Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? Make Space For Yourself and What’s Important

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Business Podcast » Self Care » Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? Make Space For Yourself and What’s Important Featuring Femi Doyle-Marshall

Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? Make Space For Yourself and What’s Important Featuring Femi Doyle-Marshall

Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? What is your vision for your business and your life? Are these things cohesive or divergent? You can either be working toward peace in your business and life or you will be headed for chaos. It’s a choice that we make every day. Choose wisely as your decision will stay with you for a longer period than you may think

About Femi

Femi Doyle-Marshall is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, author and founder of REBOOTX Academy; the go to source for entrepreneurial personal and professional development.

He works exclusively with coaches, super entrepreneurs and experts who are needing to breakthrough clarity, confidence and money blocks to build a better business and life.

Femi is obsessed with studying and applying patterns that produce personal and professional breakthroughs to create transformative, long-lasting growth and success for himself and his students.


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Business Podcast » Self Care » Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? Make Space For Yourself and What’s Important Featuring Femi Doyle-Marshall

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Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed? Make Space For Yourself Featuring Femi Doyle-Marshall

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Roy Barker  00:05

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host Roy. Of course, we are the podcast that brings a wide variety of guests that can talk about a diverse set of topics, tried to maybe help see some things that you weren’t aware of, or actually provide some help for some things that may be keeping you up late at night. And so today is no different. We have an awesome guest, I’ve been waiting for a while to get him on.

So thank thank him for his patience and being here, but Femi Doyle Marshall, he is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, author and founder of Reboot x Academy, the go to source for entrepreneurial personal and professional development. He works exclusively with coaches, super entrepreneurs, and experts who are needing to break through cleric who are needing to break through clarity, confidence, and money blocks to build a better business in life. Femi is obsessed with studying and applying patterns that produce personal and professional breakthroughs to create transformative, long lasting growth and success for himself and his students.

Femi, we appreciate you taking time out of your day. I wish we got this conversation, you know, we had pre show awesome conversation. So I’m really looking forward to this, this is gonna be great. Before we get too far off into all of the professional stuff, tell us a little bit about yourself and kind of how you found yourself here. And then also, you’ve got a lot of community awards, I want you to mention some of those. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it in big enough type I could read it was bleeding together. So please go ahead and let us hear some of those as well.

More About Femi

Femi  01:45

Yeah, no, no worries, I want to say thank you for having here. Because, you know, having an outlet to connect with other purpose driven entrepreneurs is an asset. You know. Like, I think when you’re building a business. Having a space that you can share your thoughts and having a community of like minds is transformative. So we no like I think. Like, if I were to start off, like. Who was me was my background was my experience.

You know, I i’ve been entrepreneurship from the age of 16, you know. Launched my first coaching business from that, really with just following gut following intuition. Not knowing where it would lead me to, you know. And and kind of started with working with my teachers in high school. I actually was an athlete for a number of years backstory from that was had had a really bad injury, broken tibia, fibula, or leg. Yeah, was it a full leg cast in high school in a wheelchair. And I wasn’t willing myself to the gym, started doing pull ups, teachers are like, This kid is crazy. Like, I work with you. And I was like, okay, and I was maybe 1617 at the time that started my first business.

I went from work with my teachers in high school. To running corporate programs. Doing stuff with like FedEx, and things like that for corporations, running specialty disability fitness programs, building the team out. And really just was obsessed with understanding how to operate a successful business. And from there, I was doing like print companies at the same time. I was doing like distribution for apparel at the same time.

So I was supplying my own company and supplying other businesses. And that kind of led led me to where we are today. But I think even before we get to the entrepreneurial path, like. Like you said, community and impact was probably one of the biggest things I’ve always focused on. So ranging from the Lieutenant Governor Lincoln and Alexander award recipient.

That was for basically raising funds for different communities that are required more knowledge for health. More knowledge for diversity, and, and really building and bridging the gap. For for diversity. When it comes to culture. For fundraising. Things like that we raised I don’t even remember how much money we raised. But I raised quite a number of dollars for my high school when I was 16 or 17. It the time. And from that to Bob Marley day award recipient. Published my first book in 2018, as well. And all of these things just kind of came from the idea that community isn’t like you can’t like you talked about it before the show, but you got to give back. Because somebody helped you get to where you are today. So yeah, that’s kind of bypass. And I guess I’m really happy to be here.

Peace or Chaos Where are you headed

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 04:50

Yeah. And I think you’re so right, that we, you know, well, there’s so much to unpack there. You know, number one, how do we be successful? I think the First thing we can do is define success. It’s not always the biggest business the most money. Sometimes we can get to the end of that journey and feel very empty. So, you know. I can only speak for me personally. That thing, you know. Those relationships that we have, and you know. That’s not only our family. But our friends, our colleagues, our clients, I mean, everybody, you know, there.

And, you know. I just say. One of the benefits of doing this podcast. Is not only meeting, you know, like, awesome people like yourself. But meeting people from across this globe. It’s not like they’re just people in my backyard. And, you know, we have a young lady that we met in Australia. That her and her husband ended up being here in Austin, Texas. And so we ended up meeting and having dinner, and it was a great time. But this is somebody who, you know, we basically met online and formed this friendship.

So you know, what a time to be alive, that we can do those things. It’s just incredible. But anyway. I think, you know. Talking about this. Finding that success is one thing. But then giving back because our community that surrounds us is so important. In our daily life that we, you know. Helping kids develop at school or you know. Helping the neighbor that can’t get out and mow the lawn. Whatever that is. However, it looks for you, but there are ways that we can all give back.

Femi  06:23

What’s so interesting about that is, like, as you’re saying, the concept of like giving back and realizing that’s kind of what I’m doing now with, with the Academy. You know, I didn’t really think of it that way till though I’m hearing you speak. And I recognize that when I launched my first business from the age of 16, I didn’t know the source, I didn’t know where to find information for Brandon, I didn’t know how to market I didn’t know what to sell.

I didn’t, I didn’t know how to set up the right structures, I didn’t know you should have a cut off time to protect your health. You know, I didn’t know. And these would think it’s crazy to think about it, because you’re not thinking about it. When you’re when you’re like a startup or you’re an entrepreneur, you’re like, I got this vision, I’m gonna build this dream, I’m going to make it happen. You rarely have somebody that’s on your corner that has gone through being broken, being burnt being like. Hey, you don’t want to end up on this side of the equation.

Because, like, it’s not pretty, you know what I mean? And I think someone looks at me, like you’re young, but the amount of experiences I’ve went through already, you know, personal and professional, it kind of allows me to look at someone to be like, if you keep going down this path for like, another 365 days, right? You’re gonna wish weren’t because you could pivot and be in a much better position of power and find peace and balance all at the same time. So I never really looked at what I’m doing now as getting back to what now I’m actually seeing just from talking to you today. so angry journal.

Know When To Quit

Roy Barker   Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 08:06

Yeah, yeah, the, you know, cutting off to protect our health, that’s important. You know, we’ve talked to, we talked about a lot pre show, but that’s one thing we covered is, and I have to, you know, I’m the first one to stand up and take responsibility for my actions and say, it’s hard and, and it’s an ebb and flow. You know, there’s times in my life where I’ve understood it more than others. And then, you know, it’s, it’s, I’m also a victim of liking what I do a lot and feeling very passionate about it.

So, you know, I don’t feel the drudgery of like, Oh, my gosh, I’m working, it’s like, I’m excited to do this. Then I’ve got 12 other things I want to do. And then you figure out, you know, as you work through those, it’s like, more stuff comes up. And, you know, you could just get caught up. But, you know, I think what I started feeling was just a little drugged down, not sleeping, well, kind of cloudy in the mornings.

And so it’s funny that, you know, our, the time we’re taking here is this week is I said, Look, I’m getting back to cutting things off at a reasonable hour in the evening, going to get to the gym every day, gonna, you know, get some exercise, start watching the water intake, you know, all these things that you know, and still living on caffeine, you know, trying to stay stay up and motivated. So, but it’s a different perspective that, you know, I feel my mind as much clear thinking and probably making better decisions and then also being more productive in that time allowed.

Femi  09:39

Exactly. And I think what most people don’t realize is, productivity isn’t just an app. You know, like, it’s not just you writing stuff in your journal, or other things you need to do really starts from within yourself that can help you achieve those breakthroughs in your business. You know, I’ll share the story kind of like for me of how the academy really started. So it might have been, it was probably just 2018. Right?

So yeah, it was the end of 2018. I already wrote, I was just about to finish write my book. And I remember I was I was in this period where the health the fitness business was growing, you know, outsourcing all the work, you know, were literally signing up more people it like everything was moving in the right direction. You know, I was driving one hour to the location, one hour bag every day. So that’s two hour commute.

Okay. Now, what I wasn’t seeing that was happening was I started to pile on as we’re saying more work, go get something done, then I added my three other tasks to the list. Now keep doing that, every single day, not having a cut off time, we’re going to stop working at eight o’clock today. And I’m stopping at like 1130 at night like that would be consistent. An opportunity came up where someone asked us where if we would come into their location and expand the facility. And I saw that as a great opportunity to grow the brand, like let’s go, let’s let’s let’s move everything over. In one week, I moved the entire location.

So I’ve moved my team, I moved all of the members, everybody in like a week. That was when everything changed drastically. I was at a studio one day running a session working with a client. And this was probably one of the busiest days like there was like four or five people running back and forth. I was training one of my team members up, we just hired how to facilitate the program, there was somebody in who was on a trial that was going to sign up. There was somebody at the other side of the studio that doesn’t talk about signing up. And all I remember is while they were moving back and forth at the facility, I’m about to talk to the new person about what it’s like to work with us at this location.

I just feel it’s sharp paint, shoot down the right side of my head, all the way down my arm, out of nowhere, just sharp. I could extend, I want up buddy realized I actually couldn’t move that to sit down. Then I put up thought. Now to put in perspective, the number of years before that my mother had a stroke. So I kind of recognize these are very similar symptoms of what what really couldn’t happen. Now putting into context and move to a whole new location in a week, I have more people to sign up. Because this is a growing business. I have team members to train because I’m looking to outsource my work. I have all of these responsibilities plus them, I’m newly married, all of these things are like bottled in at the same time.

We came to a point where I’m sitting down on this bench, and the members are coming by they’re like me, are you okay? And I’m like, no. Like, I’m not like water, like I actually can’t move. They’re like, what do you want to do like, call my wife called her. I couldn’t get to the office, they have to walk me to the office because I couldn’t walk.

Roy Barker  13:09

Wow, how scary.

Femi  13:11

It was terrifying. I told my wife what was happening, I broke down. Because I realized my body broke down. And she’s like, get to the hospital, I got to the hospital, my blood pressure was like 190 or some ridiculous high like it was high. I couldn’t actually walk into the hospital. So that the wheel the end of the wheelchair. I was out of work for four weeks. Four weeks, fortunately, it wasn’t a stroke. And I call it my wife and I call it no stress attack.

But it’s a Wake Up Now that was my wake up call where it was like, my health is important at the end of the day, at the end of the day. Right? What if, if that if your clock is is called, it’s like, okay, your time? What are you gonna look back on? You’re gonna look back on and be like, I’m in this place. And I signed up five people, you know? And I was like, no, it’s what’s the impact that mean? How did I transform these lives?

How am I? What What, what’s my quality of life gonna be like? And I realize a lot of entrepreneurs are in that situation where they’re putting crazy hours into something. We were talking about it crazy hours into this, this post you got to do, you know, and it has to be released in like 10 days. But is that really where you should be putting your time and energy? Like, did you go for a walk today?

You know, did you pick up the phone and talk to a friend and you said you needed to talk to you know, did you take time to meditate and reflect on your real goals? Like, those are things that most people don’t talk about? They think it’s just for vision boards, but if you don’t have a vision of where you’re going, you’re going nowhere, like,

Tortoise And The Hare

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed -14:48

Yeah, I like to let kind of liken it to to speeding down the interstate. You know, you can drive 90 down the interstate and you may get to where you’re going a little bit Faster, you know, typically not that much. Because if you’re spread it out over days and days, you know, maybe you cut some time, but let’s just say Crosstown driving 90, not gonna shave much time off, but you think about when you get pulled over, and how much time you have to waste getting a ticket, or at least talking yourself out one or what, however you resolve it, you think is the time that I thought I might save worse than worth the time that I just gave up?

And you know, we have to think about that with our health, I think, you know, because I got five extra things done today, does that make up for two weeks that I’m recuperating from some catastrophic event, or, you know, like yourself four weeks, six weeks? And unfortunately, there’s some people that never come back from that. So you have to really think about what is the value of doing that one more thing versus what could it take away?

Femi  15:50

There was there was a conversation I had with one of the students in the Academy, where they were focusing on getting clients, right. And I never forgot this was this is a brilliant conversation, where just there’s different activities we go through, just got to like, reflect on where you should be focusing your time and your energy for your business or work in your life. Right. So they were doing really well, their business online going in all that stuff.

And the conversation kind of popped up where you’re like, I really don’t have I don’t really need to focus on the personal aspects of things, right. I don’t really need to focus, you know, I just want to focus on the professional business thing. And I was listening. I’m like, really got my, okay, okay, yeah, that doesn’t make sense. But okay, you know that I hear you. And I set a line to them. Why said with the people that you’ve been focusing on for your clients? Are you sacrificing your peace of mind for that? I just heard them still silent.

And I’m like, think about it for a second. Why are you sacrificing your sanity? Your clarity, your peace? Just without dollars? It actually is it is that? Is it worth it? What What if then I like playing this game? What if you got rid of all those people? Not that they’re bad people, but they might not be a fit for you. Right? And this is where branding and marketing and positioning and all that stuff, right? But what if you start speaking the right language to the right people and charge the right rate that is in alignment, right, the value of providing? What did you find more peace of mind, more sanity, more clarity, at the same time?

And that that one thing changed their entire business? I think at that point, they doubled the prices of what they were charging people for programming, and I’m like, but that’s not what’s optimal. When you think about business. Most people are talking about selling well, if you’re marketing most people, but when you go home, are you? Are you okay? You’re not selling? Are you, are you calm? Are you, are you a piece, are you thinking I gotta make a sale? That’s not that’s not okay.

Choose Well

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed -18:08

Yeah, and, you know, I think starting out, we have that. Sometimes we have that mentality about, you know, we have takers, people beat us down on price. And we’re like, oh, I really need the business. So, you know, we do this, and then, you know, and a lot of this depends on the business, the product, the service, and all of that.

So this is kind of an in general statement that, you know, we have to fine tune that to have our service at the right price. And, you know, it may not be right for everybody. But if if we give a we have a good service or product. And it’s priced right. For the group that we want to attract. It’s much better than having any of it because the other part of that is, I’ve had to fire clients before. And it’s not fun. But there are some people that just. You know. They got a good price, but they’re taking up more of your time with these little add ons, or this, you know, more hand holding or whatever that is, and sometimes you just have to say, look, you know, I’ve been reduced to minimum wage.

Now I’ve got to deal with, we got to take some action here. And sometimes that’s just you know, you can do it professionally, but sometimes that just means separating.

Femi  19:19

Yep. I’ve mentioned this so many times where you got to protect your state, you got to protect your state, you got to protect your space. You got to protect what it is that you’re building for yourself. Right? Like if you’re every entrepreneur has built a business with a with a vision of some sort of freedom. Right? They want to create, and this is the funny thing I remember I was in this building one day and I was clocking another entrepreneur, entrepreneur. Ironically, both of us are entrepreneurs in the elevator at the same time.

And he’s like, oh, you’re an entrepreneur. And I was like, Yeah, like, Are you an entrepreneur? He’s like, yeah, and he’s like, wow, you have the best of the worst boss at the same time. I was like, well, that’s actually true. That makes sense. Because we will set a target change the target, we will bend the rules. But no, it’s not in alignment to who we are. We use that word earlier. Like it’s not, it just doesn’t feel right. But we’ll do it for right now. And then justify it. It cost you something, though. And I want to share that point, like, every time I’m on a call I have I have like, what is the vision of the academy? Right next to me.

So like, when I’m talking, I know why I’m here, what I’m sharing. And the biggest thing I’m looking at is when you’re at alignment, it becomes a lot easy. It’s easier to be authentic with your actions, authentic with who you’re interacting with authentic to become an authority, authentic when it comes to marketing, authentic when it comes to changing the price point or letting somebody go and say, Hey, you know, you’re an amazing individual, I just don’t think now’s the right time for us to work together. Right? Well, right? What if you’re not really working on yourself on a personal level? Now professionally, those types of conversations are near to impossible to have?

Give Yourself A Break

Roy Barker  21:20

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And we are the hardest on ourself. Typically, you know, and I’ve talked a lot about this, that, you know, if I had 10 things on my to do list today, and I got seven done, and I’m, I can’t be happy with that I will focus on these three, you know, that we didn’t get done and, you know, beat ourselves up and work late, do whatever. And, you know, if we’re prioritizing our activities and our to dues correctly, you know, we should be happy. I mean, if I could hit, you know, 700 I’d be a gazillionaire, you know, playing baseball right now. But, you know, as an entrepreneur is like, well, that’s, you know, not total failure, but it’s like, oh, as a fail today, it really isn’t.

Femi  22:04

Yeah, yeah. But

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 22:05

we are, you know, we are our own worst enemies, sometimes with that, you know, with our self confidence and, and that self talk, I don’t think we talked about this enough. But what’s that little voice in your head always saying, I’m not good enough, because I didn’t get these three things done. I missed that last sale, because of who knows what. But you know, we have to flip that switch, and always be like, Hey, good job, you got seven done. That’s why we’re gonna be here again, tomorrow, we’ll get the other ones done.

Femi  22:32

There. There was something I mentioned on another show. That is what I call my secret weapon, when it comes to creating clarity, and really growing, my brand and the businesses that I’ve built. And it really has been a part of my life for a number of years. But I didn’t really realize what it was till like, the academy started. And I call these things are twos. They’re called Art tubes. And they stand for a reboot rituals. So here’s what most people do. Most people just wake up. You might have a coffee, they might have a team.

And they might scroll on your phone already, you get distracted. Right? And not realize there’s certain rituals you can do, there are certain routines you can do that can prepare you to be aligned for the rest of the day. Right? Most people don’t think about that. are what are the thoughts going through your mind? Are you putting in thoughts that will move you forward? And will you backward from the beginning of the day? Right? Are you doing things that will improve your health, improve your finances, improve your spirituality, improve your family relationships from like, the beginning of the day, if you’re not thinking of those things, what ends up happening is you just start the day you have the planner, you’ll have you write stuff down in the planner becomes a checklist. And a checklist doesn’t really lead to fulfillment.

It’s just you’re knocking stuff off the list, right? So I know for me, that has been one of my most valuable tools, utilizing our tools on a day to day basis, looking at my schedule and being like, you know, I have the right state of mind to have this conversation with his prospect. Right? I had the right state of mind before I hop on to this interview into this podcast, I had the right state of mind before I make the sales call, am I in the right state of mind before I make this content, like these are things that allow you to start protecting your state a lot better, and preparing you for success. Long term not for like, just the day like, like long term, habit forming, you know, pattern creation.

I talk a lot about like pattern jacking No, which is like taking patterns from people that are really successful that you want to duplicate pattern stacking, which is like the kind of combining things together or in pattern wiping is like bringing into your life so it fits well. But that starts when you have the rituals and the routines from the beginning. So anybody’s like, I don’t know, how to get my life on track? What are your rituals? Like, what are you doing? When you wake up, go to bed, how do you shut off when you’re done working? That’s, that’s, that’s a valuable thing to learn.

Roy Barker  25:15

Yeah, and it’s important, I think that starting the day, because I notice, if I get up, and I’m hitting my marks, my days go much better, much more productive than if I get off track, you know, I might spend the rest of my day trying to get back on track and, you know, be less productive. I think this gets, you know, a lot of things I’ve implemented as of late, that meditation component, I tried to do that, to get that my the right mindset to start today.

Also to end the day. It’s a great way to clear my head. To be able to sleep. Because, you know. I noticed when I go from thinking and working right to bed, you know. I lay in there, and it takes me a long time to kind of decompress. Where if I could do my meditation. It’s, it’s done. And, you know. Kind of going back to something you said a little earlier. About creativity is, you know. That’s another good reason for us to get up from our desk and go take that walk. Because we stifle that creativity, if we are just constantly scheduled.

You know, that’s not just me talking, there’s a lot of scientific information and a lot of research that goes into that, that, you know, we need to schedule those breaks in our time. Any no have to walk if you’re not, but that’s where I tend to pick up, you know, if I’m struggling with how do I say this or an Excel problem, I can’t figure out or just wanting to think about something new. If I will go for a short 15 minute walk, it just really opens up my mind.

Femi  26:49

Yeah, you need to create space for your mind to grow. Right, right. And I think like the belief of being a workaholic, and working non stop is a solution for business success is alive. Yeah. Like legit alive. Like, if you ask these people, are they happy? Behind the scenes? They’ll probably say that, right?

Create Space For Your Mind

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 27:16

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yes, their loved one. If they’re happy with them, they will probably say not. Right?

Femi  27:23

Yeah. You need to take time away. To reflect you need to take time away to really just assess what’s working, what’s not working. Right, and then have a strategic plan of action on what to do next. And I think that’s where you need to create that space, whether it’s your walk you’re going for, you know, whether it’s taking time out, like for me, like I love teas. So it’s literally me making tea and letting it sit and steam.

That process gives me space to thinking and decide, okay, what’s happening? What am I really reflecting on right now? What do I need to change? What’s what do I do, I like what’s happening to about like, what’s happening, maybe I should do this over here. And then I come back to it and bump breaks, like literally every single time. So I were talking about it, I just I just literally left went to a different location for like a week, and came back and the level of clarity I have right now for the business.

It’s, it’s so interesting how these things happen, I would call that a reboot retreat right away for a period of time. And you come back and you have a fresh mind and fresh eyes. And you’re like, Oh, this doesn’t feel right right now. But I might be able to use it later. It’s an asset. Like you gotta, you can’t just obsess over the thing, and expect success to happen without creating that space for it to manifest. So you don’t need that.


Roy Barker  Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 28:48

Yeah, you know, something else that I’ve been doing a lot more of is journaling. And I feel like, it’s not only journaling my day, but journaling my thoughts. And so, when things aren’t, right, it’s good to get that out. But also that creativity, like you were just saying that I had this thought but today is not the day, but you know, three weeks, five weeks a year from now, my gun, remember. And so, you know, I use a combination of I just use, you know, like I take notes during these calls, you know, pen and paper can’t beat it.

But I also use a searchable dictation where I can put my notes and you know, I put smaller bites in through the day. And then that way, you know, I can if I can remember, you know, if I can’t remember exactly what I was thinking about on that topic, I can always search back through. So it’s as as a business man or as an entrepreneur, just as a person. You know, this is really an awesome time. There’s so many tools out there at our disposal to, you know, to really help us with this productivity portion or even with you know, helping to bridge the gap between work in the home, you know, like the journaling.

I think you I kind of do that with my meditation in the evening. And I feel like it just, it’s the best thing. Sometimes I can actually feel very drained after it hits, you know, you think you’re just thinking and maybe are not thinking and writing. But you would be amazed at how just like, everything kind of goes out of you.

Femi  30:18

When you’re when you’re sitting there with all these ideas in your head. There’s really nowhere for that to go. Right. And I think that’s where a lot of the stressors to kind of come into play, and it can end up doing more damage than good. at the same point in time, I think I have, I have mine, actually, we have the lanterns over here. Like we have rebo planners. And the big thing is, you need to be able to offload those ideas, those concepts, you need to be able to see what it is you’re working on why you’re working on it.

And not just like I said, not just a basic task was like having stuff that are significant to you. But then knowing Is this where I should be putting my time, my energy, my money right now. Right? Maybe Maybe it’s not for right now, maybe it’s for like a week from now or two weeks from now or a year from now. But you have a place that you could go back and reference, right and go, I can use that when it is the right time. So journaling is a powerful asset. I talked about worship walks or meditation walks or like going like being able to just take time and creating that space need to do that.

And creating that part of your lifestyle, your day to day. So you have that space to know where your next business ideas are going to come from. You need to know where I shouldn’t spending my next $100 $200 $500 or 1,010k, whatever the number is you’re spending for marketing and your time, like you need to create that space, or you’re going to forever feel like you’re overwhelmed. Like it’s not pretty. It’s not.

Keep Good Company

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 31:57

Exactly, exactly. Yeah. And you’d mentioned earlier, I want to come back to that to the trusted group and surrounding yourself with people that we trust. You know, I’m fortunate enough, my partner is awesome. And she keeps me on track, you know, when I when I overdo it, and I’m not really knowing that she doesn’t mind tapping me on the shoulder and saying no, enough is enough time to step away. So you know, surrounding ourselves with people that we trust that can give us honest feedback that aren’t just totally crushing us. But, you know, I think like business roundtables, I think that they are good, I think we maybe sometimes our pride gets in the way that we are expected or we expect ourselves to know everything and have a solution.

If we can meet and be a part of a like minded group, and sometimes you have to be careful with pricing and collusion and things like that, if they’re in the same industry. You know, there’s a lot of times you can reach out to people that may be in a different town, that are in the same industry, but not direct competitors, and have a conversation. I know, because I used to know a group of men that met that, you know, we, we were all in the same industry, different disciplines. And so we could help each other with what we were working on feeding leads, and just market intelligence like, Hey, did you know they’re building this new place over here.

Femi  34:03

It’s so true, because I think like, one of the things I talk a lot about with students is the power of angers, right, like having positive anchors. And when I’m referencing, say, anchors, I’m talking about people that are very close to you, that can help move your vision forward. You know, whether they’re more knowledgeable in that specific field, or they might be a partner within that specific area that you’re focusing on. It makes a difference because I know, like I said earlier.

When when I first want to entrepreneurship, I didn’t have those tools, I have to I have to go dig in search and find these environments that really could have helped me propel my success faster. Right and not just basketball, but Teach me where I could be going wrong, like like that is that is actually more valuable than you just trying to move quickly. Like, knowing where to not step up is even more valuable.

And I think believing that you’re a silo and you’re operating this thing by yourself, and you don’t need other people that are specialists in other categories to guide, you can create more problems for your business and your life, way more than you can even calculate, like, if I were to think back to if I had somebody that had a stress attack, because they were working crazy hours, and they were really growing their business, talking to me, before I hit that point, it would have prevented me not being able to work for four weeks.

Right? Right. If I had somebody that advised me how to position my besuchen in a way to my market, I wouldn’t be working with higher quality individuals at a faster level with my beginning businesses. Now, if I had someone, literally Tell me, Hey, you need to set time aside for your family. Because you have a new family. While I was growing, that business is the beginning stages, that would have made, everything we’re experiencing right now happen a lot sooner. So you need people like I don’t think that first off to sell a product, you need more than a product or program, you need more than you to learn how to sell a product, you need more than right.

And to learn how to brand it, how to market it, you need need tools, and these tools come from people. And it’s not a very valuable circle of friends or contacts, which can become your anchors that’ll transform your life, in your business wherever you go.

Coaching Needed

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 36:51

Yeah, and, you know, you just made me think about, you know, we look at athletes at the highest level, and they all have a team coach to make sure that they’re moving them in the right direction. But then I would venture to say most athletes probably have personal coaches that work with them outside of that, to help them be the best them to then be the best part of a team and I, and I don’t know why sometimes we might lose our mind a little bit. It’s like, well, I’m a business owner, entrepreneur, and I’m here by myself, I’m on my island, I don’t need anybody else.

But you know, maybe, maybe I’m an awesome salesperson, but I don’t know much about, you know, the marketing, get my message out there, or the you know, the, the digital aspects, the mechanics of it. Maybe you know, the other part I see a lot is, so they are great at this discipline. But now all of a sudden, they’re doing the books trying to do payroll, you know, we get to the end of the year, and it’s a big mess.

 And so then we can kind of extrapolate to what we were saying earlier is like, okay, we save some money through the year, but now we’re paying twice as much at the end of the year to get all this mess straightened out. So you know, being able to not only reach out to talk to people, but also hire experts in the field that we need, you know, something done in to propel us faster, because, you know, I run into this quite a bit, I’m trying to do something new.

And I can spend four hours researching it. You know, what did that cost me in time? What did that cost me taking my focus away from other things, where I could have reached out and probably hired somebody to take care of this, and be done with it and be moving on?

Femi  38:34

What was so interesting is, is what you’re saying connects a lot of stuff that I talk about, I highlight the importance of specializing, you know, understanding what your unique gifts and unique abilities. Everybody is not good at everything like that, that doesn’t pan out, you know, like, I don’t do all of my social media posts.

But I might write the copy for it. Right? I don’t I don’t do all of my engagement, for example, but I might have a team that works with me on it. You know, I don’t do all of my sales polls. But I might have another partner that does that for me. Why? Because there’s certain things that I’m really good at that I specialize in. And I think that’s what most people don’t really think about. They might look at these massive other successful individuals and you’re like, I want to be like them. And they try to mirror and copy everything that they’re doing by themselves.

Right? And they end up getting a stretch with that. Yep. Right. Or they end up feeling they’re not good enough and having these negative talks in their mind, but not really realizing there is a whole framework, a whole system that’s established. And if you just specialize in your gift and your ability, you’ll have the capital to actually outsource and things really quickly. And one thing I will share is like when you’re when you’re When you’re looking at creating that brand or that business, and you’re looking to hire people that will make things go faster, I always recommend you should still do the groundwork in the beginning to know how it works. Because I’ve, I’ve this is this is this is high level advice for anybody.

Like, if you have not actually spent time to understand what you want your brand to look and feel to be like that when some you hire somebody to do that for you, they’re just going to make a brand, but that brand might not speak to you. So you actually have to do some of the work. So that when you put somebody in that spot, it just flows seamlessly. That is something that most people will talk about, they’re like, outsource stuff, what you outsource the wrong stuff, then it’s gonna cost you more money, because you don’t know what you should be outsourcing. So, yeah, support is a powerful thing to speed up what you want to do, right?

Trust In And Listen To Yourself

Roy Barker  Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed -40:58

Yeah, and, you know, we talked a lot about this pre show, and, you know, just you don’t have to be more personal than what you really want to be. But let’s talk for a minute about trusting in ourself, listening to ourself listening to the universe. And, you know, that kind of wraps, it’s, it’s kind of all encompassing about, you know, knowing what we need being present, you know, an honest assessment of ourselves and where we are, but also taking that time in order to, you know, not only for the creativity, but for other things, you know, that the universe gives us to, you know, be receptive of that as well.

Femi  41:43

Yeah, I’ll touch on that. So, like, I’m a big believer in God, and just following the path that might be outlined for you. And I think for me, you know, whatever you believe whoever, whatever guiding, there’s a purpose that’s usually always bigger than you, then you can see. And if you’re not listening to what that path is, that’s usually where you start feeling overwhelmed. That’s what I’ve noticed, on several occasions, and I’ll use the Academy, for example. Just before the Academy, I was highly overwhelmed. The business was growing.

But I was overwhelmed. The other business, I was getting a feeling I was supposed to do something. But I didn’t take action on it. I wrote my book two years before. At that point, I’ve been a year and a half. But I didn’t believe that I could help people with just this idea. So I was focusing on the one thing that was already successful and not listening to the other path that I was supposed to walk, down, deleted, deleted, deleted, got sick, delete, it got overwhelmed that stress gone on happen. Then dependent, literally as the pandemic hit, I couldn’t operate that first business. Everything’s locked down, everything shut down. I’m trusting the process of what I need to do.

So I’m taking time to reflect this is why I talk a lot about reflection, like reflection is not a joke. That’s a part of my rituals, right? reflecting, kind of guided towards, you’re supposed to turn this book into a course and I’m like, how am I gonna do this? Alright, I’m not gonna think too much about it. Launch the course, in the first four months, made, made some serious cash flow from the business. invested in another program.

Four months after that broke even on that investment. Three months, I broke even on that investment. Three months after that, invested in another program broke even on that investment, literally, half the year, into this year. And this is me just trusting what I need to do. I’m helping other entrepreneurs figure out how to brand themselves how to sell themselves. Now, putting in perspective, I already was studying this stuff in university.

Right? I was already reading business marketing and sales books from the age of like, 1615. But I didn’t focus on this. Right. I was focusing on health. 15 years later, this is actually where my special gift is. I’m literally telling people okay, how do you actually differentiate yourself in the market? Right? How are you actually communicating with your audience in a way that will attract them? Why are you focusing on this only way why you bracing your products low?

And you’re speaking to the wrong, but this took me trusting the process to end up here. I would not have known that I would be running an academy. helping entrepreneurs generate, I had 111 of the students made 40k rev in like, two weeks. Wow. And a year before that, they were broke. That’s what’s crazy, like, other people that working for big corporations that are launching their businesses, right now, like I did. I’m gonna say I will this to happen. But it was a part of the process from the work that I put in from before.

And if you’re not listening to the path, odds are as whoever’s listening to this right now is probably something’s gonna resonate with them, they’re gonna be like, Man, that idea that I needed to do that I haven’t taken action on I need to do it right now, you got to do, whether it’s your health, whether it’s your financial, this is spirituality, whether it’s your family relationships, maybe it’s an area in finance is an area in your spirituality, maybe it’s an area in your family relationships, maybe it’s an area, in your health, whatever it is, is going to resonate with you.

And you’re going to be like, am I actually listening to this voice that’s telling me to be better to improve myself to actually move forward? Or am I ignoring it to settle for something that’s not good enough? You know, like, if I, if I ignored that voice, and didn’t didn’t trust my gut, and trust the process, and have faith in what was going to happen, I would still be here waiting for studios to open.

Take The First Step

Roy Barker Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 46:26

But which is kind of another step is that we have to take that first step, we may not have all of the answers, and I’m a big proponent in not falling into analysis paralysis that, you know, we can analyze, and try to get everything perfect, before we take that step. But sometimes, if we take that step, things become much more clear. You know, it’s like, I think it’s part of the momentum that if you’re standing still, you have no forward momentum, but you just take the first step, that second step comes naturally.

And so and the other part of this is, I think that you know, it, it will lead us down the path to the things that we may need to know more about, it’ll say, oh, a little shortcoming here, I can do some research and learn about this. But if we’d never taken the first step, we would have never known that we need to be looking into this. And, you know, again, it can take us all different ways, we just have to be mindful of that.

Femi  47:28

There’s two things floating in my mind that I have sharing here. So the book that I wrote is called reboot. It’s called Reboot, The Path to Personal Breakthrough. Reboot The Path to Person Breakthrough here. Now, what’s really interesting about it, is I wrote the book in two days. Wow. I didn’t have an idea that it just No, I’m writing things down, whatever. by trusting the process.

I spoke the book out in two days, the entire book. Can’t logically explain that. Like that’s, that’s trusting the process. And what’s ironic is a year and a half to two years later with the academy down here. I talked a lot about this concept called operating in the invisible, right. operating in the invisible is that same territory that we talked about way of not seeing what’s supposed to happen next. But you just taking that step.

And then the other step is shown where you got to go. Like, it’s literally that level where we talked about how I launched this academy. No, I actually made revenue that I doubled revenue I made in six months, this year from last year, which is crazy. Right? Then I think this month, I’m paying myself more than I’ve ever paid with all my businesses crazy. This is a year in right now it’s the year taking my entire family we’re gonna move completely to a different place. All of this came not because I had an idea it was okay I gotta trust this process and see what happens and it just one after the other end if you’re not actually choosing to follow and have bait like I was talking to one gentleman I’m gonna share this to his lead of practice the activity of trust.

Right, this is this is a different concept, but it’s you got to practice the activity of trust not on someone else but on your selfless. Like, do I trust myself that when nine o’clock hits, I’ll actually stop I did enough work. Right? Right. Do I trust myself enough to be like, Man up price one of our programs is crazy, but I’m gonna make it work. It’s gonna transform my life forever. Well, I had someone else who joined the program that said, this is the first time they actually ever invested in themselves for personal development ever. Their entire life.

So they’re taking a big risk. Two weeks after they enrolled, they posted in the group, I started doing one of the activities, and I broke down crying with joy. Because I didn’t realize this area of my life that I’ve been neglecting. That’s what happens when you choose to operate in the visible when when you choose to trust yourself and just see, okay, you talked about it, we’re like, if it doesn’t work, I can always go back. Like, I could always do something else something something like, it’s, it’s an abundance mindset, but it’s an abundance, action mindset. You know what I mean? It’s a different spin on it. So like,

Dust Yourself Off And Keep Moving

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 50:47

Yeah, and it’s funny, because, you know, some, sometimes we look at fate, we take failures hard. And, you know, as we should we, you know, we have to temper that how hard we take them versus really the taken a hard look at what happened. But I’ll just say that, you know, there have been times that there’s been a roadblock for whatever reason, and it, but it makes you turn to the left or to the right to be on a different path. And it’s amazing, because we never know, at the time, we’re like, why did this not happen?

Like I thought, we can sit and dwell on it versus just saying, you know, what, I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it’s pointing me in another direction and keep that positivity. Because a lot of times, it’s like, a hit a wall, that’s not going to happen. And so we can just set and, you know, let that eat us up, instead of keeping moving and which gets back to some things about, you know, we call it not borrowing trouble, you know, not worrying about things in the future. And here’s such a good example of this the other day, well, it’s been a month or so ago now.

But, you know, we had a situation, and I don’t usually worry a lot or stay up at night, but this thing, something was supposed to happen tomorrow. I was up at, you know, two, three in the morning thinking about it walking around pacing. And then guess what? It didn’t happen. It just didn’t happen the way I thought and so then it kind of makes you snicker and say, Wow, look at all that wasted time and energy, you know, putting this worry into something that never really even happen.

Femi  52:26

There. It’s so easy. And this is where the concept of like, you got to find the thing that can give you peace. Right? And I’m so serious on this at a very high level. Like, my wife reminds me, are you stressing yourself for no reason? I’m like, Okay, I gotta slow down a little bit. Right? But it’s, it’s really the only thing that is valuable.

Right? Like, if you’re not thinking about creating peace in your life, in your business, then you’re probably creating chaos, somewhere like that. is literally that’s like, if the business model you set up is not focused on creating peace for you. It’s creating chaos. And I don’t think I’m straight up I don’t think there’s a middle ground like there really is no middle ground. Like there’s Are you striving for peace or you’re striving for chaos? Like it’s, it’s like you can’t be I’m in the middle. It may it may waver, but what are you striving for? I think that’s where most people miss miss the mark, because they’re like, I got to get this done.

I gotta go do this thing, I was playing these, I was literally on the same energy before the call. And my wife sat there with me. And she’s like, you went away for a whole week. But you came back. stuff still here? Yeah. Before you left, things, were there. while you were away. Things were there. You got to have this and I know from taxes, right? Yes. Yeah. So she’s like, you got to have this town mindset. You know, like this, this like, this, like laid back not city mindset. You got like, don’t don’t have the CD mind to be like, okay, today’s whatever day.

Tomorrow is the next day, the weekend is here. Then tomorrow or the next day is the weekend. The next week is the week. You have time, you can still get it done. It’s still going to happen. You don’t need to rush and consume yourself with stress. And it’s not it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. Because at the end, you lose time. You lose energy, and you might very well end up losing money too.

Invest In You

Roy Barker  Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed – 54:57

So yeah, and that Another investment we can talk about too, I think that, you know, investing in our education in our processes and procedures, all we need to do all that. But the other thing we can invest in ourself, and I can just speak for me alone, that when I take that time to go for a walk and exercise, I don’t tend not to be as tightly wound.

And you know, when I’m getting my sleep, when I’m eating, right, drinking water, when I’m doing all the things I need to do to invest in my health, it seems to have a better outcome because things don’t, you know, maybe I just don’t take them as hard. But things don’t seem as harsh or as, you know, as huge as like, I feel like I can take it and roll with it and overcome without it being like a, you know, a huge moment that we have to have some kind of a meltdown over.

Femi  55:51

You need outlets, and everybody needs outlets, and you have to look at are the things I’m doing constructive or destructive as an element. Right? You know, being human, there may be destructive aspects of your life. But how can you convert that energy to be more constructive and provide peace, freedom and not chaos, like it? I really believe if anybody wants something to take away from now is, is what you’re doing in your business in life, creating chaos or peace? And it really ask yourself, do I want more chaos? Or do I want working? Some people might love chaos? That’s okay. Okay, but I decide what do I want? Right and focus on that? Right?

Roy Barker  56:34

Well, for me, I just looked at the clock, we’re running way, way over. Hi, I appreciate your time. This has been such an awesome conversation. I mean, there’s just so much there, but I’m gonna let people I’m gonna let you talk for a minute, and just a minute about how people can reach out and get a hold of you. But before we do that, we’ve talked to them about a ton of good habits, but what is what would you rank as you know, one of your top habits, or processes or a tool, maybe even an app or something that really helps add value through your day profess professionally or personally.


Femi  57:09

For me, I would I would reference back to the reboot productivity planner. Right. So for years, I’ve used different time management systems and apps use different phones, different operating systems on the phones, and using calendar tracking, and all of these different things. And I found that I was so bogged down with completing tasks day to day, like I was literally like, I got to complete this task, I’m gonna do this task, and you just ask, and then I checked Mark 15 different tasks off of the list.

But then I still feel like I didn’t do it. Um, and that wasn’t good. I found that transition towards that and creating this planner, transformed my life. When I went away for that week, I realized I didn’t write it for like 10 days, and I’m like, Wait a second, this is I need this thing to keep my mind clear. Even if I’m bolting on today, I’m focusing on them, right? Today, I’m gonna spend time to go for a walk or watch a movie or something with my family, I’m gonna go and focus on my workout out all but I do some follow ups on all of these things you can flush out in this planner and.

And doing it on a day to day basis has boosted my productivity and a lot of the students that we work with, so that would be the biggest thing for me. It’s transformed my life. And it’s transformed my level of clarity. So if you don’t have the reboot letter, right, you can grab it, you know, you know, reboot planner, calm, I read my reboot planner, complicated, get access to it there. But besides that, just having a planner and not focusing on like, task lists, like actually thinking of what is significant to me, what do I need to get done that will make me feel fulfilled, versus just having 15 items? That that’s really transforming? massively?

Roy Barker  59:04

Yeah. And you bring up another good point? Well, we could go on forever, what but I’ll say one more thing is that the other part is prioritizing that as well. Because I think it’s human nature, we want to tick off the easy ones first. And then we, you know, we find ourselves at the end of the day, and we’ve got the one big thing that could really move the needle for us that we just didn’t address. And it may be tougher, but you know, everybody has their different period of the day.

Some people are morning people and that’s best for them to hit it somewhere in the evening. But, you know, design your day to take on those tasks, the large ones that are really going to move the needle and get that out of the way. Before we you know, do some of the more mundane things, you know, that will definitely be there tomorrow.

Femi  59:51

 There’s things you got to get done ou no matter no matter what day of the week,. Yeah, no, and I think the number one thing you need to take care of is yourself, your health and Everything else will fall into place.

Wrap Up

Roy Barker  1:00:02

Make yourself number one for sure. all wrapped in me tell everybody, how can they reach out, get a hold of you tell us about how we could reach out and learn more about the Reboot X Academy. And then also you could tell us how can we reach out and get the book?

Femi  1:00:17

Okay, yeah, no, definitely if, if, if any of you are like, you know what I am a big fan of what you’re talking about right now you can check us out at, that is RebootX. So R E B O O T, and that is the official academy website. So it’s going to if you want to chat with me or the team, you can definitely schedule A Better Brand audit is a better brand business audit is something that we launched not too long ago, because we realized a lot of people may have a vision of success in their mind.

But they don’t know where their business currently is that this gives me tools and clarity that you’ll either chat with me or someone else on the team one on one, just kind of deep dive into what you’ve been building and how you can scale it up so that you’re not burning out your boss rating, and maybe even pricing your stuff at a level that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want. So, that will be the primary website and those that are like you know what I I’m definitely gonna book that call. But I also want to grab a copy of your book because I wrote in two days, it’s kind of crazy. Just go to my reboot

So it’s just my reboot and it’s free plus shipping, grab the book, it’s gonna get shipped to your address, which pretty much shipping International. I think it’s like $9.95 or something like that for anywhere in the US just for shipping. And then for internationals like 14 so we pay for the book, you pay for shipping the sent right to your door, you get to read the book, you can message me after you get it. But yeah, like those are probably the two things I’d say. Let’s chat, go to reboot Or if you want to grab a copy of a book, just go to my reboot Those are very

Roy Barker – Peace Or Chaos: Where Are You Headed 1:01:55

well thank you so much for giving up your time. I mean, that’s one of the other thing we didn’t really touch about touch on is, you know, time is one of the most precious assets that we all have. We can’t get it back. So we do we are gracious that you took your time to come here and be with us. A lot of great lessons y’all reach out to Femi see if him and his team can help you.

If you need to reboot kind of get things you know, maybe if you’re a little bit discombobulated or feel like there’s a lot of chaos in your world. See how they can help you get back on the straight and narrow. Alright, well that’s gonna do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host Roy. Of course you can find us at We’re on all the major podcast platforms iTunes, Stitcher, Google Spotify, we’re not a one that you listen to reach out, be glad to add it so you can listen easier.

Also on all the major social media platforms probably hang out a little bit more on Instagram than anywhere else. So reach out to us there we’d be glad to have a conversation with you. Also, a video of this interview will go up when the episode goes live. So check out our YouTube channel. Until next time, take care of your health and take care of your business or take care your business and take care of yourself. Alright, thanks a lot

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