Marketing 101 with Denice Bailey

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Welcome to Marketing 101 with Denice Bailey.

dbaileygroup, llc is a full-service marketing and public relations firm offering clients a wide range of solutions to ensure their needs and objectives are met.

Whether your needs are to identify and secure new clients, deepen your current client relationships, or your need to stand-out from your competition, we will listen to you and partner with you to define your needs and objectives, then strive to develop solutions that don’t just reach these goals, but exceed them. Our experience in marketing research, traditional and digital marketing, public relations and graphic design solutions will be the foundation for your success. Because the true measure of our success lies not in the recognition and awards we receive, but in the effectiveness of our solutions for your specific needs and, your continued satisfaction.

“Professionals today need to define their target audience and present an enhanced presence and detailed strategy – and they need it done in a timely, cost-effective way. That’s where I come in. Whether my clients need support for their existing marketing departments or an entirely “off-site” marketing team; I’m here to bring a wide range of resources and years of expertise to the table. Ours is a customized – not an off-the-shelf – marketing strategy that never fails to exceed expectations.”

Denice Bailey, Principal and Senior Account Executive, has over 30 years of extensive marketing and public relations experience. Prior to founding dbaileygroup, she worked as manager/director in marketing for a number of different companies including Zachry Associates, the Abilene Reporter News, The Business Press of Fort Worth, and Morren+Barkin. Her previous client list has included such names as Aviall, Inc., The Associates Financial Services, Fort Worth Symphony, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Physicians Reliance Network. Denice is involved in many civic and community organizations and activities.

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Roy (00:02):

Hello again, this is Roy with the business of business podcast. You can find us of course, at on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, and Spotify. So today we’re fortunate enough to have, um, a great marketing consultant, Denice Bailey with the D Bailey group. She’s going to be talking to us, kind of taken us back to a marketing one Oh one.

I think the, um, this, this talk will cover a wide range of audience listeners. From those that are just starting out to, uh, those that may, uh, do periodic marketing. But nothing that is consistent to those that may be have, uh, curtailed their marketing efforts due to COVID. And then of course, uh, you know, this is going to work for smaller midsize and large companies, uh, as well as the solo preneurs and either even some not-for-profits. So, um, without further ado, we’ll just, we’ll welcome, Denice, and how’s it going?

Denice (01:13):

Hey Roy, thanks for including me in and asking them. And I’m honored to be joining you this afternoon.

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7 LinkedIn Tips to Improve Your Outreach With Jessica Koch

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7 LinkedIn Tips to Improve Your Outreach With Jessica Koch

  1. Audio name pronunciation next to your name
  2. Addition of Stories to LinkedIn
  3. Calendly to set appointments
  4. Join Groups where your customers are to keep up
  5. Send a direct message to fellow group members without Inmail
  6. Set up events to notify others
  7. Post and comment on others post

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Roy Barker (00:02):

Hello, and welcome to the business of business podcast. I’m Roy Barker, your host. We have an awesome guest with us today, Jessica Kotch. She is a speaker trainer sales and marketing consultant. She has worked with high profile fortune 500 companies, government agencies, as well as small businesses. Jessica. Welcome.

Jessica Koch (00:26):

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You Have Found The Perfect Candidate, Now What?

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nina ross, human resources, HR, roy barker, candidate

You have found the perfect candidate, now what with Nina Ross, with Nina Ross Business Consulting, is a free-lance Business Operations Manager.  Business owners hire me to assist in corporate decision making and strategy.  I provide my professional, unbiased opinion on all matters related to operating your business.

Nina is a problem-solver with many years of expertise managing and resolving issues that occur during the daily operation of a small-medium sized company.

You can contact Nina at

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Roy Barker:                        00:01                    Hello everyone and welcome to Episode Six of The Business of Business podcast. I’m your host, Roy Barker. As a reminder, you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play so please download and rate and share the podcast to make it easier for others to find. You can also sign up for our newsletter at

You can also go to check out our sister podcast at So today we’re gonna touch on a little bit of human resources. We have a great guest, Nina Ross, and she is with … She just runs Nina Ross Consulting out of Houston, Texas and so Nina, welcome to the show. If you don’t mind, could you just tell the listeners a little bit about how you found yourself in this HR consulting role and then a little bit about what your business does for other companies? Continue reading

Mastermind Groups Explained with Beth Cody

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Beth Cody, Roy Barker, Mastermind Groups, The Business of Business PodcastIn Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Beth Cody about Mastermind Groups.

Beth Cody started in Digital Marketing as a way to avoid the typical college trap of delivering pizzas or flipping burgers and found her passion for working with businesses focused on education. Today she works with exhausted business coaches looking to move from six-figures to seven or more with high-ticket online masterminds.

Listeners of the Business of Business Podcast can contact Beth directly at 386-965-2094 to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if a $5k-$25k per participant mastermind is right for them!

Please visit our website,, and to find out more about Roy Barkers consulting and advisory services visit or email

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Enhance Hiring and Communication with Predictive Index Assessment

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predictive index, marty ramseck, roy barker, communication, better hiringIn episode 4 I talk with Marty Ramseck about using the Predictive Index Assessment to make better hiring decisions and enhance communication among teams.

Marty has cultivated 30 years of experience in hands-on sales management and double-digit growth in every one of his ventures. He has worked for companies such as Vintage Senior Living, LivHOME, Sunrise Senior Living, CORT, and Cigna.

In order to deliver record-breaking sales in highly competitive fields, Marty had to have an advantage over others in the industry. He found that advantage through an exceptionally strong match in recruiting, training and individual coaching using the Predictive Index.

Marty’s primary focus is on partnering with Senior Leaders to build effective teams and design innovative solutions to organizational issues. In 2016 Marty joined PI Midlantic as a Senior Consultant with a focus on California to help companies and sales professionals to reach exceptional results.

Marty earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Dayton. He lives in Southern California with his wife Nancy of 34 years.

Marty’s contact information is:


When you reach out to Marty, be sure and mention the podcast for a complimentary Predictive Index Assessment, a $200 value.

Please visit our website,, and to find out more about Roy Barkers consulting and advisory services visit or email

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Episode 3 Leadership Development With Jeffrey Davidson

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Jeffrey Davidson, Leadership development, Roy Barker, The business of business podcastLeadership development is a crucial factor in employee retention. I was fortunate enough to speak with Jeffrey Davidson with Great Team LTD on the subject.


Jeffrey Davidson has been exploring the boundaries of world-class teams for over 20 years. As a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams, he has worked with 100s of teams, taught thousands of employees, and consulted with multiple Fortune 100 corporations.


By the age of 35, Jeffrey had been both director at a start-up and president of a multi-million dollar sales organization. Despite his reading, the teaching, and different roles he wasn’t a good leader. None of his teams came close to reaching their potential. In frustration, he gave up on management and became a consultant.


Real leadership began when a client asked Jeffrey to build a team of analysts. He started by hiring good people. And keeping an unrelenting focus on learning and improvement. Within 2 years the team was the envy of the organization.

Eventually, Jeffrey realized he hadn’t taught people how to be a good team. The team had taught Jeffrey how to lead.


Jeffrey took his hard-won knowledge and went back into consulting, rescuing high-impact projects. In every instance there were at least two problems — and one of them was always teamwork. Have you noticed the world is more connected, complex, chaotic, and faster than ever before? It feels like these forces are trying to rip your business apart. Jeffrey speaks to organizations about the need for responsive leaders and adaptive teams. More, he lays out the steps it takes for leaders to get teams from Meh to High-Performance


Jeffrey’s goal is simple, he wants you to be outstanding … and he
wants your team to be even better. 


Jeffrey can be contacted at


You can see more episodes at and our sister podcast at


You can find out more about your host, Roy Barker and the advisory and consulting services he offers at or contact Roy at


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Episode 2 Content Creation with Heather Deveaux

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Heather Deveaux, Roy Barker, The Business of Business Podcast, Content, Content Creation, BlogThe Business of Business Podcast Episode 2 features an interview with Heather Deveaux freelance writer discussing content creation. Heather loves helping clients who need specialized content for websites, blogs, or other writing needs. Heather’s unique ability to create content that conveys your message to customers will result in more value, more authority, and more sales.

Heather can be reached at and see her new project The Freelance Writing School at


You can find out more about Roy Barker at and listen to his other podcast at . If you can not see the podcast player, click on the title and it will open a new window with access to the player.  The podcast is also available for download on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Stitcher. Search Roy Barker or The Business of Business Podcast.

Below find the full transcript of the interview.

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Episode 1 Introduction Show

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Roy Barker, The Business of Business PodcastThe Business of Business Podcast Episode 1 is a test to get through iTunes approval process. More episodes to follow soon. You can get more information at


You can also check out Roy Barker and the services he offers at

Senior Living Sales and Marketing Podcast can be found at www.seniorliving