Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

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Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence Featuring Shayla Boyd-Gill

Sales strategies especially for women to focus on high ticket items to scale and provide the freedom you want.

About Shayla

Shayla Boyd-Gill went from bankruptcy to a multiple six-figure business. Now Shayla is a Family Freedom and Affluence Mentor and creator of the Luxe Your BusinessTM Sales System and a sales strategist who shows women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love. 

She teaches her clients – service-based businesses – to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load. 


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Business Podcast » Sales » Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

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Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence Featuring Shayla Boyd-Gill

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Roy Barker  00:00 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All

Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host Roy. Of course, we are the podcast that brings you a wide variety of guests that can talk about a diverse set of topics. Hopefully we can show you something that maybe you haven’t thought about or something that’s keeping you up at night. We can provide you some answers, or at least a go to person to help you out. Today we’re excited to have Shayla Boyd-Gill.

She went from bankruptcy to multiple six figure business. She now is a family freedom and influence mentor and creator of Luxe Your Business sales system. And a sales strategist who knows women entrepreneurs have to have it all family freedom and influence while doing what they love. She teaches our clients which are mostly service based businesses to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so that they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load. Shayla, thanks for taking time out of your day to be with us. Really excited to be with you here today.

Shayla 01:28

Roy, thank you for inviting me to your community.

Roy 01:29 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yes, yeah. And nothing better that we like to talk about, then how we can increase our sales without having to increase, you know, necessarily our customer base. And, you know, talking more focusing on those high ticket items and how we can structure that. But before we jump into to the good stuff. Tell us about yourself. How did you end up here? Have you always been in sales? Is this something that maybe, you know, you took a turn three, some other disciplines to get here? Yeah,

More About Shayla

Shayla  01:42

I took a turn, leap, hop in a few other things, actually. So I started out as an entrepreneur in 2003, in that entrepreneurship journey, was actually in the world of birthing like having babies. Oh, wow. And by the time I started that journey, I’d already had three babies. And I decided that I wanted to leave my corporate job as a construction engineering manager, ground up construction.

I was like, I need to go home. And I want to be with my kids. But I need to figure out something that I can do because we had a dual family income. And the one thing I thought about the funny thing I tell everyone is the thing that I thought about was what can I do really well and I that I could use to make money. I was really good at having babies. Sounds weird. But so I said, Well, you know, what can we do?

I’m not going back to school for this. This is not the journey I was quite thinking of. But what I realized I had amazing birthing experiences and so many women in my community had horrible experiences. And what I understood they needed was education. So I became a childbirth educator and a doula. One of the top pain, birth workers in the Washington DC area. Wow, this industry ROI is a very we are very giving industry. And so a lot of birth workers have a hard time charging for their services.

Roy Barker  03:04

Right, right.

Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All

Shayla  03:05

I started having different birth workers come to me and say, How are you getting all these clients? Number one, and how are you charging this much for your service? We are doulas we’re childbirth educators. No one’s paying this kind of money. I’m like, actually they are. But you don’t know how to set up your business. I just happened to be a little bit more business savvy.

So I started teaching some of them how to structure their businesses and how to get better quality clients. But also make sure that as you’re serving, they’re not burning themselves out. Yeah. The only from that industry. I personally as I taught and served everyone else I burned out. Because you know, getting up at three in the morning babies don’t have a schedule right now they call when they call. And I had by the time I left the birthing industry, I had six children a mile. Wow.

And I literally said I need to retire. I need to get out of this birth working service is really good money, but it’s not sustainable. And I wanted to leave while I was still on top. I decided to leave, continue to coach other birth workers. And then I knew I knew it was time to expand beyond birth workers. Because I got out of the industry. I got out of some of the lingo the knowledge, I didn’t stay up to date. I was like, I’m actually when I retired, I disconnected. And some of my clients that had babies with me, they wanted to stay home, how can I start making money? I’m like, Oh, you should become an entrepreneur.

What do you do? Well, we figured it out. Same path. Great. Let me teach you how to turn that into a business. And from there I just realized people really suck at selling. It’s just it doesn’t matter who you are, most people don’t want to sell. I understand because we’ve been taught to sell in the wrong manner for many personalities. And I had to develop what I call my luck sale system. And I’ve been able to teach people to go from just starting to selling then Once you have an established six figure business or more how to start scaling, and sell higher ticket, that’s how I got to where I am now.

Selling Seems Hard

Roy Barker  05:07 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Nice. Yeah, so many people, you know, they’re good at their craft. That’s selling part and I think, you know, the, with people that deliver care, it’s even worse because they are compassionate by nature. Absolutely. They look at the situation like this person really needs help. How can so you can overcome that the only thing only question I have about the, you know, the birthing businesses. Did you have people come back to you? You know, when these kids turn 13 years old and hit those teenage years, like coming back wanting their money back? What do we do now?

Shayla  05:39

You know, the funniest thing is I have people that will see me in the area of like, they may see me at the grocery store. They’re like, Hi, Shayla. This is Johnny. And I’m like, Whoa, Johnny, you were my doula. You were my childhood educator. And these are teenagers now. So it’s really fascinating are like, this is your doula she was at your birth, and the kids are looking at me like, This is strange. Why are you telling me this? Mom, Dad, what’s

Roy Barker  06:05 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

what’s going on here? I’m definitely seeing them now. That’s funny. What So tell us about your about your system. You know, I think, especially starting out, you know, we want to take everybody that we possibly can. And, you know, sometimes we make deals we shouldn’t make for lower dollars, because all of us have to help us in the long run. And, you know, we all have made those mistakes. But talk a little bit about, you know, how you structure this where we can no focus on the high ticket items, like you said, less clients, less fuss, but probably more money at the end of the day.

Shayla  06:44

Well, the most challenging part that I find that my clients have in my system, we have five parts. The first part is what I call my Lux clarity. And when we’re looking at clarity, we’re getting clear on the type of client that we want to serve. Especially if we come from a place where we’re serving everyone, meaning I can teach anyone how to start a business, how to sell in your business, that was me, when I switched from the birth workers, I’m like, I can teach any woman how to start a business, right, I had to over time learn to refine that because I did fall victim into it.

I was used to generating money very easily as a doula and childbirth educator. Now going into general coaching, I needed a win, I need to land a client. Usually that gut instinct will tell you, if you’re on the phone with someone and you’re selling to them, and you realize that’s probably not the person, you should say, hey, let’s make a deal. And you make the deal. And it’s the worst client you’ve ever had, they want the most, and you’ve charged the least amount of money.

So one of the first steps I have my clients do and really just make peace with is releasing what’s no longer working for you. Alright, so when we’re looking at releasing what’s no longer working for us, what I like to say is, you know, people always teach you to go for the lowest hanging fruit of what you already know. But sometimes what you know, and what you’re familiar familiar with, or whom you’re familiar with, may not be the best person that you need to serve. Just because you’re familiar with them doesn’t mean that they need to be your clients. And so we will often sell, and we are, we’re wanting to sell here pretty high, but will often our messaging in our language, and the persons we’re calling in are at a lower level.

And so it’s a mixed match in the language. So people will say, I’m booking calls, but no one’s buying. Because you’re speaking to the lower version of the client that you really desire. You’re not speaking your client’s language, because you’re still connected to what you what worked for you in the past. And if you’ve elevated to this new higher ticket client, they’re speaking a different language.

So you have to release what’s no longer working for you. That client you used to work with may not be the client that’s going to work with you now, if they’re not elevating with you, it’s okay to release them. And the thing ROI is to make peace with that fear of leaving people behind. There’s someone for everyone. Your job is not to serve everyone, your job is to serve the right people that need to work with you right now.

Not Everyone Is Our Perfect Client

Roy Barker  09:15 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, because we can get so bogged down serving everybody, and not that market that we really need to be in that we don’t have to take care of the people in that higher market the way that we really should, you know, giving them the time and attention that they deserve absolutely no another’s and like you said, they either make a really bad client where you spend twice as much time trying to make them happy, or you end up having to fire them for them to you know, a huge mess. I think trying to get that who you know who your target is who you want to work with.

And then there has to be that they need to want to work with you as bad as you want to work with them. Sometimes that’s I don’t want to get ahead of you here, but Sometimes that’s the problem with the hard sell is, you know, we end up getting a client making a client or turning on, but they weren’t the right person. And then it just leads to a lot more problems down the

Shayla  10:11

road as lead to problems. And, and the and I love that you said the word turning them into a client until a client, our job is not to convince someone to work with us. And sometimes cells go wrong, because we’re convincing the person like they’re saying, find the pain, find the pain, tell them that you have the solution. Okay, that’s cute in a moment. But if you have to convince them that they need to work with you, you’re going to be continuing to convince them to make the shifts that you’re encouraging them to make while they’re working with you.

And so it still becomes more work more effort, more time than you actually need. The people that you really want to work with. The reality is, they often need less time. And this is what I find with my higher level level clients. They’re not looking for more hours. They want to have access to me, but they just need quick answers. They’re busy. They want quick answers and solutions. They want connections, they want the resources, but they’re not buying time. So when you stop selling time, you’re going to attract a different kind of client.

Do Just Sell Time

Roy Barker  11:23 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, definitely. I have heard that before as well about you know, we have to quit selling time because that just basically means that we, you know, we have a job. So we have an employee mindset. Yeah, exactly. Well, so what is number two, after we found clarity, where do we go from there.

Shayla  11:39

So after you find clarity, then it’s important that we create and we provide an amazing solution that’s so this is your high ticket offer. Your offer needs to be something that not only provides a solution to whatever the challenges that you’re having. But I love to say that it’s transformational, it’s it should take them from A to Z, right. And if your offer is that compelling, and it solves the problem for them, they’re going to do one of two things, they’re going to stick around and renew meaning you’re able to retain your clients if you have that type of service, or they’re going to become raving fans, where they’re going to tell more people about what you’ve done.

And so now you have new marketing, internal marketing that’s in place, you have people that are marketing for you a mistake that I think a lot of my clients have made, and I made in the past, too. I’ve had clients, I’m focusing on nurturing them, but I’m looking with the other I try to look at who can I bring in as another client, whereas you could work with your clients that you already have, and nurture them and make sure you’re creating so they have something else to go towards? Because they create you create brand loyalty that way, right.

So I do have clients that renew services, and or if our contract is over, they may come back for a VIP day or something of that nature. So we forget, there’s money right in front of us. But we’re looking to decide to chase money that’s going to take longer to nurture in, get into our system. So don’t forget what’s already there for you.

Roy Barker  13:08 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, it’s, I’m glad you mentioned that, because I see that a lot. We’re so focused on the, you know, the new people that a lot of companies totally forget the number one to take care of their customer because we want to not only keep them as a customer for longer term, but then we also don’t focus on how we can provide more services because the cost of acquisition for an existing client for a new service is minuscule, compared to you know, the cost of acquisition of a brand new client.

Shayla  13:41

You know, what I find people really buy for me ROI, they purchase an experience, right? We think like I’m a business coach, business strategist, sales coach, we think they’re buying sales coaching, but actually they’re purchasing an experience. So I have what I call seven Lux touch points, that’s one of my Lux touch points, the Lux experience, there should be an experience from the time they first have a conversation with you when they’re exploring. If we should do work together to the point where they are giving you their credit card information, they should still like feel like they’re having an experience.

Once they’ve said yes, we dropped the ball on the experience. Once we get paid. We get paid, we put them in the loop, put them in an email cycle, get them on the calendar, and it’s just like, okay, on to the next person. So are they having an experience where they feel like I made an amazing decision? Do you have emails that are following up with them? Do you have a client concierge or someone that’s calling saying, Hey, welcome. Are you sending a welcome gift? Is there something that makes them feel like they made an amazing decision and they’re so glad that they said yes. versus them paying, sitting in silence waiting for their appointment talking to their friends or family members and second guessing their decision?

Generational Differences

Roy Barker  14:55 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Exactly. Yeah. And that’s funny you mentioned that because there’s a lot of have evidence out there that, you know, it’s generational as well as just good business to add that value of the experience. But it’s, sometimes it can be our target group, because like the, like the silent generation, they were all about the thing, you know, like they wanted the coffee mug. And that, whereas, you know, the baby boomers and even the next step down, it’s more about the experience, that’s what they want, is they want to have a good experience, not just feel like they just purchased a thing.

Shayla  15:34

Yeah, they like they want to feel like they’re coming off the car a lot with the car that they really desire. Not like, okay, I just purchased the phone call, okay.

Roy Barker  15:44 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

And it’s scary, because even if you have some, if you have some history or experience with somebody, once you give them money for something, then you kind of hold your breath wondering, you know, are you going to hear from them again? And what is that going to look like? So I love the reaching out, you know, with kind of, you know, basically onboarding, your new clients.

Shayla  16:08

Yeah. And if you document that, and it and you’re consistent with that process, every client is going to have the same experience. So say, if you have some event they meet, and they’re like, Well, I didn’t get bad or Oh, yeah, I did talk to Mary. She was awesome. I have clients that will share with other people. They’re like, Yeah, when I joined Sheila’s program, we did X, Y, and Z, and then I got this thing, but they’re excited, you know, it keeps the momentum going. And we just can’t forget that it can’t just be on selling. Right, you know, we are giving an experience, the transformation starts from the Yes,

Roy Barker  16:43 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

right, right. Right. So what was number? What’s our third step after we provide an amazing solution?

Shayla  16:49

Okay, so your amazing solution is one thing that you’re creating. But also now we’re looking at pricing. So when a person says I want a high ticket, a high ticket offer, oftentimes people say, well just raise your prices, right? That’s what you hear, oh, you should raise your prices. But what does that mean? What does it really mean for your business, it’s important that as you’re packaging, this offer, that we have value pricing.

And, and it’s not based on how many phone calls as we said before, so when we’re looking at a high ticket range, especially when we’re looking in this coaching consulting range, some people may look at what we call a front end or short term. So your front end or short term, you may be looking at something between 3020 $1,000, that’s like a few months of service, when we’re looking at something that’s maybe a year long, you can easily be going from a range of 25 to 100,000 or more. And if you’re asking someone for $100,000, for example, it’s not just you’re getting four coaching calls Plus, you know, a title and a plaque, right?

It’s an experience, you know, and so number one, I tell people, make sure whatever number that you’re deciding to value your services at, that it really is valued at that, you know, anyone can say this is worth 199. And that’s worth 299. We love putting 99 and 90 sevens on the end of things, but really look at, if I, if I price a service for my clients, I’m saying oftentimes, because the way I’m selling to them, I’m like, how many clients does will it take for them to be able to get a return on investment, I only want it to be one or two.

And they can easily get a return on investment so they can see for themselves. This makes sense for my budget, you’d have to number one, know who the client is, and know what the price range is that that client can tolerate. You need to also make sure you’re absolutely delivering on the promises. The problem we have in this industry in my industry, specifically, coaching, consulting, there’s no regulation, so anyone can do anything. And there’s been a lot of raggedy things that have happened, unfortunately.

So people have been scarred and burned. People have not delivered on what they’ve promised. You need to be clear what your promises are. You have to be very careful. If you’re making promises saying you’re gonna make $100,000 in six months, how can you promise that if you don’t know how the person works? You don’t know the commitment level. There’s a lot of empty promises in that. So be clear on what the outcome is that you can promise for the person and make sure you can deliver on that outcome that’s being promised.

That’s the biggest thing be integrity around the pricing is super important. It doesn’t matter how much it is it matters. Are they going to get what was promised? Yeah, people talk. Yes. If you are pricing your services at some very high ticket level, and people are, you know, losing homes and can’t eat can’t pay their mortgage, and you told them to go and get their 401k or something strange. That’s a problem. You know, That’s a huge problem. So you should be able to sleep at night with whatever pricing that you’re asking for. But knowing you can deliver on what you say that you can do.

Roy Barker  20:09

Yeah, that’s important, because I can give you all the best advice in the whole world. But if you don’t put it into practice, you’re not going to make any more money or any more clients. And so I think, you know, as consultants, we all have to be very careful about those promises. Because you, it sounds great when you’re signing them up, and you get them all hyped up. But if there’s nothing on the back end, and you know what today’s virtual ratings and virtual communication, it doesn’t take long for something when something goes wrong for it to start spreading like wildfire, and then all of a sudden, everybody’s scared of you,

Shayla  20:47

oh, all of them, then people talk people thought. So it’s, it’s, it’s a dual agreement is the agreement on what you’re going to deliver. But it’s the agreement on what your clients are going to commit to doing. And one of the things when I’m having discovery calls with people, I’m very clear about that, here’s what I know, I can show up and do for you. Here’s the type of client that I need to show up for me. And if we are matched in that manner, we can work well together.

So I love to tell my clients, you know, when you hear the term not all money is good money. Just because someone can’t afford to pay your high ticket services doesn’t mean that they’re a good fit to work with you. If they don’t have the integrity around, showing up to their appointments on time doing what it is that you’ve requested, they are not coachable. They are like you, you can tell if people are complainer’s from the beginning. If they start their discovery call off like with like, what’s your refund policy?

Okay, so let’s, let’s talk about why we’re starting there. Okay. Because you’ve already identified that you might not do what you’re supposed to do. So if that’s your first question, we’re probably not a good fit to work together. And I’m okay with leaving a discovery call. Like, if I see red flags, I’m okay with saying I don’t believe that we’re a good fit. And people are like, you’re not gonna make me an offer? Absolutely not. Yeah, there’s no obligation for me to make an offer just because it’s a sales call. You’re not obligated to make an offer.

Roy Barker  22:17 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah. And I think another great point is that it’s better to walk away from those situations, when you get that feeling are, you know, and it’s something that you just learn over time, when the conversation is going the wrong direction. It’s okay to say, you know what, we’re just not going to be a good fit. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t have to explain ourselves, we get to choose who we work for. As we go through this,

Shayla  22:43

you get to choose it. And and you know they’re there. For ELS I like to say, when you’re on that discovery call, your job is to listen, people are going to tell you exactly what you need to know. You’re going to learn from that conversation that they’re telling you. So you’re going to learn, is this a good fit? Or is this not a good fit? Does this person have the integrity or not?

And then you need to lead le a D as in David, you have to lead your calls. If you get people on a discovery call that are chatty, they don’t answer questions, they get distracted, and you’re not able to bring them back to focus on the question that’s being asked, you’re not leading the call, therefore, you’re not showing your authority from the beginning. So just imagine what it will look like if you decide to start working with the person. That can be another indicator if you can’t leave this call properly.

And that fourth one is what we just talked about lead le a V, if it’s not going in the direction it needs to if you’re unable to lead or redirect if the person’s not being considerate if the person gets on the call and says, So how much does it cost? And you’re not having a conversation? It’s not a good fit.

Do Shy Away From Your Pricing

Roy Barker  23:55 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah. And usually when people will lead with that, how much is it? That’s when easily stop it right there and say, you’re just trying to find a bargain basement price. And I’m not your guy, for sure. And I kind of wanted to touch on that on the prior to setting up pricing. Because I see this in the other way as people try to price something so low that they end up working for minimum wage.

So we have to give a lot of thought into how much time are we committing to this? And what do we need to charge to make money, there’s nothing you know, there’s nothing wrong with where you fall on the spectrum, if you want to make 25,000 a year and you’re good with that if you will make 50 100 whatever it is, but really give some thought into the price. And because I’ve had people before price services and I’m like, Well, how much time does it really take you to fulfill that and then when they start adding up all of these different things.

It’s like oh, wow, I’m just barely breaking even on this service. So give it some thought and then kind of on the other side of this is when people start trying to beat you up. overpriced That’s another great time to say, you know what we are just, this just isn’t for you, the service just isn’t for you. And that’s okay. And I guarantee you, if you do that enough, you will have people that hang up, think about it.

They call you back and say, you know what it is for me, you know, they just want to see what they can get get by with it a lot of times, but you can actually bring somebody around to your way of thinking by just letting them know, because people want things that are scarce. Yes, they think you’re willing to walk away, you still have to be careful, because those still may be troubled clients. Absolutely. Absolutely. Still, you might get a second chance at that. So never be scared to stand up for yourself.

Shayla  25:42

Yeah, you can’t be scared of that. Like another last touch point is being exclusive. So exclusivity is important for me, because I speak about having fewer clients but making more money. So if my client knows that I have a very exclusive offer, they understand I don’t have hundreds of people in a program, there may be just 12 of them. And if I have 12 spaces for the year, they understand I wanted the 12. And if you don’t get in, you’re on the waitlist. I don’t want to wait 12 months on a waiting list.

So I’m making my decision. But don’t use scarcity, scarcity as a false way of advertising. We’ve seen that too, right? You’ve seen like, Oh, I only have space for five people today. Oh, it was such a demand. But now we have 10 more spots available. All the email didn’t work. We’re over it. I’m like, Come on, let’s just do true marketing. have real conversations, attract the people you really want. The people that I work with, they don’t fall into that trap. You know, they’re they’re not looking for the gimmicky things, they want a straightforward offer straightforward answers. And that’s what I prefer. So know your clients know what they can tolerate.

Be Straight Forward

Roy Barker  26:51 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, no, and that’s so important. I love that to be straightforward. If if you have a product or service that you have to be gimmicky, you need to really, that’s a problem. It’s not, it’s not ethical number one, but you’re going to get into trouble on the back end, because I’ve seen those deals, you know, where it’s like, Oh, we got five seats, you know, we have limited five seats, and then you get on the call. And there may be 35 or 50 people on the limit with all five of those right?

Five in that one hour or so, but didn’t exactly know, we just can’t stress that enough, is just the honesty and integrity. Because the other part is that if you do have a client that you get, if they get a hint of that, that you’re not honest. And then you don’t have integrity, you do say things like that, then they’re gonna start to question everything that you say in your relationship. And that’s

Shayla  27:51

absolutely, you know, you might one of my coaches once told me that, you know, you need to show up as who you are, and don’t surprise people once they paid. So, you know, you can’t show up one way online, and then people pay you and they’re like, Who’s this person? And so you need to be consistent with your messaging consistent with your behavior consistent with the way that you’re speaking to people, I can’t be this super nice person online. And then I get a client and I’m like, Oh, are you like, Oh, my drill sergeant, people don’t want that. They want to know that they are buying into what you sold to them. That’s all they want.

Roy Barker  28:24 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Because that’s why they bought in the first place. Usually, you know, we buy from people that we like, or we buy from people that we see ourselves in, or we see qualities that we like, and so if we present those to get the client, and then that’s not who they get after that, you know, that’s another big red flag.

Shayla  28:42

Absolutely, absolutely. And I’ve I’ve purchased that way before. And I’m like, What happened? This first

Roy Barker  28:50 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

or they say, you know, they call you call for John. And it’s like, John is never around, he always pushed off to somebody else. And then, you know, again, it’s like, if that is the arrangement up front, and everybody’s clear, then that’s understandable. But I always feel like especially in consulting, if you’re going to be the salesperson and you’re going to represent you’re getting my wisdom, then you have to get my wish. Now you were say

Shayla  29:15

my team and I and you know you’re going to be working with several members of my team along with me. So I know I can I can accept that.

Honesty and Integrity

Roy Barker  29:25 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

No, yeah, that just gets back to the honesty and integrity that we have to present and live by we are you know, we can’t just I shouldn’t say present because we have to live by it from sales to servicing.

Shayla  29:37

Yes, well, I believe in karma. So like, if you do people dirty, it’s going to come back you’re going to pay the price one way or another. Exactly.

Roy Barker  29:44 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Oh my god. Yeah. I have a good story. I’m gonna skip for now. But I believe me in sometimes it’s Instant Karma. Right? You can do that and walk two steps and you know, it gets you get caught up with absolutely So what is our fifth? fifth step?

Shayla  30:03

Let’s see, where are we Oh, and so once we’ve done our let me just go through everything again. So we have our legs clarity, we have the offer our pricing, selling and giving. We’re when we’re getting into luck selling and giving, I’d like to combine them together. We kind of talked about selling on the phone already, and selling an offer that we really believe in that we value that we can stand behind. The other piece is giving, everyone wants to teach you how to sell and become a millionaire. Right.

But I like to position with that is also giving, giving energetically making an impact. And so one of the ways that I challenge my clients is for them to not only reach their sales goals, but to attach their impact goal to that. So their impact goal may be I want to give to an organization, or I want to give time, I want to travel to this place to make an impact. I want to start my own 501 c three to make an impact. But usually the clients that come to me, it’s bigger than I just want to make the money, money is important.

But I tell people, your goal alone cannot be money. Because you can quit on that goal. That’s not enough of a driver, you can go get a job and make money. But you have to have something that’s like people say what’s your big why you may have a personal why, but I want you to have an impact. Why too. And so that impact may be, it may be a percentage of your sales for certain product or service that you have. It may be you just make a bold acclamation the beginning of the year, I’m going to be able to give $5,000 or 15 or $20,000 by the end of the year to this cause, you’re going to work a little differently to meet that goal.

Because now you’re not going to sit back and say, Well, let me rest Oh, boy, I didn’t make my goal. No, I made a promise. Let me make sure I can meet this goal. So I can make a bigger impact, not an impact, just so my name can be associated with giving but an impact. So someone else’s life can be changed. Yeah, it’s good karma. We just talked about karma. It’s good energy, to be able to have that to be a part of your business.

Because you’re working not only for you, but you’re impacting other people’s lives, your impact, maybe if you have all high ticket items, maybe you want to be able to help. Like for me, maybe I want to help some other women to just start businesses, but they wouldn’t be in a position to do my high ticket pieces that I have, I might decided to have a program, a free program for a few women, a select group of women.

And depending on what my cells look like, I might be able to support five women in starting their first business and be able to give them a mini grant to do that. Yeah, I might be sending some young women to college, but I am making an impact outside of what I’m bringing into the company. It’s also what we’re doing outside of the company.


Roy Barker  32:49 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, again, another great point, because it’s not only the karma factor, but I think it’s just energy. You know, it is we are what we put out. And absolutely it gets back to, you know, our attitude and a lot of other things if we have bad attitude and poor me, guess what, it’s going to be poor you because you’re you’re setting yourself up for that where even when things that we don’t understand or we don’t don’t go our way, we have to still pick ourselves up and have a smile and say, You know what, I don’t know why that happened.

Yeah, but it happened for a reason. And it’s funny, because some we just had, oh, I just said something happened the other day, I was trying to purchase something, and it wouldn’t go through my credit card company blocked it. So call them got it released, I still could not buy this thing. And it was just frustrating. I came tell you how, because I needed this component to use pretty quickly to get something done. And so I’m just like, or I’m talking to Terry, my partner about this and telling her I don’t know what’s going on and this and that.

Okay, so went to bed slept got up the next day. And like I’m trying this one more time. And so as I’m looking through this collateral, I see the second component that I was looking at. Now I find that there’s a bundle where both of these things together for the same price I was fixing to pay for the first so to me, it’s just little things like that, that that frustration was actually led me to a better place. And it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to get in that mindset, but I just feel like we have to you know, it’s what we put out in the world.

Shayla  34:27

It’s what we put out. So I always say I circulate money, and it always comes back to me. Exactly. I circulate. If you’re circulating it’s always going to come around. And those little things like that, like trying to use that card because you were set on getting this thing. Sometimes I believe the universe has blocks for us on purpose and when I realize I’m being blocked, I don’t I’m not mad about it is you I get frustrated and then usually once I pause, I’m like there’s a reason and I release I kind of surrender to Okay, this is happening for a reason. Let me be still and see What’s really happening and things will clear the way up. So it happens all the time.

Roy Barker  35:04 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

I’m a slow learner, I know that it’s yours. It’s yours, don’t worry, I know that we’re putting it into practice. Yeah. And I heard another great thing. This this could go when we’re talking to prospects or clients too, is that instead of having a poor reaction, unseat reaction and resisted having a poor response, we can have a poor reaction, but count to like, you know, three or five, whatever, before you respond. It’ll definitely change the way you know, instead of that initial whatever, you know, blurting out something that you wish you hadn’t have, you could take a minute to think about it to really have a measured response.

Shayla  35:43

And we’re in a society now where we do need to pause, we need to pause because so much is there’s so much stimulation, so much is coming to us that you need to sit, pause, breathe, absorb what’s being said, especially if it’s texting. If someone’s sending messages, you’re interpreting assumptions or getting us in trouble. Okay? assumptions are like the big thing if they always like someone says something and you’re like, what did they mean by that? You create a whole story that you don’t need to create. So you do I love that you said sometimes you just have to sit for a few seconds and just let it sit with you. And then you can find the words that need to be said, and you might be able to really save a relationship and opportunity, all kinds of things.

Pick Up The Phone

Roy Barker  36:27 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, cuz there’s one meme that says, you know, there’s a list of things but the words are one thing we can ever take back and once we say that, and the other thing is getting clarity, with what said and this dealing with clients, it’s important because we don’t want to misinterpret something and that another thing, pick up the phone call pick up the phone and make a phone call where you can hear the voice the inflection, all of those different things make a difference because I will tell you I have misread misinterpreted emails and be like what the heck is going on? So pick up the phone call, call the guy and say like, Hey, can you explain this to me? And they’re like this in like, oh, okay, now I get it not anywhere close to what I thought

Shayla  37:11

nowhere. I had that happen yesterday, someone sent me a message. And they said, you know, hey Shayla, something else just hold story, then I was like, I really need to talk. And I’m like, oh, whoa, what happened? I’m running through racking my head, like, Did I say something? What happened? I’m like, wait a minute, why are you having this whole story? Right? That person didn’t say that you did anything. You’ve come up with an entire story of something’s wrong. And when I spoke to the person, it was really amazing. It was a whole totally opposite. It was a celebration. But we make up these stories. Just because I’m like, I’m always on I had to fix it. And I’m like, What am I fix? You don’t even know what you’re fixing Shayla stop it?

Helping Others

Roy Barker  37:49 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, yeah. So I didn’t mean to stray off topic. But I think that you know, what we put out in the world, not only money wise, but helping people helping people without expecting reciprocation. You know, I’ve got a little company that somebody reached out on LinkedIn, asked a question, it turned into a thing. And you know, we just had a quick phone call. I didn’t charge them for it. But I made a relationship with these two people that I’ll probably get some business from them at a later date. But if not, at least, they will tell but I’m not. I didn’t do it expecting return, I think we have to be careful with that we have to give without expectations.

Shayla  38:30

You do, you do. And you can be selective of who you choose to give to right. There’s nothing wrong with giving. There’s nothing wrong because someone probably gave something to you. So there’s nothing wrong with giving just you’re selective of what you who you choose to give to and you have to give openly, like you said without that expectation, whatever needs to be taken care of will be taken care of. Right. So I always believe if I’m giving however I choose to walk in my lane. Things will be taken care of.


Roy Barker  38:59 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Right. Right. Exactly. It’s an abundant mindset. It all comes from that place of abundance. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And talking about that. I’ll say one more thing before we get back on track is that I read this interesting article that was saying, you know, instead of being like, dang it, you know, shangela just got this new car. She just got this new client and me not so much and I’m all down. Instead of that we should say you know what, thank goodness for Shayla getting what she got.

Now, I want some of that, please. And you know, you kind of have to ask for that instead of, you know, getting distraught that somebody else got something that you think you should have or wanted, is, you know, you said it to stay in our lane run our race, because, you know, I don’t know what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years to get to this point where maybe I just started six months ago. So we’re going to be totally different places. But we can. It’s not a zero sum game. We can all be six First of all, we can all have what we need and what we want. And so there’s no reason to kind of be down on yourself or other people for what they’ve got.

Shayla  40:09

I’ve heard that story differently. And it’s very similar. When you start seeing the things that you want and desire, you start seeing the cards, you start seeing the person that you didn’t think could get this thing, they started getting it. So instead of us also doing that negative thought of why did they have it, we look at this, and it’s an indicator of evidence, it’s closer to you now than ever before, it’s closer to you now, especially if you’ve been asking for it, it’s closer to you now than ever before. You absolutely are celebrating that that person was able to get that that that person has that car, that person got that opportunity, because now it’s closer to you. Meaning it’s coming to you very soon.

Roy Barker  40:48 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

I like that. Yeah, anytime we can ship this because, you know, our mind is always grinding. And we get to choose what it grinds, we can just as easily put the positive stuff through there, then the negative. So anyway, I’m sorry, back on track, back on track, I’m always on track, always on track. Okay. So after, after we have selling and giving, we have one more,

Shayla  41:13

we have one more after selling and given is our overall what I call my luck CEO. So your luck CEO, everything that I teach my clients is about business. But what we forget often is we have to take care of ourselves too. So you can build this million dollar multimillion dollar business. But if you spent your whole time focusing on building the business, and not focusing on taking care of you, taking care of what you had before the business, so if it’s your family, if it’s your relationship, those pieces I try to make sure we put in place.

So for with my clients, for example, it may be as simple as I tell them, once we’re getting our money to a place where it’s stable, we have consistent monthly revenue, where they want to be how, how about taking one week off a month, and using that to focus on you focus on your family focus in other areas, doing things that are not businessy. Right? What are we looking at as far as spending the time and making sure you’re eating a meal with the family? What we find when we start making more money with women, and then relationships are falling apart? Right? They fall apart? One person’s on this high journey. The other person is over here holding down the fort. And they’re looking at you like what about me.

I saw this in the corporate world, I see this in the entrepreneurial world too. So I really am where you read you read earlier family freedom and affluence family is super important to me. Many of my clients are family oriented. And so I want them to build this piece, this legacy piece, but also keep their family intact in the process. And also keep themselves intact, make sure that you’re feeling good people get burned out. People get sick, we see it people in your 40s and 50s, there’s more disease that’s coming to us as entrepreneurs because we’re stressed, you can’t make money when you’re stressed.

Or you’re going to make the money and spend it all on your health because you are stressed. And so I don’t teach balance because I don’t believe there’s like work life balance. But I believe you put energy where you need to put it when it’s needed, you need to create and build that space in so that you can do that. So that’s part of being a CEO, not only being a leader in running this business, but also leading your life. And leading the things that are around you don’t leave that behind don’t sacrifice what you had just for the sake of the money.

Roy Barker  43:40 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, and I do a self self lis plug that we just did an episode with. He’s more of a wellness coach, but we did an episode because it’s important when you’re making decisions, we need to be well rested, we need to be in you know, we need to have some movement, some exercise.

And and also for myself, it helps me to have some clarity. If I’m getting jammed up, if I can’t solve a problem, if I’m feeling stressed, if I can take a minute and go walk around the you know the area where we live for just a minute, I will come back so refreshed, absolutely give it much more but taking care of ourselves extremely important. Our relationships don’t want to leave that out because we can get to the end of our journey and be very successful. And then we’ve lost all the important relationships around us.

And even if they’re not involved in the business, you know, like Terry, I keep her involved. She does a lot, but it’s the conversation that we have. So she never feels left out. She always knows what’s going on. When things get stressful, you know, we’re kind of going through this little stretch period for this reason so

Shayla  44:50

or add add we to the conversation, right? When we’re talking about our business, we will often say I’m doing this, I’m making money. I’m going to do This thing, and I always like to tell my clients, add the tag one so that we can, if you can add this so that we can, that’s the first group of people you’re selling to your family.

So for me, I have six children and I have a husband, when I’m saying, I’m going to a conference for a week, they’re like, okay, you get to go on vacation for a week, and we’re staying here, I’m going to the conference on this conference. So that we can be able to, I’m going to always add to so that we can do on there. And so now when I have to leave my husband’s like, Yeah, go ahead. I know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing.

And I support you, right, because he understands this journey. This is we’re looking at long money, we’re looking at creating this legacy, and he understands this temporary sense of me being away, is worth it’s worth the time.

Roy Barker  45:52 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

And it’s so much easier in life when those closest to us support us. Because once friction starts to build, oh, it’s hard. I mean, it’s tough to go on, it’s tough to know what to do you spend more time dealing with the friction than you do on the business. So it’s always good to keep that. And I’m like you I don’t, I don’t really know that there is a balance, because there’s times when you can take more personal time, then you can there’s times you have to do more business time.

And it’s even more of a hurdle for some people, and I’m not speaking for you, but I can assume this as well. When you really like what you do, you know, I never feel like I’m at work. Exactly. I can go and go and go. And so you know, having a little tap on the shoulder saying, you know, enough, enough is enough for today we’re getting away from the computers. You know, it’s that does add an extra dimension, it’s but it’s good. It’s really good than to something that you love. It is it is

Shayla  46:54

because it doesn’t feel like work. No, no. And if you know, like, if I know every time I get on the phone with my clients, and like, there’s a breakthrough, something amazing is happening. I do have to remind myself shut it down. Which is why I only schedule calls between a certain time I don’t do calls late. I’m I will tell people whenever they work with me, I don’t take calls in the evening.

I’m not a night person. So I need to spend the time I can with my family, but I don’t want to be on the phone, talking to people about business and night, I want to turn my computer off. I want to be able to say hey, family, let’s go let’s do something. And people respect that my clients can respect that people say, Well, what if my clients only can talk at that time, people will find the time to speak to you when you say you’re available if they really want the thing that you say that you can do.

Roy Barker  47:40 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Yeah, and again, you’ve got to set those boundaries. Because if you don’t, you will get everything will get out of whack. You will get out of whack with your health with your relationships. And then everything gets back to affecting the business. So don’t don’t feel bad about setting those boundaries that again, that’s what we get to do. If people don’t like it, or can’t operate within them, then that’s when we get to say, you know what, this just probably isn’t going to be a good fit, right? We don’t we don’t feel bad about that.

We had it all hold your head up. Because we’re looking for people that want to work with us in the way that we work. And they’re out there. I guarantee you out there. Alright, Shayla. Well, thanks so much for being with us. Is there any other anything else that you want to share before we wrap this up? I know we’re kind of long. I apologize for that. But

Shayla  48:28

you’re fine. It’s fine. So yeah, if you want to really connect with me, you can find me online under my name, Shayla Boyd Gill everywhere from all the social media platforms to my website. So if you go there, you’ll find me plus free resources that you can use for your business and for your life.

Roy Barker 48:47 Sales Strategies That Let Women Have It All, Family, Freedom, and Affluence

Okay, great. And I will put all that in the show notes as well. So y’all can reach out to Shayla and get some of her expertise run through this program. It’s great. I mean, everything that you hit on, it’s like putting it all together. So we can have half we can be successful, healthy, happy. And also we have a process to go through.

I think that’s one thing, right? That happens to us is that, you know, well, I tried this one time, and I tried this this next time, if we have a system that we can polish it and perfect it. And we go through those same steps every time it really helps us as well. That’s the key repetition the same steps every time. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. All right. Well, thanks so much for your time.

Again, we much much appreciated. Y’all reach out, see how she can give you a hand on your sales process. that’s gonna do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. Of course, you know, I’m your host, Roy. You can find us at We’re on all the major social media platforms hang out on Instagram a little bit more than anywhere else.

So reach out to us there we’d be glad to engage. Also, we’re on all the major podcast platforms iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify. If we’re not on one that you’ve listened to reach out I’d be glad to get added make it easier for you to listen to us every week. Also, a video of this interview will go up on our YouTube channel, so go check that out. So until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.

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