Podcast Hosting or Guesting, A Great Addition To Your Overall Marketing Plan

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Podcast Hosting or Guesting, A Great Addition To Your Overall Marketing Plan Featuring Elizabeth Pampalone

Podcast Hosting or Guesting. Podcasting as a marketing tool. There are a few ways you can win by being a podcast guest. You get exposure to the podcast audience, build a backlink, and a great piece of marketing collateral. Usually audio, video, and print. You can break up the content and use it on your own website and social media platforms.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth helps clients achieve a unique, authentic brand that connects with their audience and customers on a practical and emotional level. Her unconventional approach has led to the successes of her many clients.

With client-focused ideas and business-friendly costs, it makes the partnership profitable for both her clients and their customers. With Absolute Marketing™ each pillar only takes one day to implement with Elizabeth’s easy-to-follow formulas. Many have praised her brainstorming sessions as “Gold Mines” for the non-marketer.

Elizabeth is also devoted to facilitating a perspective shift to aid clients through Business Clarity Coaching. Their dreams, fears, strengths, and achievements are brought out into the open to provide contextual clarity and a successful path forward.


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Business Podcast » Podcasting » Podcast Hosting or Guesting, A Great Addition To Your Overall Marketing Plan

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Podcast Hosting or Guesting, A Great Addition To Your Overall Marketing Plan featuring Elizabeth Pampalone

Fri, 6/25 12:16PM • 40:45


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Elizabeth, Roy Barker


Roy Barker  00:00

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host Roy. Of course, we are the podcast that brings you a wide variety of topics from a diverse set of guests. And today, we’re lucky enough to have Elizabeth Pampalone back with us. She is an author, international speaker, podcaster, successful entrepreneur and expert marketer with over 20 years of experience. Her innovative approach helps overwhelm business owners and burnt-out not-for-profit directors to achieve success and freedom. Through the power of Absolute Marketing. Elizabeth, welcome. Thank you for returning. We had such a good conversation last time before I let her go made her promise to come back on so thanks a lot.

Elizabeth  00:50

Yeah, of course. Thanks for having me back.

Roy Barker  00:52

So, um, you know, we talked about a lot of things. And I think today we kind of want to talk about to begin with anyway. Podcasting as part of your marketing strategy, which I think is good. That’d be a lively topic. You’ve been on plenty of shows. And of course, you know, I think we’re probably about an hour. I don’t know, by the time this one airs, probably about 90, maybe get close to 100. So I think we both been around the block, we should be able to talk about this fairly easy.

Elizabeths History

Elizabeth  01:11

Yeah, yeah, I love podcasting. I actually was a radio DJ when I was 12, at a local station. I did the weather, and I did the music. It was just a little local station where I grew up, and I loved it. And I was like, I want to do this every day. That was kind of my first you know. Everyone wants to be a doctor or a fireman, or, you know, whatever. It’s like, No, I’m gonna be on the radio.

Roy Barker  01:51

You know, it’s not as prevalent today. I know, we all listen to Sirius, and I’ve got my, my couple that I like on there. But you know, back in the day growing up, like DJs, they were the thing. And then if you got to meet one out in the public, you know. They used to come have album giveaways and stuff that yeah, it was pretty cool.

Elizabeth  02:11

Yeah, I when I met the ones that I knew from that station, you know. At 12 years old, I was just floored. I was like, Oh, my gosh, these people are on the radio every day. And it was kind of like, they were like celebrities, you know. Because that’s just not something everyone can get to do or gets to do. It’s kind of like being on TV. So um, so I was really thrilled to meet them. And then they said, you know, what. You you call us all the time you request songs all the time, you should just come in and do an afternoon, do a show.

We did that a couple of times, my sister and I did that. And since then I you know. When podcasting became a thing, and it was very, very new. I jumped on the bandwagon, and I got the equipment. And I had like the editing software, and I was doing that. But I found that I was just so busy with my business. That I didn’t have time to do all the editing and do all the things I wanted to. And do it the way I want it to. So I gave it up, it was back burner shelved until last year.

And before the pandemic, actually like January, I said, You know what, I’m just gonna do this again. And I’m going to do it totally differently. That’s why I do everything, especially in marketing. I’m like, let’s just take this idea. Let’s turn it on its head and do it completely differently. I restarted my podcast in January. And we are 60 some episodes in. And also last year, as you mentioned, I was on 140 podcasts as a guest.

Podcast Hosting or Guesting

Roy Barker  03:34

Wow. Yeah, I think about the old. You’re way too young to even. You need to go to the decades channel and watch this if they ever have it like. WKRP and Cincinnati with the the guy’s name was venus flytrap. And of course in the booth, he had this incense burning. The lights down, he had a gong. He had the whole vibe going on. Well, let’s talk about podcasting as a marketing strategy. And, you know, one thing I was gonna mention to you said, you know. You called in and did that it’s a good lead in to this as well as the persistence.

You know, marketing takes persistence, you can’t market for a day or two or week, even a month. I mean, it has to be such a long term commitment. Because we may get lucky and I may send out a post something or send something out or do something that generates a couple phone calls. But I think the reality is in our marketing. We want it to, you know, kind of. Provide that pipeline support for us as we go always having people in the hopper. And I think, you know, something we’ve talked about a lot is what I like about podcasts is the trust.

Because it’s there’s two things that I feel like hope to accomplish with my podcast is number one, we introduce subjects to listeners that they may just not be aware of and may likely that’s brand new, or we talk about something that they’re like We’ll just use marketing, you know, maybe they’re struggling marketing, but they hear you, and you start to build that trust with the audience. And instead of me, you know, this is a kind of outdated reference. But instead of me going down the Yellow Pages and fan, pick it out some person.

 It’s like, Hey, you know, I heard Elizabeth on the show, and I like what she had to say, I like her demeanor. So, you know, I really want to reach out to her. So, you know, those are the kind of the goals of me as a show host. And so, you know, I guess, let’s talk about how that plays in, you know, from your perspective as the actual marketer.

Goal Setting

Elizabeth  05:36

Yeah, when I started to get on podcasts, I was just playing, right, just just throwing out those applications, seeing what stuck. And when I got on so many, that was my goal, I hit my goal of 100, I kind of slowed down there. And I said, Okay, how do I now narrow down? I’ve been on a lot of good ones, I’ve been on a lot of bad ones. Now, how do I narrow that down and actually focus in on what those goals are, rather than just the goal being a number, right?

And I was really, you know, trying to find guests or guest slots and on shows where people like you were really vetting people a little further. And I think that that comes down to, you know, when you’re marketing, you’re not just doing it for a number I did that as an experiment. I do crazy experiments, do as I say, not as I do, right? Right. Right. So, but when I, when it comes to actually using this for clients, and telling other people, hey, you can do this too, I realized that people need to have that goal in mind first, before they even apply to anything. Because sometimes it’s just about awareness. And that’s, that’s perfectly fine.

This medium is so great for awareness or for education, or for bringing a subject to light that may not be a very happy topic to you know, just throw around it, uh, you know, networking. A little more, you know, like, you want to really get into that nitty gritty, you want to get that hour long conversation going. So you can actually talk about something and have people understand what you’re trying to say, rather than just giving your 30 seconds and moving on. And so this is a really great way to do that. It’s also a one to many media.

So in marketing, there’s a lot of one to many mediums. But this one is almost like one to one and one to many at the same time. Right. And with with social media, you’re getting a one to many, you know, ratio there, but you’re not getting a one to one ratio at all. Right? It’s just you putting stuff out there, and you hope it works. Same thing with blogging, you’re putting it out there, somebody’s gonna find it at some point, right. But Same thing with your website with your brand, email marketing, it’s all you pushing out you giving.

And with podcasting, when hosts are good hosts, which sometimes you get to go in sometimes to get bad ones. But when you find the good ones, it’s a one to one relationship as well. And so now not only do we have a connection, and next time you hear someone that’s in Mark, you know, that needs marketing or needs help. You might be like, Oh, yeah, let’s, let’s talk to Elizabeth. And so that’s another thing that I think people are missing is that, they might say, well, that person doesn’t have very many downloads.

But what you don’t know is that they are actually the queen of networking in their city. They’re doing, you know, they see more people on a regular basis than you see in a month. So that kind of thing, you know, not just saying not writing someone off, because they don’t have very many, they have 10 downloads of their podcasts, or they’ve only done three shows. That means nothing to me in regards to that’s not my goal. My goal is to not only have a good one to one, but also have a good one to many. But then that’s also my responsibility to help share that with my audience and say, Hey, I was on this podcast, go check it out.

So now that that helps them, they’re receiving that reciprocal, you know, help. Not only are they letting me on their show and talk for free, which is fun. But they’re also receiving help now, for me and getting it to their to my audience. So now our audiences are in a sec intersecting. And I think when you go to apply for these things, it can be very daunting, because there are so many I mean, there are, I would say billions of podcasts at this point. And there’s so many of them. Some people have multiple podcasts, which makes it the number incredible. And I have really found that if you have that goal in mind first.

That’s great. But there are some marketing pieces that you need to have in place before you even just start applying because when I started applying, I had all that marketing stuff in place. Right? That’s what we do at absolute marketing. That’s That’s our job, you know, so I was already ready to go with that. But what I found was that the more prepared I was, the better I got, like the easier it was to get on shows and the better response I got from hosts right. My pitch was done. So my pitch was written ready to go.

I had it copied and pasted. Sometimes I tweaked it if I needed to, you know for that specific show, but most of the time, the same pitch. I’m talking about the same thing. I’m going to the same time of shows, I’m going to all these marketing shows all these business shows, branding shows, I’m going to sit talk about the same thing regardless. So I had that ready, had my headshot ready had my mini bio, the one you just read earlier, many, but I’m talking many like two sentences.

I have my links, all ready to go. And I created an online one sheet, to have all that ready so that when I send someone a pitch, I’m like, here’s the online one sheet, you decide if you want me. If that works, then I’ll decide if I want you and then we’ll see if it you know, actually becomes a thing.

One-Sheet Information Page

Roy Barker  10:34

And that’s a big deal to us that you’ve said a couple of things that I’m going to try to go over First off, is it’s so helpful as the host, to get the information because what I do is, you know, once we do this and publicize it, I put it up on my web page, and I want to give you credit, number one, but I want to also, you know, kind of hype you up a little bit. And so when, at the time of publish, when I have to go digging around, and people think, you know, you can you know, I hear this, you can find it on the internet.

Yeah, no, but I would say it, I don’t do a lot of editing, I’ve had to start because of this, you know, like zoom now announces, we’re recording and we’re not recording. So I have to go in and cut, I’ve had to add a little bit more. But the reality is, even for me doing the little work, it could still take me up to three hours per episode to get it pushed out completely. And so and we do have multiple shows, we have an aging show. And so if we start looking at, you know, I publish at least two, sometimes three a week, so it starts eating into your time.

So thank you for that, it’s such a blessing to have your page because I can choose the long bio short bio, you’ve got logos, headshots, you got all this stuff. But the other thing I was gonna say about the audience is, I think people don’t, I don’t know that they know how this works. Because my after, when you start doing it, you think I’m going to go out to this new audience and get a lot of calls. That’s not necessarily true, I think sometimes you resonate with the audience, but there can be, you know, it takes some time to kind of make that happen.

But what I look at the real value of this is you get a free, you know, marketing spot done for you that you know, you can use and that’s where I you know, always try to tell guest is, you know, it’s my responsibility to to publicize the show and your episode when it comes out. But if you take that collateral, and you use it in the right method, you will gain so much more from your own audience and from new prospects hitting your website than what I can probably ever provide for you.

Content Milage

Elizabeth  12:52

I agree with that. I totally agree. And I think that, um, that, you know, just getting on the show on the shows, is just the part of it, you know, it’s 1/3 getting there. The know, the second third is to do the show, do it well. And then the third part of it is to actually, like you said, reuse that content, right? I actually take every show that we do, and I put it into a spreadsheet.

And I have all the collateral that goes with it, the specific dates, the specific, you know, who the host is, what the show name is the logo for the show, the title of the show the links to it, all that stuff, I put in a spreadsheet, and I give it to one of the people on our team, Lucy and she actually takes it and makes it a blog post. And then that goes out to our entire email list and onto our social. So it’s definitely reused. And I don’t always put it out the same time that let’s say you put yours out next week.

I don’t put mine out next week, I put my now which because of the how many I’ve been on it cuz sometimes gets delayed, might be three months from now, right? But that’s okay. Because you’ve, you’ve pushed it out, you’ve gotten it out there. It’s gotten a little gut little legs. And now as it starts to die down over those three, six months, whatever that time period is, I’m over here ready to pump it out again, and bring more new people to it that have never seen it never heard it.

Oh, I forgot about that, you know, whatever. And now they’re seeing it again. So or seeing it for the first time even so I like to kind of stagger the risk of one person, both of us doing at the same time would be great. However, I like that staggered approach so that it kind of gets a resurgence later. And I’ve had people that have told me that when I posted my part of it so they put it out there they got their normal response, you know, however downloads, then I posted it later, three, six months later, and they got this huge surge on that one episode that was old at that point, right.

And and now they have this new like resurgence People who found their podcasts and never heard from them before, and you know that stuff. So. And I’ve had been the most popular episode on certain people’s podcasts, which has been nice for me. But, you know, it’s one of those things that I want them to see that success as well, because like you said, I might see a call or two from it, maybe, maybe not. But I want them to also feel that that success that they did a show that was resonating with enough people, not only from their own audience, but from mine as well.


Roy Barker  15:25

Yeah. And I think you’re right, it’s like, you know, we have to think about in marketing, not everybody in the world that needs marketing is searching for that today. I mean, this stuff happens over time. So is like, you know, having that little staggered approach, I think it helps both of us. You know, we go back, we we publish the art, the, I guess, the fresh episode, that week, our new release, we publish it through the week.

And we also try to interject some older ones that we’ve had in there just to kind of keep them fresh, because, you know, just like this, I could put it out to my audience. Then maybe nobody was really worried about marketing that week. So, but when we push it back out again, in a month or two, then it’s like, oh, yeah, well, we have listener now that they were thinking, you know, they need to check into marketing. And then kind of talking about that, too, as a host.

The other thing I tried to do is manage expectations that, you know, we have had very good response. And you know, we’ve got a lot of inventory built up. We’ve got a lot of guests in the hopper at some point. And so you know, there’s probably a two month delay between taping and actually releasing. So I really try to manage those people that are in a big hurry, because, because I know what’s gonna happen is once we tape, they’re going to be on me to be you know, when’s this coming out? How am I you know, because I’ve got a guy now that we’ve had some internet issues.

And so I’ve got a stacked up list of about, you know, 70 or 80, potential guests that we have got to get cycled through. I’ve got one guy, it’s just like, almost daily, when are we going to get to type? When are we going to type? You know, I’ve had to say, look, we’re gonna get to it, but it concerns me, because I feel like he thinks that the minute we air this, that his he’s gonna be flooded with phone calls. And that’s typically just not the way it works. And so manage those expectations.

Elizabeth  17:24

So I did the 140. And, and this is just true numbers. I had one show that had a major hit. Other shows had little hits here and there, some connections, that kind of thing. One show out of 140 major hit by the way, I applied to over 500, podcasts, four to 500 to get on 140. So out of all of that, and all the time and all the effort. One show netted me about 15,000 in revenue. Yeah. It was worth I felt like it was worth it. No, no, no nuts. However, it did take that long. It did take that much for that kind of thing to become a reality.

Not only does it help with credibility, because then it’s like, Wow, she’s been on a lot of episodes. And Wow, she’s done all these things, you know, and it gives you that credibility with people who are looking for you already to kind of help solidify those deals. But it does, if you’re looking at it just as the only medium. It’s not going to be the be all end all. But I do like it as we talked about the beginning part, right? part p AR t meaning of a whole it is one piece. And I usually like to use it as part of like a six piece marketing strategy.

Lives Forever

Roy Barker  18:46

Yeah, and we’ll get back to those six steps. Let me just mark that down six steps. So we don’t forget to cover those. But the other great thing about this is it last forever, you know, we record this and it lives forever on my website, you know, we do the video. So we’ve got it lives over on YouTube. And then we cut, you know, we’ll cut this 40 minutes show down to we do at least 2/32 snippets where we can highlight something that you said of interest during the show. Then we use those because we don’t, you know, on social media, I don’t like to blow a whole episode out, it’s a little more difficult for people to you know, stop at that point.

But if we can get there, they’ll come back. You know, so all of that stuff lives out there forever. And then that’s not even counting what you do with it. And then of course, it’s yours to do with through the year. Whatever. You know, if you have a really good show that really highlights something that, you know, you can push it out there and multiple times. Yep, I totally agree. But yeah, you just have to really, yeah. I think the other thing to talk about a little bit is that you know, preparing your pitch, you know, you Because there’s broad categories. And one reason I like to, you know, I’m kind of old school.

I’ve done this long enough that I like to have a 15 minute actual conversation prior to setting a taping date. Number one, make sure you’re legit. You know, I was telling you, I’ve had a had a potential guest. That was when we were trying to do the 15 minute initial talk she was, you know, you don’t have to call her back and redirect. And I’ve actually had one on the show that did that. And so, you know, I kind of watch for those cues. Are they engaged? Is it a good conversation? Because it’s hard as a podcast host to say, Liz was Welcome to the show. So your mark in marketing? Yep. And, you know, and for me, the worst thing there is, is dead air.

And so I don’t, you know, I want to give you a chance to respond, I don’t want to be stepping on top of you. But the minute there’s a pause, it’s like, okay, I feel like I need to jump in here and do something or say something. So these are all the clues that I try to pick up, you know, when we talk initially. So, but I have had some, you know, I’ve been on podcast as well. And, you know, I’ve had some that they didn’t give you anything, it’s just show up at this time. And this date, which even as a guest I’m not that crazy about because I want to know, you know, where are we going with this, I don’t want to get I don’t like to throw my guests any curveballs. I definitely don’t want somebody throw me one.

But, you know, I’ve had some that have been like a paper interview that, and I don’t know, and I’m old school and kind of set in my ways I get that. But, you know, I just feel like, it’s important for us to have a little bit of rapport. Because, you know, this is your second time on the show, which I totally appreciate that. But you know, like our first time when we came on, we were able to jump into a conversation because we had talked before and we don’t know, you just kind of get a feel for people. So it was very easy, versus just firing up the tape recorder and being like, Alright, let’s see what happens now.

The Right Guests

Elizabeth  21:59

Yeah. Yeah, I like that, too. I think that’s a good way to keep quality on the show really tight. And also to make sure that you’re getting the right guests on that are going to set not only your agenda, they’re going to fit your agenda. But that are also going to be it’s going to be beneficial for them. Because sometimes, I’ve had people who’ve asked to be on my podcast, I do have guests occasionally, on my podcast, it’s only two minutes long. So it’s done a little differently. But I have had guests on there and I handpick them there. It’s kind of an invite only kind of thing. I’m not being rude, but it is. And I’ve had people asked to be on my podcast.

And I’ve just say I handpick them. So if we’d like if you’d like to get to know me, if you’d like to book a call with me, and you make that initiative and say, well, then let me get to know you. Let me see if you want to handpick me, you know, that kind of thing. I would totally take someone up on that. But I have never had one person that has applied to be on my podcast, which by the way, there is no application there. Because I don’t do that they’ve tried to apply, they just send me a cold email. And I’m just like, I handpick my guests not interested, unless you’re interested in trying to make that happen, you know, and get to know me better so that we can see if this agendas work together.

Because sometimes it doesn’t even it doesn’t even make sense. They’re just like, oh, marketing, great. Let me talk to you about SEO ads, whatever. I talk about those things on our podcast, but I talk about them in very specific ways. And I also don’t want a guest to come on my show and contradict me, like totally contradict me. And I have no way of responding, you know, in that way.

So, um, so anyway, I would love to, you know, see more people worried about the quality, but also, you know, this is a big project, you’re not just doing this, like you said, it takes three, three plus hours to do one or two or whatever. This is not just something you just wake up and do and be like, yeah, whatever I’ll do, it takes me 10 minutes big deal. In this is a big project. And I think some people, you know, they they use it to try and get fame, they use it to try and get whatever their agenda is.

And it’s not always about the reason it should be about you know, meaning it should be providing quality to people who are listening, and it’s about the listener, it’s not about us, it’s not about us doing anything. I mean, we could be talking about how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But if that’s what the audience wants, then it’s gonna be valuable. So. So I definitely think that, you know, vetting the quality of the hosts and the guests and doing it at the same time and doing all that together is really important.

Do It For The Right Reasons

Roy Barker  24:30

Yeah, you know, we can’t discount the fame part. I was at Starbucks the other day and said, Hey, I’m the host of the podcast and they’re like, great, you still only $7 and Yeah, I was gonna say we don’t do this for the don’t do this for the money or the fame or the fortune that comes with it. Because it’s fun. And you know, I think Yeah, when you were talking earlier about doing the one on one, you know, I kind of selfishly I don’t hide from the fact that I do these for me. Because I love to learn, I mean, I love to learn all about all aspects of business. And, you know, the guests just I mean, the audience is just gets to, you know, they’re get to hear what we talk about.

But you know, this is actually a one-on-one conversation that just gets recorded. But that’s the other thing I think is what makes it interesting or makes it flow is I always ask my guests to speak from a point of passion. And, you know, I had some people like, well, what are your audience want, and I’m like, you know, what, they don’t know a lot of times what they want, they want to hear about sales and marketing and all that. But if we talk about a piece of that, that they may be like, I didn’t even know about that. And so that’s why I say speak from a point of passion, something that you’re really on fire, and that the other thing, the other part of that conversation is, you know, marketing is a huge umbrella.

And so trying to say, you know, if you want to talk in general terms, I get that, but is there a specific thing that you like to focus on? Is there something that you may have just finished a job with a client that you’re like, Okay, I saw this, I’ve seen this three times in the last month, I need to get it out. So it gives you a chance to really speak from the heart. And that’s, I think that’s what makes a good conversation. If I tried to tell you, I need you to speak about this. To me, the conversation doesn’t flow as good.

Elizabeth  26:22

Yeah, I agree with that. And, you know, I do want to give before we end the show, because I know it’s come again, to that point, I can just tell. Before we do that, I do want to give everybody some takeaway things about about being a guest, about, you know, getting on the podcast, because I actually, because of my experience, last year, I the beginning of this year, I acquired a company called the pod Scout, okay, and it is amazing is adorable, I love the this little like little tiny company is like so small, but I love it. And so I acquired it, it’s part of our absolute marketing brand, but it’s called the pod scout.

And we now help other people to get on shows, okay, that the hosts for them, we find them the right people that are going to fit the agenda. So we we do this basically matchmaking service for podcasting. And the thing that I like about it is that it’s simple. We’re not doing anything fancy, we’re not doing anything you couldn’t do on your own. But what we find is that people don’t have time, right, they don’t have time to learn, they don’t have time to really dive into this, because I spent an entire year last year learning all this and dealing with all this and figuring out all this process.

And then when I found this company that was kind of doing the same thing, I was like, let’s just put all of our expertise together and do this like really big and really, like do it the right way. And so, so this company is a podcast booking service. But one of the things that I’ve seen over and over and over is that when you aren’t you want to get on podcast, even if you want to be a speaker, just to be a speaker on a webinar, or, you know, speaking at virtual summits, whatever. Having the one sheet is super important.

And we talked about this, I think before, you know, when you have a one sheet, the PDFs are cute, you can make them look like whatever you want, that’s adorable. But that doesn’t mean that your host can always get the information out of the PDF that they make. Some of them aren’t formatted properly. So I like to build them in a web page, I like to have them on a hidden page on my website. And, and make sure that like, my BIOS are there, my logos are there, we talked about, you know, links, links to social, all that stuff should be there.

So that when you as the host go there, you’re like, oh, everything is here, I don’t have to go hunting for it. Right. Um, and like you said to that that one sheet is important, but then that pitch, writing that perfect pitch. And I got the guys over at pod scout to actually add this as a service because like, people don’t know how to write their own pitches, they don’t want to brag on themselves. We’re a modest people most of the time.

And so when people don’t want to brag on themselves, they won’t write a good pitch, but we can brag on them. And then they can just use it. Right? Exactly. We like to write pitches for people at the pod scout and give you that bragging that you probably wouldn’t write yourself, but we can do it for you. And it’s it, you’d be surprised how that comes across,

Don’t Focus On Yourself

Roy Barker  29:20

you know, in any form of life, really not just podcasting, but it’s like, you know, if you’re telling me how great you are, I’m always like, you know, you kind of have to take a breath and say, you know, really, where’s that but then you know, if somebody else is bragging on you, and that’s why, you know, it’s so important to get referrals, you know, for your business, because I can tell you how awesome of a consultant I am and this and that, but if Joe Smith, my last client is willing to tell you that it makes a world of difference.

Elizabeth  29:52

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely. And, you know, like we talked about this is a part of marketing. This is a piece that you can use to build credit. ability to gain influence. And I think that, you know, if you’re doing if you have a strong brand, if you know who you are and what you do and who and who you’re sharing it with, you have a great website where I can find all the information about you. And what you do. If you have, and I can contact you, that’s the most important thing.

If you have a good social media presence, where you do have a little bit of an audience, it doesn’t have to be 18,000 people, it could be 500 people, and you can have just as much luck as someone who has 20,000 followers. So if you have a good social media presence where you can, when you get these shows, take them and sort of pushing them out on that on that platform, having a good blogging presence so that you’re getting that SEO and you’re getting more of an audience to coming to you that so that they can come in, you enjoy the shows that you’ve been on.

When someone searches for you, after they hear you want to show because they might not have heard the link, or they might not have seen the page, they might just type your name in, that’s going to help you as well having blogs and SEO out there. Then finally, your email marketing, if you don’t have a way to get this to your past clients, people who you’ve already worked with, that you’ve been on a show that you have this new information for them, or a new show for them to listen to, then that’s going to basically just fall flat.

If you’ve got that audience ready to go, then you’ve been building that email list over time, as you start to get those shows you’re going to have somewhere an avenue to push them. And like you said, Sometimes this these pieces of collateral, these shows can help you so much more with your current audience than they even do with someone else’s audience that you’re on the show for. So I definitely agree with that. So those five pieces plus podcasting, just match made in heaven.

Roy Barker  31:38

Well, and the other thing is, I think you have to look at this whole show, as you need to look at it in little pieces, because you can blow the whole show out. And maybe people have the time right now to listen to it. But what we tried to do and what I always, you know, what I would advise guests to do as well, is look at, because we put up a transcript it’s a, so it’s not always perfect, but it’ll get you close enough that you can take a snippet of exactly what you’ve said on here that’s valuable to your audience.

And you know, use it on your social media with the little cover that we send out. You know, there’s just so many ways to slice it up that you can really get a lot of mileage out of one podcast. Yeah, especially because we have the audio video. And then the, you know, the Canva covers, I don’t know what you’d call that. But you know, kind of the little thing that just says, Hey, you were on this podcast. And here’s what we talked about.

Social Sharing

Elizabeth  32:36

Yeah, like the little social images. Yeah, that’s, that’s great. And I, like I said, You’re touching every single one of those five pieces, and you have this podcast you’ve been on and that podcast has a little bit for each one of these pieces. You’re using it as a blog post and talking about being on the show and posting the link, you’re using it to go out to your email marketing, you’re using it on social, you have it located on your website, and you have when you’ve been on the show us your brand and talked about your business.

Not necessarily way, but in an educational way, then you’ve basically covered all the bases in in that and now you have done all of your marketing, basically in one show, because you’ve used that one show to help you market your business all the way across the board. And when you spread everything out like that, and you’re not just worried about let me get on the show, because that’s going to make my phone ring. But you’re worried about the all the five pieces that we talked about plus adding that podcast isn’t that six piece, then you’re going to see growth.

Just regardless, you you have to budget to be consistent, right? We talked about that you have to be consistent with it. But you have to also make sure that it’s spread across the board. You’re not just focusing on this podcast, you better make it otherwise my phone won’t ring, you know, that kind of thing.


Roy Barker  33:49

Exactly, exactly. Well, that’s a lot of good advice. I appreciate you taking time again, out of your day to be with us. And I might ask you again, see if you’ve developed anything new, but so what’s the habit or tool or what’s something that you’re using every day now, that really adds a lot of value to personal professional. And I know that you just got a new just got a new office. So that’s awesome. Congratulations on that.

Elizabeth  34:18

Thank you. Thank you. Um, yeah, so I don’t know if I mentioned this one last time. But I do have a pro toolkit. And I have all the tools that I use in there. And I do use them every day. Because I’m a tool fiend, I love tools. But I do have a specific set. And I do kind of keep that that set like really tight. So if I change something out, it changes on the website as well. So I want to make sure everybody knows exactly what I’m using. But one of the tools that’s on there and there I believe there’s a discount associated with it on the website is called drag. And it sounds very weird, right? Drag What does that mean?

But it’s actually a gmail kind of like plugin in a way and we use G Suite for our company. So we have all of our team on G Suite. And this is a plugin that goes into G Suite. And it allows you to create a Trello like board out of your emails. So when someone sends me an email, let’s say, Roy, you send me like all the collateral pieces for this episode, I can then take that email without forwarding it. I can drag it to my team members section, their little board that they have. And I can, I can actually put a note to them on it, I can give them tasks on it.

And I can even chat with them back and forth, all on that email without ever leaving Google and still have all the project management and everything that’s there. So there’s a ton of stuff that it does that I absolutely love, I have tried other tools to try and replace it with something else. have not found one. I’ve searched high and low, still have not found one. So if you’re using Google, and you need something where you are constantly forwarding emails, and you’re tired of that, definitely look at drag, and it will help you to manage not only teams.

But I’ve also noticed, you can actually add anyone to this board, they don’t have to be on G Suite team, they don’t have to be in G Suite in general, they can just be another gmail address. And they’ll actually be able to access the boards as well. And it’s basically like Gmail and Trello had a baby. So it’s really, really helpful and really, really useful.

Roy Barker  36:21

Okay, cool. I’ll go check that out. Yeah, cuz that’s, uh, you know, sometimes we, you know, a myriad of tools we use for that. But, you know, just being able to pull stuff over and run a little note, that’s awesome.

Elizabeth  36:33

Yeah, and we can chat back and forth on it, which I love. So you never see the chat, you never see anything, but as the person who sent the email, but now that email came to my address, but someone else with a different address, who’s associated with my boards, they can actually see the whole email, they can read the replies, they can see the whole chain, they can actually interject themselves and reply to everyone in that chain as well.

And then also them and I can have a separate conversation on the side that no one else sees. When we’re chatting back and forth. Maybe they have a question or, you know, should I follow up on this or whatnot, you can assign dates, you can assign color coding, there’s just so much you can do with it. And I really, really liked the the tool.

Wrap Up

Roy Barker  37:15

I liked it. I will check that out. All right. Well, thanks again, we certainly do appreciate it. Now, tell us a little bit before we go not only about pod Scout, but tell us a little bit about Absolute Marketing, you know, who do you like to work with? What can you do to help them? And of course, how can they reach out and get a hold of you

Elizabeth 37:32

Yes, absolutely. Thank you so much. Absolute Marketing is a marketing firm. And we create one year of marketing content in five days. So we do things really quickly, we create a brand in a day, a website and a day 365 social media posts in a day. And also 12 months of blog posts in a day and 12 months of email marketing funnels in a day. So we’re really working to get everything done so that you can actually go and run your business and you don’t worry about all this stuff.

And it does work for almost every single industry that we’ve worked with, I think, you know, we haven’t had one yet that we’ve run into that it hasn’t worked for. So if anybody wants to try and stump us, let me know. But with pod Scout, we’ve added this as this extra pillar. So normally we do the five days and like we’re good to go. But we’ve decided that podcasting is what is good for some people in some industries. If you’re that type of person who wants to do that some people are like, No, no, not me, not in front of the camera, not in front of on stage, not talking in front of people.

And so we’ve decided that this is kind of like an add on piece and Pod Scout is that’s where you get that from is there going to help you with that booking service, they’re going to get you through that process. They also have something which I developed that they’re using, which I love is called podcasts in a day. And because I’ve been able to streamline the process to create my podcast and the tools that we use, they now help people to create a podcast in a day, and they will record episodes with you walk you through the process of editing.

And it’s something that anybody can do, literally anybody can learn. So we do that as a service as well. We also have the Perfect Pitch, which we write your pitch for you. And then of course, we have the booking service where we book you on podcasts. So it’s just a great, it’s a great system. And I’m so glad that I’m working with them now and we’re all kind of in the same office together. So it’s really fun.

Roy Barker  39:20

Yeah, that’s cool. That’s a great addition. Because I think, you know, of course I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it was an you know, a great tool for marketing. You know, not only my my services, but also you know, just delivering your information to my audience. It’s I love it. It’s a great platform.

Elizabeth  39:39

Yep, I agree.

Roy Barker  39:40

All right. Well, y’all reach out Oh, did you say the

Elizabeth  39:45

Oh, Get Absolute Marketing.com? Yeah, yeah.  Yeah, and it’s The Pod Scout.com

Roy Barker  39:53

Okay, The Pod Scout.com and Get Absolute Marketing.com

Elizabeth  39:57

Yeah, Get Absolute Marketing.com.

Roy Barker  39:59

Oh, Great, y’all reach out, see how Elizabeth can help you if you need some marketing help. She’s got a great five day plan if you want to be in being start being a guest on some podcasts, she can help you out. Even if you want to get into podcasts and sound like they can help you out. So go over and check it out. We certainly do appreciate you taking time out of your day.

We appreciate our listeners taking a few minutes out of their day to listen as well. You can of course find us at thebusinessofbusinesspodcast.com we’re on all the major social media platforms. We’re on all the major podcast platforms iTunes, Stitcher, Google Spotify, if we’re not on one that you listened to please reach out I’d be glad to add it. So until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.

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