streaming something on Spotify. Or, you know, again on food. Then you can have their phone where they have access to Facebook’s Twitter, uh, talk Instagram, um, you know, the list can go on and on, right. You know, there’s other clubhouses, a really big app that people are going on right now, too. Um, and just, there’s more and more things. So honestly, probably out of time, I would say at least three or four.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (19:10):

So, uh, what is clubhouse? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one. So I’m going to tell you right now, Natalia, you’re supposed to be coming over here. Making it easier for me, not throwing more things out here and clogging me up

Sir Sanju (19:27):

House call house is actually pretty cool. So it’s basically, I like to just call it like a live podcast.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (19:33):

Okay. So

Sir Sanju (19:34):

Essentially you, you can join rooms, which every room has. Another has a specific topic. So you can look and talk with anywhere for marketing to help to, you know, moms. Anything you can really find that it’s really unclip house. So essentially you’re in this room and there’s other people there. And you’re just talking to each other, each other questions, you know, literally like a podcast that’s live.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (19:57):

Okay. Kind of like the old in the olden days. They had a like stack lines, I guess. Where you could pick up the phone, you call it a central number and there may be 12 people. You know, basically talking on that, I guess, except you can see them. So, uh, is there always like, um. Is there always like somebody live, who is the kind of the head of it. And putting out the content or is it just,

Sir Sanju (20:19):

Do you, have you have a moderator? Do you have a moderator and a person who owns, you know, the, the, the room. So like you could have your, like, people can follow you so to speak. So the way that that works is that you, in order to, you know, be, have your own chat, like your own room, basically. You need to be hosting sessions a couple of times a week. Okay.

And then, eventually people are able, you know, to follow you, you get more recognition. You know, the glow grows from there, but it is a great way to, and to really bring forth. Especially if you have a business and you want to, you know, pitch to people. There’s people there’s, you know, celebrities go on there. You know, crank or don’t, uh, you know, all these people always go in tech. It’s it’s, it really is a great opportunity because is it true that it’s by invite only and Apple only.

So I know for sure. It’s, uh, it’s invite only whether it’s Apple only. I am not a hundred percent sure. I don’t think it is. I’m pretty sure that it’s open to. Yeah. Um, I would say probably at Apple only. But that’s because statue and I have Apple and Samsung, but we’ll keep that for another day. It is invite only.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (21:28):

Okay. Yeah. I know I’m going to have to fall on the Apple side of that. Unfortunately, that’s the one I got started with. And I’m just like, so not afraid of change. But like I just don’t have the time to try to figure out some other device right now.

But speaking of devices, you know, an interesting thing happened, um, not long ago. I’ve just thought YouTube would be a good advertising platform to do some. And I don’t know all the technical terms. But to do the, uh, the non repeat. Where you just have the, um, the little ad where people can skip it or something like that. And the original one. One of the second or third one I added. I, I messed up and selected a European audience, which wasn’t bad. I mean, I still was getting some hits and it was good.

But the one thing I noticed about them is that, um, most 75% of the viewership was on TV. On a TV device, not on a handheld or computer, which, you know, it’s a little bit. Uh, you know, here in the States, it’s mostly, uh, phones, tablets. And then we may get on a computer every now and then. But I just thought it was an interesting, um, use that they. Uh, I guess go on their TV boxes a lot and try to pick up.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (22:47):

So, it just kind of, just to expand. That if you’re doing something that’s global, you kind of have to think about that. You know, when you develop something as how did the users intake this? It’s not like the old days, it was all PC. So you built websites that were PC based. And then when phones came out, you know, it was like, you got the very middle part of it. It wasn’t optimized for the phone. I think they’ve worked pretty much most of the kinks out of that through WordPress. And some other things that I guess you can hard code. But when we start expanding across the world, it’s, uh, also, you know, think of, take into consideration what your audience is going to be viewing your ad on.

Sir Sanju (23:27):

Well, yeah. Something as something so simple as format makes a big difference because the size that you do need is different from what Instagram story needs, which is different from what feeds need, which are different from the [inaudible]. So it’s all different, right? So, sometimes you can have some. What I like to say at end of the day. We have probably maybe three seconds to get people to stop scrolling. You’re right. In those three seconds, if they see something is off, you lost them, right?

So there are very, very small, um, decisions that you have to take in order to properly post it. I don’t think people understand how much of a science, so it actually. You know, there is doctor you just posting a simple photo and the work that takes, you know, behind it. But yeah, you’re absolutely correct to your format is definitely a very big difference. And at the end of the day, you have to optimize for each platform. So the same way with you start off with your podcast. That’s usually how the funnel goes to start off with podcasts. You post the video on YouTube. Snippets on Instagram and Facebook equals the entire thing and so on and so forth. Yep.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (24:32):

Yeah. And there’s a lot of tools out there now, you know. Like for me, I didn’t post the videos for a while because I couldn’t manipulate them. And, you know, I finally found me a nice tool where I could just cut a slice out of it. Drop a, uh, a thumbnail over it and go on. But you’re right about that.

Because, so through my podcast hosts, I have this thing called, uh, it’s like an audio gram. Where they take my podcast cover and use it for a cover. And they do the audio behind it, but it’s in the square format. So, when you try to translate that to YouTube, which is a more of a rectangle. You have to be careful. Because now all of a sudden I had black space on both sides. And cut the top and the bottom of it. So, you know, to your point, you do have to pay attention.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (25:15):

And I use another program, uh, to develop, uh, some of the cover art cover piece. I don’t know, poster like material. And the nice thing is they ask you right up front, you know, where you’re going to be using it . Like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, because they size it. So the, uh, I think to your point, it is very important to pay attention to that. Because if you have something, especially if you’re professional, if, uh. If you have something that’s all kind of wonky on there, people are gonna doubt your ability, right. From the very beginning, because they saw this thing that wasn’t right.

Sir Sanju (25:51):

Right. Exactly. And the reason there was, like I said, it was three seconds and you lost somebody.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (25:59):

So, um, another thing that you. We had talked a little bit about was posting and, um, the number of times I’m all over this. I mean, I, you know, there are times I think that, you know, less is more. And then there are times when I kind of slide back into the more is more. So give, give, give me your professional opinion on that. And then we can talk about it. You know, I’ll share some of my thoughts with you.

Sir Sanju (26:28):

The key that I tell everybody, whoever asks me is that consistency is more important than posting every single day. Okay. So . My rather you take the time to make, you know, quality posts. Start anywhere from two or three times a week maximum do that for a couple of weeks, get things ready.

I always say, you could be ahead of your content and plan it that way, then your best. Because other than focusing on what you have to post every day. You’re now focusing on how to engage with it and how to push it. So that’s why I always say, start with the three times. Because the reason why is that you can’t start off posting every single day when you’re a new. Um, when you’re a new. When you have a new social profile, because people will get annoyed of you really quick.

So you need that happy medium. Where you’re not completely, you know, disappearing, but at the same time, you’re still there.

Sir Sanju (27:21):

You’re checking in, dropping value, you know. Bringing those colleagues posts. And then at the end of the day where people start doing as other they’ll start expecting you to post. And they’ll look for that. So what I don’t want is for people to get used to you posting every single day. And then, when you can’t keep up with it, then we lose followers. Because people don’t really, you know, that trust and not thought that, you know. What I’m going to be getting home daily every day from this person and they don’t get it. Then you kind of have a disconnect there. So start small, go two to three times and work your way up. Yep.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (27:54):

Yeah. And that, that’s consistent with, you know, the podcast too, is that you, you know. If you do make a commitment to a podcast, you’ve got to whatever you’ve set your schedule at. You’ve got to stay on it because people luckily knock on wood. I haven’t had this problem, but I, you know, I know a guy that put a podcast out. And he got sick for a couple of weeks and, Oh my gosh, his, his audience turned on him. I thought they were gonna, you know, riot because he wasn’t eating, putting a podcast out.

And so it was very important to your point, that consistency because people get to where they look for it. But so here’s my dilemma, my argument, uh, my point. I will try to make my case here with social media nowadays. Uh, our content burns off so fast, you know. Back in the olden days, uh, when there were five of us on. Uh, you know, Facebook or Instagram or whatever, it was pretty easy. Because when you signed on, it’s like, well, you know, there’s not that much content out there. But now everybody’s posting, everybody’s taking pictures, videos, whatever.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (28:59):

So it was like, it burns through the. On the other side of that coin, if you have, let’s just take Facebook. If you have people that have liked your page or join your page or group or whatever. Well, now if you’re posting 12 times a day, it’s like, they’re getting pinged 12 times a day. And you know, they don’t like that. They’re like, Oh my God, I don’t, I can’t stand it. So you lose followers.

So I’m just thinking from, you know, like my shows perspective. We are still in a growth phase. And I would love to add, you know, more, uh, subscribers in people to social media for me. I try to walk the line between pushing enough content out there. So somebody that doesn’t know about me can see me. Versus not angering those that are already attached to me in some way. So let’s kind of open that discussion up and see, uh, you know. Am I wrong about thinking that if I push more and more content out there. I’m going to get in front of people who may not be aware of me.

Natalia (30:07):

I think it’s, it’s more about like, like the quality of the concept. Right? Right. It’s, you’re providing more value. You’re providing back something that they want hear or talk about. Um, and you have an opinion that is firm but obviously respectful. I think you’ll get a lot more traction than posting, you know. Hey look, take big picture of my ice cream burger, you know, whatever, there’s a bird.

Um, so, you know. So I let him know I’ve been shocked, but that’s sort of where I would go with it. I’m especially in rural world where there are a lot of podcasts. And there are a lot of people vying for attention. Um, you know, being able to bring back a certain piece of value. Which you do and your stuff’s is pretty awesome. Um, well thank you. I think will really help you grow much quicker and get that exposure.

Sir Sanju (30:57):

Well, I think that’s where the whole notion of relationships come, right? So, if you are dropping, you know, value. At the end of the day with the way that 2020 transpired, we can’t be walking on eggshells anymore. People need to like, I’m the kind of person that says. You know, if you do believe in something, don’t be on the fence, right.

Say it, it’s almost as if, you know, like how, you know. We, young people say, say it with your chest, so to speak. You know, um, what it’s really about showing your stance. Because that’s, that’s a difference that this world needs. We have too many people who don’t talk about an issue directly. And, you know, you kind of lose sight of what the real message is.

So I think that’s where the change is going, because now people are expecting this from businesses. People want to know, okay, you know, what are you doing with your, you know, simple things. What are you guys recycle? You know, simple things about, you know, going green and that sort of thing. It makes a difference.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (31:51):

Yeah. As long as you, to your point, um. You know, the last couple of weeks with all that’s transpired here in the States, it’s like, you know. I posted on, uh, to respond to somebody else’s post I’m. Like I wish we could go back to the old days where we just posted. You know, what we were having for lunch. It was right, it was magical, it was much quieter.

But, um, you know, I think it it’s, it’s somewhat generational. And I think people like myself are having a hard time breaking out of that. Because we were conditioned, uh, you know, when the internet came out professional. Don’t ever let your personal side out, you know, keep everything. But when we look at what are we trying to do, we’re trying to build relationships. So, if I never share my personality with you, well, how can we ever. You know, get connected and really engaged. Because if I keep it all in, you reach out to me to do business.

You’re going to, you’ll find out you don’t like me, you know, pretty quickly. So I don’t, I think maybe I hate to say hide. But I don’t think we should, you know, hide our emotions and our feelings. That we need to, you know, if we do believe in something, put it out there

Natalia (33:01):

And look at it as going to a party, right. You’re going to a party, you know, meet a whole bunch of new people or an old friends. There’s still a certain part of you that you understand. Isn’t, um, isn’t so, you know, lines you’d cross or places you’d cross with people. Right. And I think it’s sort of the same thing online. Where I think is going to become a problem going forward is, you know, uh. All of our, you know, our kids are teenagers that are out there right now or doing things.

Aren’t understanding the potential consequences of what it brings up 10 years from now. Because of everything that gets archived because of everything that, you know, it doesn’t go anywhere. Usually your Facebook page, it’s still there. Right. So, you know, people not under, you know. And maybe later on, that may never be an issue later on who knows. But there’s still a bias or stigma that’s brought up by researching someone. And sings, you know, down and half drunk at a party or whatever it is. Or, you know, commenting on something that you’re like, this doesn’t align to my values though.

Natalia (33:57):

That was their personality 10 years ago. They’re not the same person. Yeah. That’s important. And so I think that’s, that’s going to be a little pop.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (34:04):

Yeah. And that’s important a point to make. And I’ll tell you, uh, you know, because this is a business show. We talk a lot about a lot of different subjects in HR. And so one, one place where this became very evident to me about four or five years ago is. Uh, you know, I was trying to, uh, hire a, um, a media person to help me do some stuff. And interviewed four or five people made, uh, you know, thought I’d made a decision.

I had somebody that called me at the very last minute. Said, Oh my gosh, I really want this had an awesome resume. Um, and so I met with them late on a Friday night at the coffee shop. And I thought, wow, this is the perfect person. So I changed my mind, but I wanted this person, but I didn’t make an immediate offer.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (34:51):

I said, you know, let me think about it for a day and I’ll call you. So I went home and started searching social media and of course this is a long time ago. But, um, I found a, a hidden or not a hidden,. But a Facebook page that really wasn’t in her name that somehow related to her. And then, there was a very, uh, I can’t even tell you. But it was a very compromising picture of her. And I was like, wow. You know, I almost made a huge mistake.

And so two things, number one, you know, doing the research on people. It’s what I always suggest is, you know, we need to market for talent. So, uh, we need to see, uh, always how people are interacting with other people. What they’re, you know, will they be a good fit for our company culture? But on the flip side of that is, you know, we have to be careful. And realize that nothing is hidden or sacred and that, uh, stuff lives forever out there. And it’s sometimes it’s very unforgiving.

Natalia (35:54):

Yeah. And then back in there, what would you do? You do a background check? Like, what are you going to find? Are you going to find it as you know, did you do something illegal or not? That’s really the bottom line right now. It’s like, uh, I know she did it last summer. [inaudible] creepy stalker stuff going on. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (36:09):

What happened in Vegas? Doesn’t always stay in Vegas. All right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean

Sir Sanju (36:17):

No, no, no, it’s fine. Um, I always, I’m always up to interruptions when it’s a joke. Um, but I do find it interesting that like saying how, like the difference between personalities in our business. I feel like now there is no, there is no difference. There is no separation. People need to know so many. So often people do business with specific people just because they like them. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (36:38):

Right. Yeah. And that’s, that’s really, really important. And that’s what we say in sales is that people, they do business with you because they like you. You know, if everything else is fairly equal. And a lot of times they’ll pay more money because they like you. They like the interaction. They like the way that you treat them and follow up. So, uh, yeah, definitely.

Sir Sanju (37:03):

And that even, excuse me, following your point that you’re talking about. Um, being, you know, careful with who you do business with. I feel like if we’re going to like transition into talking about influencers. I think not as something that’s really, really big. That’s going to be happening more in, you know, 20, 21. The fact that, um, influencers even like with myself. I find that I’m very, very careful with who I, you know, do business with or I do collaborations with. Because at the end of the day, we all have to protect our brand. And talk about how, um, how we can connect with more people all around.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (37:43):

Yeah. Yeah. And it’s kind of guilt by association. If you, uh, get hooked up with the wrong person, unfortunately their reputation rep. Their poor reputation can cast a wide shadow on other people that, you know, may be, um, innocent bystanders. Or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, definitely, you know, I think the, um. Who we’re linked to on social media now has become like what your parents used to say about who you hang out with at school. You know, don’t hang out with the wrong crowds or be careful because whatever they do can damage your reputation. And so I think we have to take that into consideration nowadays, you know, on the internet as well.

Natalia (38:27):

I fully agree. I think, um, reputation association is such an easy thing to break now. Right. Um, and it’s so easy. See through BS, right. Um, with all the tools that we have are disposables.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (38:41):

Yeah. And I tell people be genuine. That’s all it really takes because, um, people are. People have made are going to make decisions, whether they like you or not. And, uh, you can’t hide from that. So just be who you are, the people that you want to be connected with. You know, they will embrace you and like you and the other people. We don’t really, um, it’s not really, it’s not really a point whether they care or not. Because they’re not, our customers are not going to do business with us anyway. Yeah. Seminal consequence. Yeah, exactly.

Sir Sanju (39:15):

Well, that’s why I think that’s why if we’re going to talk about what we were saying previously; about not walking on eggshells anymore. At the end of the day, if you’re a company that believes in something. And that’s what you set your foundation on. And you project that onto other people and share that message with others. Right. And if they’re not accepting of it, then at the end of the day, they weren’t your customer. They weren’t your client in the first place.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (39:42):

Exactly. Yeah. And, uh, gets back to, we talked, you know, kind of touched on the stock photos. And that’s something, you know, I talk about a lot. Is that I think businesses need to get out from under that. And start showing more, you know, of themselves. Take pictures of your staff of your own equipment of your own building facilities.

Because, uh, it, just, to me, it speeds up this process of getting to know each other. Versus, uh, you know, going and buying the stock, cartoon, cartoonish picture, and posting somewhere. I still have to, it’s harder for me. Uh, you know, I’m not lying when I say that it’s harder for me to let that go. Because I’ve been, uh, you know, for so many years of the internet growing up. You’ve been told to protect that and not do it. So I’m not going to tell you that I’m good at that.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (40:35):

I still struggle with it, but I think that’s something that we’ve got to overcome. Um, and the pandemic, you know, there’s, as we’re talking, you know, there’s vaccines coming out. And there’s things that are changing, but I’m still a little concerned about how long this is going to last. And so, instead of being able to get together in social environments to get to know people. Or, you know, in-person environments, you know. Social media for, at this moment, anyway. It’s going to be a large part of, uh, having that, um, introductory process. And getting to know each other to build relationships, excuse me.

Natalia (41:16):

Um, and I really think the, um, the stock photo thing, that’s not an evil thing. Right. It depends on the industry. Um, and it depends on what you’re trying to convey. Some things, no matter how much you try to photograph it, you can’t convey that experience or feel right. Right.

And maybe it’s already. But people like let’s say a doctor’s office or a chiropractor or a dentist. You can’t put stock photos up because number one, they’re gonna be like, that’s not your practice. Number two, Hey, I want you to work with that hygienist. There’s so many issues. Now we use it for, let’s say, you know, as someone who’s a vacation luxury guy. And he wants to convey the joy of someone eating on the beach. Cool. Right. It’s a stock photo. No problem.

Yep. Right. So I think there’s a bit of a balance in terms of how they’re used and where they’re used. Yeah, um. And then also, uh, you know, to be fair, the frequency they’re used. If every single image has stock photos, then you know. Obviously there’s a component of laziness there, um, that maybe we considered. Yeah. Even though they shouldn’t be calling us, there you go. So the, you know, the internet, or

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (42:19):

Let’s not say the internet as a whole, but let’s say platforms have gotten very noisy. I mean, especially with the last year, people are more time on their hands or taking advantage of it. But, um, let’s talk about for just a minute, the, um, just, uh, I don’t know what you would even call it, just like a, a 15 to 32nd video filming of your iPhone. Like, uh, you know, you had some company today, and so now you’re going to get on and share it with the world. Uh, are these advisable, I mean, I know, I guess it depends on the context and a lot of things, but just in general or are those drawn attention, is there so many of them that people are just blowing them all off? Kind of what, what are y’all’s thoughts on that?

Natalia (43:03):

So I’m going to, I’m going to go first. Cause I know now it’s going to give a serious answer. I absolutely get annoyed so badly about those things. Um, like I’ll literally be sitting next to my wife and she’ll be going through Instagram stories and I’m like, who is this? And why do I care? Why do I have to listen to this right now? All right. So yes, to everybody, there’s an audience, you know, things that you should be telling, maybe your family, friends over the phone that maybe people don’t necessarily care about. I don’t like it when you’re being forced to care about it. Right. Um, from a serious standpoint, I guess I’ll leave it in that. But that’s my, that’s my little spiel on that.

Sir Sanju (43:45):

Um, I’m going to be honest guys. I, I didn’t catch on what Roy said was, it’s kind of ch

Natalia (43:50):

So, Oh yeah. So what he’s asking is saying, you know, when, when you have an epiphany or you have something really valuable that you want to share, let’s say you get up in the morning and like, Oh my God, I just figured out how to bake cheese or I make waffles or Mickey mouse. Um, you know, is it make sense or is it of any value to go online and post that right away or share that with the world? Or, you know, like, how do you handle that

Sir Sanju (44:12):

For me? I think it’s what, like, your intention is behind it. Okay. So for me, for example, sometimes I like, I’m very big on motivation. I’m very big on positivity and I post that, you know, those kind of things on my Instagram. So for me, I had posted the other day I was breakfast. And so I eat plantain.

So I was very happy because my plantain was ripe and ready for me to eat. And it’s like an avocado, like when you buy avocados, like you have to wait so long for them to ripe it. So I had posted on my Instagram when you don’t want life is good. My plans are rights, right? So it’s like, for me, it’s my, like what my goal behind that, you know, a little Instagram story was to show people how happiness is a choice. Y

ou can choose to be happy about certain things and not that, you know, transpired throughout. Uh, I think it all depends on what or what you’re trying to show. People are going to want to tell at the end of the day, people are going to see through it or not. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (45:14):

Yeah. And I I’m just conflicted because two, three, four years ago, you know, I did more of them. I would put them out, but then to Sonja’s point at, um, I’ve got some people I know that I follow now that it’s like every day, I’m like, ah, you know, I can’t get past it fast enough because I’m like, and maybe it’s just because their, their message isn’t to me. Or maybe it’s my personal feeling.

You know, I don’t know what that’s about, but, uh, cause I do suggest it to, you know, customers or people that I talk about. I’m like, you know, if, if you can be genuine and real and have a good point to convey, there’s no better way to do it. But then on the other hand, I’ve gotten to the point, I feel like it’s one of those things that everybody’s doing it. So it gets discounted to some point. It’s not like it was three to four years ago.

Natalia (46:07):

I mean, like if you’re going to sit here and tell me that you saw a lady in the grocery store wearing pink pants and you thought they were really weren’t flattering to her, like, I don’t care. I’m going to sit here and tell me, Hey, listen, I figured out the formula of how much of your marketing budget you should be spending based on the revenue that you’re accumulating. And if you follow this formula, you didn’t raise investment right now we’re talking to something. Right, right. Right. So, so that’s, I think that’s really different than, and again, that may come down to personality and preference, like maybe that’s just my mindset versus somebody who’s interested in the pink pants and the grocery store. Right. Like personalities, personality, I guess. Right. Yeah.

Sir Sanju (46:38):

At the end of the day, I do think, and the beauty of marketing is that there’s a story to everything. Right, right. So that’s where again, all the serious side of you comes out because at the end of the day, it’s important to address these things. And it’s important to like Instagram is not only just supposed to be about perfection. And I think that’s something that all our people understand. It’s not just about, you know, the perfect picture or the perfect video. And I think often times, if you want to even think bigger than that, you know, so often we don’t try or we don’t go ahead of things because we don’t think they’re perfect. Right. And the whole point of Instagram is to show the realness and the raw, you know, the raw behind the scenes of the way things actually look like.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (47:24):

Good. And I think we can say, [inaudible], I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.

Natalia (47:34):

I said like how she flips out when her plantains aren’t there.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (47:37):

Right, right. Right. Well, I think we might need to take, um, you know, talk about this from the viewers perspective for a minute, because it’s become a thing that, uh, you know, people view only perfection on the internet. And so they’re like, well, why is my best life? Not this perfection now just like me, I got the shirt on and I might take a picture of it right this moment. But not 30 minutes ago when I had it buttoned wrong.

And it was all jacked up, you know, people don’t post, like you said, you know, we don’t post the imperfection. And I think that’s, uh, you know, a big message to users or to the, you know, the viewers or the consumers of this content is a lot of times people don’t post those imperfections. They’re only posting the high points of their life. There’s a lot of imperfection in between.

Natalia (48:28):

I agree, but I I’d argue not to get too deep into it. Um, but I’d argue that that’s been our culture. Right. Whether it’s been print media, we’re not transitioning to digital media, you’re never seeing what’s wrong or what shouldn’t be right. Or what it took to get there. Right. Right. And I think that’s just culturally, that’s what we want to consume is that perfect lifestyle. Um, and obviously it drives the other half of us crazy because we’re like, why are you competing with someone that does actually exist? Right.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (48:54):

Exactly. They themselves don’t even look like that. Well, you know,

Natalia (48:59):

She does a podcast comparisons before and afters and the reality [inaudible]

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (49:04):

In so many times we view somebody as a, um, overnight success where they’re not, they’ve been working on this image or this product or this thing, you know, for many, many years, it just, all of a sudden it blew up. And so a lot of times, I don’t think, especially kids coming out of school, uh, nowadays is that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into stuff. I’m not saying that people don’t get lucky post a video, it goes viral. And like, Hey, you’re a big star that does happen. I know, but for the moment, but then what do they do with that though? Cause you can, you can go viral, but then what do you do with that afterwards? Right, right. Exactly.

Natalia (49:46):

I still strongly that there’s a, there’s a big piece of fake it till you make it behind that. Right. There are a lot of people that go viral, but really they’re paid to go viral, right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (49:56):

Yeah. Yeah. Let’s just, uh, we are, I’m sorry. We’ve gotten way long. I know this has just been a good conversation, but that’s, that’s another good point that we could talk about for just a minute that I think me and long you got into it for a little bit, but the, um, vanity metrics versus metrics that really count. And you know, again, it depends on what we’re trying to do if you want to be a social media star then. Yeah.

I guess likes are an awesome thing. Uh, I got, uh, you know, I got hundred likes on the post the other day, took them to the grocery store and they wouldn’t exchange those for food. And so I think if you’re trying to, yeah. If you’re trying to sell a product or a service, we, uh, you know, I get these ads all the time, you know, send me 500 bucks and I’ll get you all these likes and uh, this exposure. And it’s like, well, that’s not my customer. It doesn’t matter. So anyway, I’ll turn that over to all the professionals to talk about the, you know, the vanity metrics versus things that really matter

Sir Sanju (51:02):

Two, like two things there. I think, um, you get what you’re looking for and depending on how you think you’re going to interpret it a certain way. Okay. So for me, for example, I don’t follow celebrities on Instagram. Right. I literally like all, I almost don’t have, my Instagram is primarily food marketing business and means that’s it. Right.

So I think that, so it’s like for me, when I see these things, when I see like, you know, perfect, you know, the way people look or their bodies or, you know, men and women, like all these things, I think that at the end of the day, it’s how you see it. And what lens do you look through it? And so often, or not people don’t see how easy it is to portray yourself a certain way or to portray yourself. Like you have a lot of followers or whatever it is.

Sir Sanju (51:57):

And in reality, they don’t. And I know these little tracks because you could see people, for example, that has, you know, 40,000 you 40,000 followers, and then you’ll go on their photos and they don’t even have a hundred people liking them. Right. So this is where we go down and we talk about bots and we talk about people buying, you know, followers or likes and that sort of thing.

And at the end of the day, that is only going to make what you do in the future. So much more difficult because you’re, you’re basically, you’re taking steps backward because although that people are saying, Oh yeah, I get this all the time. When people say we can get you followers that are in your target market and then yada, yada yada. And at the end of the day, there’s no guarantee. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to get these followers and they’re going to engage with you because it’s not real.

Sir Sanju (52:42):

It wasn’t a real connection. That was neat to, to do that, just to, to see how it more of like a, like a, like a surface level, like appearance sort of thing, or like a first impression I personally would say, just don’t do it. Don’t do it. There’s no, there’s not. There’s, there’s something that’s not genuine there. And as soon as someone see is that they’re completely turned off, they don’t, they don’t want any part of it. Right. So I always like say, you know what, start organic. Yep. And, and stop worrying about how many followers you have or how many likes you get, what you need to worry about is how am I talking to people? What am I saying to them? And who am I talking to? Yeah. Yeah. And I think it

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (53:26):

Goes to the point of, um, do something that you like too. And because if, if you’re just struggling out there to get some likes or whatever, and you’re doing something you hate, you know, it’s just like this podcast. I mean, it, uh, you know, in the very beginning, not too many likes listeners and, um, you know, it can get very discouraging, but I believe in it, I enjoy it. I meet so many great people that, you know, over time, you know, things have changed and I do see that growth.

But, um, again, w what I need to do, I want to get y’all back on, uh, in the, not too distant future, because I think we talk about some things that we could, uh, kind of map out. We need a roadmap for our, our marketing, social media included. And, um, we need to really think that out where we have quality, uh, balance with quantity, but then the consistency, what’s the message that we’re trying to put out there.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (54:20):

And, um, you know, really develop a, like a content calendar of what we’re going to do. So we don’t wake up every morning and think, ah, I gotta do something today. And you do something crazy, inconsistent, poor quality, you know, a lot of things like that, where if we’re planning this out, it gives us a lot of time to think about, to write, to write thoughtfully, uh, con you know, like, like we said, convey that there’s a solution, not just that, uh, you know, Hey, if you’re a business, you should be marketing.

It’s like, yeah, that’s pretty much everybody knows that. But if we say, you know, how much you should be spending, or, uh, the details of that, that’s what people want to listen to. So I’m going to, uh, I’ll make you all a deal. I will let, y’all go for today. If you all promise me that, uh, we can reconvene this in a, not too distant future. And I get off a little bit deeper into some of these things, loved it. All right. Awesome.

Well guys, thanks so much, uh, before we go, uh, I’m gonna get it from both of y’all. Um, so what’s a tool or a ritual, a habit. What’s something that y’all each do in your daily life, and that can be professional or personal, uh, that you just, uh, you feel adds a lot of value to your life. Something that you couldn’t do without,

Natalia (55:38):

To me personally, I try to learn one new thing every day. So whether that’s as small as a new change in SEO algorithm to as large as, you know, learning a whole new skillset.

Sir Sanju (55:50):

Awesome. Natalia, um, I think for me, it would really be to find, I’ll use one thing that I’m appreciative for, because I think we oftentimes get into, we get stuck into our routines, into our habits, or get stuck into the stresses of what we’re doing, and we need the reminder to kind of say, okay, but there’s a reason why we’re doing it. So something as me being appreciative for my plans and being and ready, that was something that I did.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (56:24):

Yeah. I think that, um, you know, kind of adding on that, something that I I’m trying to turn around in my life is that, uh, you know, being appreciative for the small gains that we make in the day, not every day is going to be conquering, uh, you know, the highest mountain, some days, we’re lucky just to stay on the mountain.

And at the end of the day, you know, if I got 10 things on my list to do, um, and I only get three done, I need to be grateful for those three and not beat myself up. You know, we don’t need to beat ourself up and only we only carry that into tomorrow and that negative reinforcement. So, uh, I think gratitude, especially during these trying times where you’re, you know, we’re getting into a new year fresh start. And, uh, you know, things are looking awesome.

So we need to cut ourselves some Slack and, uh, and, uh, let our, let our shortcomings just go, but be happy for what we can accomplish. So anyway, also y’all tell, tell us, who is your customer, uh, how y’all can help them. And then of course, how they can reach out and get ahold of y’all.

Natalia (57:25):

So, from my perspective, um, our, our customers, anyone who’s looking to grow their business, um, in a way that involves a bit of strategy and then the path forward, um, you can reach me through LinkedIn, look up, send juke and money and Sanjay. You can money, um, or ask us for anything.com, um, or, uh, let not handle the other ones. Okay.

Sir Sanju (57:46):

Yeah. You can follow us on Instagram at GNL media. Um, and then you can just send us a message comments on one of her posts. We can get in touch with each other, or you could even send us the emails directly through that as well. And you will find Sandy’s personal Instagram there as well. And you’ll definitely find my there too. So it’s just learning.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Take Full Advantage of Social Medias Direct Pipeline To Your Audience (58:06):

Well, again, you all have been fantastic, a lot of great information, and I certainly do appreciate y’all taking time out of your day to be with us. Uh, you can find us at thebusinessofbusinesspodcast.com. Also, we’ve just added the T B O B P. The initials for that came available. So, uh, the short form is TBOBP.com. Um, also we’re on all the social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and then this, uh, once we put this up live, the video will be on YouTube as well. So until next time, take care of yourself and definitely take care of each other. Thanks.

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