Local Search Engine Optimization: Help Your Clients Find Your Business

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Local Search Engine Optimization: Help Your Clients Find Your Business with Wendell Jordan

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in this day and time, even if you are a brick and mortar, old school traditional business it’s a must to not only have a digital presence but also optimize for local SEO. So many consumers are driving down the road and doing a Google search for “X” business close to me. Google even has it for a prompt. Don’t get left behind.

About Wendell

Wendell Jordan is a 10-year sales and marketing professional. Currently, he is the owner of Jordan Marking consultants, a digital agency focused on high ROI marketing solutions. As an SEO Consultant and web design professional, he helps local businesses get more sales, retain more customers, and build brand awareness online


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Business Podcast » Local SEO » Local Search Engine Optimization: Help Your Clients Find Your Business

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Local Search Engine Optimization: Help Your Clients Find Your Business with Wendell Jordan

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Roy Barker  00:07


Good afternoon, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host, Roy. Of course we are the podcasts that do bring you a wide variety of topics, we have a diverse set of guests that come on to help us out with some things that we may not have thought about, and maybe even give us some tips on some things that are keeping us up at night. And today is no different. We are fortunate enough to have Wendell Jordan, he’s a 10 year sales and marketing professional. He is currently the owner of Jordan Marketing Consultants. It’s a digital agency focused on our own marketing solutions. As an SEO consultant and web design professional, he helps local businesses, get more sales, retain more customers and build brand awareness. Wendell, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to be with us.

Wendell  00:53

Yes, sir.

Roy Barker  00:54

Local Search Engine Optimization

So, you know, we talked a little bit, I think it’s interesting, we really want to hit on the local SEO is kind of what you focus on. But before we jump off into that, tell us a little bit about, you know, how did you migrate into this space? How did you find yourself the owner of a marketing agency?

Wendell  01:12

Right, so excuse me. I won’t give you the, you know, the long version, I’ll give you the best, you know, the most, the most condensed one. So as you mentioned, I started off in sales. So I was originally a door to door sales rep selling cable in New York. And I had a friend who designed websites who needed to a salesperson. So we started reaching out to small businesses. And the demand exceeded his ability. So I had to learn how to do a little bit of design, right. Then, over time, him and I, we, we consider ourselves partners, rather, we had a partnership. Over time, it started to get to the point where we were going in two different directions.

I started doing things by myself, right. And one thing that I noticed was when we would build websites, nothing would come with it. Right? Like, you know, we’d have these awesome, very aesthetically beautiful websites. But they really weren’t generating a lot of traffic, there was no ROI at all. And I started doing some research. So I started looking into what SEO meant. Especially, you know, coming from a space where the Internet has matured so much from you know, the days of the 90s, where SEO was just putting words on pages.

And, you know, people came to it. So I had to do a lot of research. Then eventually, I got to the point where I realized because I enjoy working with local small business, that local SEO made the most sense, because SEO is a little different. You know, they’re kinda in the same space, but local SEO really speak to my ideal customer.

Roy Barker  02:49

Importance of Local SEO

Yeah, and I think that’s mistaken. That a lot of the local businesses don’t really think you know, the people that are selling products or services across the US. We think about it, because we want to attract, you know, somebody from California, but that local guy that’s on the corner, they think that you know, the sign up front and brick and mortar, that that’s really all that they have to offer. And certainly they First off, I may need to get to come back for episode just on baby being a door to door salesman in New York City. I can only imagine.

Wendell  03:26

We can talk about that. But I can tell you so many stories. And that that was my first sales job. That was I had no intention on being in sales. I just answered a Craigslist ad. I was married at the time. My wife said, I said to her I said but it’s sales. And she was like, oh, try you like talking to people. I ended up enjoying it. I loved the effect. So yeah, we’ll definitely have to Yeah, we could definitely pin that. That would be Yeah.

Roy Barker  03:54

Yeah, and the other thing, you mentioned that thing, you know, courseware in 2021. Now, but you know, back in the 90s, I guess SEO was actually having a web page. You know, it’s like, if you had a web page that had maybe a picture on it, you were in the top 5% What was going on? And you know, you were probably one of 10 other people to add a web page up. So it was like, easy to find you. But you know, nowadays, it’s so crowded and there’s so much noise out there.

I mean, there’s just even for local businesses, there’s, you know, we have a, you know, a pizza place on every corner. Just so anyway, let’s kind of talk about that. I mean, what are some of the challenges that you see for these local guys, you know, that may have a brick and mortar trying to do some SEO work? Right? So the pizza place is always a perfect example. Um, pizza place a gym.

Wendell  04:48

Because there’s a national franchise to those, you know that like, you know, you also have to be able to identify if you’re Mario’s pizza, Domino’s and pizza and out of your competitors, the wage gap As your competitor, right? That’s, that’s really the place that you need to be looking at what are they doing? That’s one of the biggest misconceptions that local businesses have is we’re not competing for the market share from the large franchise a national franchise, one.

Each franchisee has a certain budget. The corporate office made sure that they come up high in search. Also running ads, which may or may not be in Mario pizzas, budget. But the most important parts to it when trying to etch some form of local SEO is the use of free things first. Right like making sure that you’re on Yelp that you’ve claimed on Yelp, right? being sure that you have a Google My Business Page. And make sure that it’s claimed, right. Because that’s also that’s the key part is claiming it because every business can have one. But if it’s not claimed, and you really don’t, you don’t have the rights to it. And you’re not able to post and update customers and change your hours and do all the other important things that you want to make sure people know about your business.

Roy Barker  06:01

Google Maps

I’m gonna just interject for a minute people. I mean, I think as a business owner, you really need to understand. We just had a situation is about a week ago. It was a it was a nail salon place that my girlfriend goes to. And she was like, you know, what is the name of that place? I can’t think of it. Because she needed to call up there. So we Google Maps. And we got to the the complex the building that they were in. Right, but their name wasn’t listed on? Yeah,

Wendell  06:29

that’s very common. Yeah, very common. Yeah, I guess that’s just a function of them not going and claim so. So it’s not. So that’s actually a totally separate component? Making sure yeah, so making sure that you’re actually on map. So like, there’s Apple Maps or Google Maps. Believe it or not. MapQuest is still a part of my gosh, map citation. Right. Right. So and even with that. I can tell you some MapQuest stories from back when you had to print it out. But being sure that like especially when you’re in a shopping center, because some locations have high turnover. So are you still listed as Stacy’s plumbing service or is it now you know, Maria’s nail salon?

My my my first encounter with local SEO before I really before I even knew what it was honestly. I moved to St. Louis from New York, and I needed a haircut. So I look up barber shops. Now. The first part about it is barber shop is is not it’s a it’s a universal term, right? So some barber shops cut a grain of hit, it’s more like yours. Some barber shops, cut greens of hair that are more like mine. I never thought of it that way.

Right? Like I’ve never was never something that crossed my mind. And then the other part to it was making sure that the a the barbershop was open. Because actually had pretty high turnover. But it took me two hours to find a barber shop The first time I was in St. Louis. First time I needed a haircut in St. Louis, I spent two hours finding a barber shop. And that was when the very first time the light bulb went off.

And I said this may be a problem for small businesses, right. So again, when you talk about being able to find someone, usually barbershops, hair salons, nail salons are usually in shopping centers. Very rarely are they standalone locations, right? You want to be sure if you’re that owner, you go to Google My Business, you register your business, firstly. And then there’s something called local citations, which we don’t have enough time to go through. But again, talking about that Google map is it’s a citation.

So a citation, unlike in the legal term, right? It’s just a mark, right? So in SEO citation is just a mark on the internet. You want to make sure that all those things are aligned. So even if you just type in, so and so’s nail salon. Hopefully, you can come up because, you know, some some business names are very similar throughout the US, right?

You know, but hopefully, if someone puts some some nail salon in Houston, Texas, or in more specific Kima, right, and Kima, Texas. You come up, but that also that all goes into how you’re making sure that you’re being found on the internet. But those are all things that, you know, we don’t think about. Even as business owners. Because again, it took me two hours to find a barber shop. And you would think I was telling me relatively easy to find.

Roy Barker  09:21

Consumer View

Exactly. So how, like, from a consumers point of view. I like to always be local mean. Because, you know, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. So I in sometimes my you know, when I do a search, it defaults to another zip code, you know, I guess where my if it’s so you learn maybe we’re connecting or back to the office that the central opposite goes to But anyway, so you know, I don’t want to drive 30 minutes across town to you know, do business. I want to be sure I go, you know, right up here in our most consumers pretty much that way I would assume that they would rather do Deal with somebody that’s right in their neighborhood, even if they’re part of a big city. So that’s a good question.

Wendell  10:05

So there’s two parts to that consumer journey. The first part is locality, right. So if you are a local consumer, you typically, like you said, you don’t want to leave, you don’t want to drive past 10 nail salons to get to the one that Google said you should go to. So that is really important. The way I used to describe local SEO was I am the near me part, right. So usually you put near me or you put your city or your zip code, if you don’t put anything and like you said, Sometimes it’ll default to wherever your IP address is pointing to.

The other parts of that that consumer journey is the reviews. So being sure that once you get your your Google My Business together, Yelp is a little tricky, because they don’t let you solicit reviews, believe it or not, they’ll they’ll hide them. But Google, my business is pretty freeform. So as customers come in, you know, or as they’re leaving, maybe you want to be sure that you’re requesting reviews, right. If you’re a place that gathers email addresses, it would behoove you to be sure to, to send out some emails, ask people to come go to your Google My Business Page, or even your Facebook page.

But again, just to go back to the initial question that you asked that locality is really important. So being sure that you’re listed in the location that you’re in, helps someone like yourself, find the nail salon that isn’t 30 minutes away, I guess it’s it’s, it’s it’s really the detail, right? It’s detail and making sure that if you’re, you know, 2200, Suite B, that’s exactly how you’re listed on on all places that your business’s is located, right. So that Google sees it as one uniform place. Google doesn’t understand 20 220 ga suite B. Google sees that as two different places, even if has the same business day. Okay. Yeah.

Roy Barker  11:52

David Vs. Goliath

So one of the you had mentioned, you know, the corporate, let’s go back to the pizza example, for a minute that, you know, we’ve got the Domino’s Pizza Hut. So, thinking that if we’re a local, you know, one shop person, that we can even rank on a Google page, is that even possible? When you have, you know, the Goliath, like, the corporates that are they’re pouring their money in to make sure that their brands list on the top? And so the the local franchisor, he benefits from the dollars that they spend nationally, but so you know, if I’m that small mom and pop, am I right? Do I have a chance to get up on the first page somewhere?

Wendell  12:35

Absolutely. So yeah, absolutely. So it’s really just defining the goal, right? I’m, we’re given we’re talking about businesses, the locality is what’s gonna allow you to get on that first page, there’s only going to be but so many dominoes, but so many Pizza Hut, just because of the way that their franchise ship works, where you know, they’re only going to take up so much space on the map between locations for the most part, right. So when you when you’re thinking about just use a pizza example, when you’re thinking about that, as the site is designed, right, because it’s not just going to be making sure that the Google My Business is put together, you’re also going to need a website.

The biggest misnomer is the grub hubs and all the other things that give you those, those one page menus are going to act as the the website that you never need it. It’s untrue, right, because you don’t control what information gets put on there, you usually have to request to have certainty exchanged. But in order to get on that first page, because this is the way search is going to look, it’s going to have those franchisees, right all those those national change, the delivery services, believe it or not, are actually probably going to come up second. And then you’re going to be somewhere towards the middle of the bottom depending on how big the city you live in. So you have to accept the fact that you’re never going to be number one, right? for pizza near me.

But again, when we go back to the nail salon example, even when we talk about the pizza shop, usually we have some idea of what the piece of shop is called unless we’re relatively new. And then we may say we want brick oven pizza. So we want to be sure that when we’re when we’re putting together that website, brick oven pizza is something that’s mentioned. Because now Domino’s isn’t even in the conversation anymore. Yeah, right like now you’ve positioned yourself as the local brick oven pizza shop. So it’s it’s it’s things like that that are very realistic, but it’s just a finding those goals as you’re putting together that local SEO campaign.

Roy Barker  14:26

Importance of Platform

You mentioned platforms for just a minute, I think this is something I heard years ago is you know, we we have to be careful how we structure our platforms. Because you know, our you do a website, you basically have control what you know, you can put brick up and you can do all the stuff you need. But if we rely on other platforms, even if you know we may be able to get some information in there, but if they make changes to any of their policies or do anything, you can be left out in the dark if that’s all that you have been relying on. Whereas with your own website, you know, that’s an asset that you control?

Wendell  15:04

Absolutely, absolutely. So I mean, you just stated it perfectly. I mean, one other part to SEO and local SEO is making sure that you’re creating content, right. So if we’re thinking about those other platforms, and again, there’s nothing wrong with having the grub hubs and stuff like that, because they’re awesome SEO tools, because they pay 1000s of dollars to make sure that they rank high. So you will still come up with the name of the game is always seek to get business.

But when you’re talking about your specific brand, right, because it’s really controlling your brand, and the voice that your brand projects, regardless of the type of business that you’re in. Because again, you don’t want to be Miss, you don’t want to be misunderstood as just a pizza shop. If you’re brick oven, right. Or if you’re true, if you’re a very traditional pizza shop, you don’t necessarily do all the chicken parms, and the pastas and all those other kinds of things. Maybe you have, and again, being in New York, and maybe you’ve got a new york sites for somebody like me, right.

Like maybe you sell it via slides, there’s so many different ways that you can position yourself, when you control what information is being shared, because very rarely by the slice is going to be something that a place is going to be listing, right. I’ve been a few places looking for a slice of pizza when I was relatively new to live in New York. And I quickly learned that most people buy them by the pie, I did not know this. Growing up, I thought everywhere, everyone bought pizza, one slice at a time, right? So being able to have that information available on your site, you can kind of move in and position it the way that you’d like, um, you can also do cool things, like announce different types of pizza that you’re doing. Right?

Like, you know, I was told a couple of days ago, somebody had a chicken and waffle pizza. And it was, I don’t know, but it had syrup on it, I don’t think that I would ever eat it. But it was an option. Right? It was an option. So, you know, it was I think I forgot how to describe it. But I think it had a little bits of waffle on it. Some chicken like fried chicken. And, again, if that’s if you’re the only person.

If you’re the only business serving chicken and waffle pizza, that may be something that you want to announce, you know, you may want to write a blog about how you guys came about even putting together that that that concoction, right? But those are the things that you can control when you’re in charge of the message, as opposed to, you know, some of the delivery services or even if you’re talking about Yelp.

You know, where you can’t really post much other than whoops, within the parameters of what they decide is okay. And again, not saying any of these platforms are bad, like Yelp has changed immensely. In the last 10 years, they used to they used to allow way more information to be shared. Whereas now they’ve segmented it, they’ve segmented each piece of it into a premium service. So on some yellow pages, you can’t put your your logo unless you’re willing to pay for

Roy Barker  18:06

going in order. We’ve talked about making sure we claim our business on Google, we’ve talked about having that website. But you know, and we’ve kind of touched on that content. But you know, how important is refreshing getting that out there? I mean, I think people, people want to deal with people that they like, people want to deal with people that seem to be like them. And so, you know, I think the owners getting their story out there wanted, you know, how did I get here? Why do we do this? You know, it’s been a family tradition for 100 years, or those are very important messages to keep out there. Correct?

Wendell  18:42

Absolutely. Absolutely. And again, it just goes back to your choice of content delivery. Something else that I think is key to mentioned, because it is important to local SEO is social media, right? Those social platforms are important. And being sure that you’re not saturating them with the coupons, right, like you said, being able to tell your brand story being able to talk about because I mean, you know, you go to some places, they may sell pizza just to stick to this pizza analogy, because I think you know, pizzas everywhere.

If If, if you’re an Italian restaurant, you may offer pizza, but you may not be a pizzeria. Right. So you want to make sure that that’s understood. Right? Maybe listed under pizzeria but that may not necessarily be with the space in which you would you fall, you may have some some niche items like gluten free crust, you may offer a vegan crust, you know, like you may have a few different options that allow for you to have a story to be told. So it’s definitely something to be mentioned. But again, it just goes back to being able to control the brand voice that you’re that you’re giving out.

And again, having a website, Google my businesses is is probably the second most important to the website. Right. I think that those are one in one a because Google My Business gives you A lot of flexibility and being able to post content. So that’s another thing. Google, my business allows you to post content. I don’t think a lot of business owners know that.

Roy Barker  20:08

No Keyword Stuffing

Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just, you know, the days of the static web page are over. And I think that we have to always be refreshing. It also it helps because the, you know, the way that you ride it when you get an expert like yourself to help write that content. Because again, as the years have gone by, you know, Google has gotten smart enough to you know, back in the olden days, you could write a about us. Pizza. Yeah, we serve pizza. I like pizza.

They like pizza, they come here for, you know, you could just be the time to be at the tip top right there. You’d be good to go. Absolutely. That was SEO. Yeah, you keyword stuff. The page, and it was good. But now, you know, Google is like Facebook, you know, they’ve built their own jail that, you know, they will put you in Google jail, if they deem that you have stepped over that line there.

Wendell  21:04

Yes. 100% Yeah, there is something there is a such thing as as having your site completely removed from search. Like that is a real thing. I’ve talked to a couple of business owners about it. They’re like, really, you could be unsearchable. My guess that’s a real thing. If you’re deemed as spam. Yeah. You know, there’s, it’s a process to get that to get that that mark, that label removed from you. But like you just said, I mean, it’s, it’s one of those things where if you’re really thoughtful, because you have to be sure that there’s a couple other parts to the actual website piece, right?

Like, something that has become a very common term is web vitals. So being sure that the site loads, you know, relatively fast be being sure that your images are optimized for mobile and a bunch of other pieces that go into that. But making sure that like you said, the page, the on page stuff, like being sure you’re talking about being the I don’t want to use this is a bad example. But the number one brick oven pizza shop in Kima, right, like, and again, it’s subjective. Google does not hot, it is not hurt you to say your number one, but like you said about trustworthiness. If you’re if I if it’s me, I want to know who deemed it number one. Right?

Roy Barker  22:19

Right. It’s always better to have somebody else do me number one, right?

Wendell  22:24

Right. Right, right. So you know, that those are all part of that, that on site SEO, where you talk about where you’re located, if you have more than one location, you got to separate those by page, right? Like, you can’t talk about four locations all on one page. It doesn’t work.

Roy Barker  22:40

Images and Videos

So a couple things to the, the importance today of images and videos, I think we all probably understand it, but I’ll let you just talk about that, you know, we we’ve got to have the correct language, the correct correct wording to help but, you know. I’ve been told in the past that, you know, pictures are like leaving breadcrumbs to your website, and videos, or like leaving chocolate covered videos to your website that, you know. Videos tend to rank higher, but you know, something a guy brought up to me one time. I never thought about is that social media, let’s take that, for instance. That you know, you post a we’re having, you know, two for one pizza night or whatever.

If you write that out in text, you know, it’s gonna get away, you take up about this much real estate, when people are scrolling down through their feeds, where if you have a picture or video, now all of a sudden, you’ve expanded it to, you know, this amount of real estate. Right? Right. Yeah. So then, yeah, just talking about the importance of those videos.

And you know, we don’t Well, I’ll speak from my personal point of view, and then I’ll let you weigh in as an expert. I like to see the reality I don’t want to see scripted, I don’t want to see it like it was way over produced, man, right? The The guy with his cell phone, you know, saying, Look, here we are in our kitchen, cooking some pizza. Right? talk about that a little bit. You know, it’s it’s good to do that.

Wendell  24:11

So something that the last piece that you touched on is perfect gets the authenticity, right? Something that has become way more available stock photos, stock video has even become, I mean, cheaply available nonetheless, right? Like once upon a time, if you want to stock photography, it would cost you hundreds, if not 1000s of dollars in order to get access to a portfolio of photos where now there’s a bunch of places where you can get it for relatively cheap. So you want to be sure that you’re taking the time as the business owner or assigning it to someone that works there.

Like you said, taking pictures in the environment, right, we’re going to stick to the pizza shop, taking pictures of customers enjoying the food if you do have a sit down location, if you don’t make sure that you have a picture of the storefront, you know, so that if they’re looking at it from Google, they’re not gonna Using Mario ees with Mario West, right, because that’s a really important piece. There’s also speaking to Google, there’s a couple of services they specifically offer where I’m sure we’ve all use it, where you can look around the location inside.

So if you click the 3d view, you can, if they if the business owner is taking the photography, you can actually walk through as though you’re in the store in the restaurant in that moment. That’s another cool thing, when you talk about the video component, and I’m in again, the pizza, I love pizza. So I’m definitely not saddened by the fact that this is the description. But you know, you can get an action, you know, and again, like you said, not even over produce, but I remember being a kid going into the local pizza shop that was in my community, and it was the coolest thing ever, to watch the make the pizza, right?

Because we will watch them, you know, toss the dough, do everything, make sure that they you know, they did the cross that everything, put the sauce on it, but they did everything right in front of us. So if you can capture that, right, like that would be something that would be again, when you go back to it, you can say, we do everything, you know, from scratch. Sounds great. But if I can watch a video of this pizza spinning in the air, even if it doesn’t have a bunch of production value on it, you know, it’s something that makes me go, Okay, I could see this now I’m not, I don’t have to picture it in my mind, I can actually watch you take care of it.

Roy Barker  26:29

Who’s Your Customer

Yeah, in it. You know, sometimes we also too, we have to figure out who not only who our customer is, but who is driving that decision. And so, you know, Mom and Dad pay for the pizza, for sure. But if you’ve got some videos, you know, the pizza tossin, and you got a couple kids are looking at that saying, hey, I want to go see it. They’re going to be on mom and dad, like, Hey, we really need to go, I want to go see this guy do this, sir. And so you know, you know, kind of figuring out who are we really targeting with these messages? Who influences the decision? Not necessarily? Who’s paying for it?

Wendell  27:11

Right? I had a conversation with a client last week and I was the statement, we were talking about doing some some some outreach as far as, like article writing opportunities. And I said, the question you have to ask yourself is the decision maker who is the decision maker who’s the person that makes a decision, and then where they get their information from? Right? Like, that’s how we decide where this information needs to be, needs to be fed to a perfect example, there’s a place as a fudge place in Kansas City, Missouri.

And during certain times of the day, you can watch to make the fudge. Right. And it’s a known thing in the in the area. I don’t I don’t necessarily know that they publicize it on the on their website, but like you said it would be if they don’t have it, it’s an awesome opportunity for someone to get some video because it’s a real big window. And the machines right there and all the cutting and everything happens, right? They didn’t, right? It’s I mean, it’s, it almost looks like you can reach out and touch it.

That’s how close it is to the window. But like if they could get you know, because it’s supposed to be like a family thing. So you know, if they don’t have that footage, they’re doing themselves a disservice. Again, I don’t know that they do it, they don’t. But it’s a perfect example of being able to show how it’s a family environment, it’s something that your kids are going to marvel at. There was something else that you mentioned, or if you’re a place like, again, from my childhood, there was another pizza shop in the community, we’d like them better only because they had a couple of video games, right, they had a couple arcade games.

Again, if you’re able to show even if you only got two arcade games, if you put if you point the camera at the right angle, it looks like you may have more, right? So you know, you can you can angle it to where it looks like you know, the kids have something to do, you know, it’s not just you know, eat as fast as you can and went back out into the world. So, definitely, definitely making sure that you capture the environment and understand who the people are that are gonna make the decisions.

Roy Barker  29:03

And just as we talked to you that I think, you know, dads are probably the least people we need to target because, you know, all we’re they’re forced to pay for it. It’s a little bit about the significant other. There’s

Wendell  29:14

absolutely, absolutely we’re definitely last on the totem pole for the decision. It’s right, right, right. We’re the navigator like you said, we may be the the financier of the adventure, but we’re very rarely really pointing this out. Got a little lag.

Roy Barker  29:36

Oh, okay. Yeah. You mentioned earlier about the reviews. Yep. So in you know, one thing I will say his reviews, even a negative review doesn’t have to be a negative, we can turn it into a positive. But I’ll let you talk about how we handle that.

Wendell  29:58

Online Reputation

Right. So online reputation It’s it is paramount to local SEO, because, again in that in that in that customer experience, it’s really the second piece to it right? Like once you find the place, you start to make that decision based on reviews. A negative review is always subjective, right? Some people live and die by reviews, as far as consumers go round, you have a negative review, it gives you an opportunity to address the issue, right?

Maybe they caught you on a bad day, maybe they just had a bad experience, maybe the employee that caused the bad experience has since been removed from payroll. So that’s something that you may want to mention, right? Well, maybe you aren’t into management, there’s so many different things that you can do with reviews, if they are negative. But the main part is, is to be sure that you’re asking for reviews, right?

You don’t ever want to start asking for reviews. After the first one star, you want to start asking for reviews, as soon as you start claiming these pages, push people to these to them to write reviews. Again, Yelp is Yelp has their own guidelines. So it’s a little tricky for Yelp, but especially Google My Business, a lot of in, again, we talked about old internet days, you used to be able to check into places and they would give you you know, a discount if you checked in.

You can still offer those kinds of things, depending on the platform that the business is being checked in, or even reviewed. But even if you know if you’re willing, and you’re willing to give a free fountain drink again to stick to the pizza shop, if you want to get free fountains, you get there, right, an honest review. You don’t ask for the five star, ask for an honest review. You know, if you give me an honest review, get a free fountain drink next time you come in. Yeah, it’ll help incentivize people to get it done. And it helps you bring new customers in because they see that people actually enjoy it here.

Roy Barker  31:38

Yeah, yeah, I think it could go either way, the way that we handle that negative review, because I’ve seen some local people like, Yeah, no, you know, you’re an idiot for even tough. Like, Oh, my gosh, like no matter marginal situation, the minutes just, they just made it explode where it’s terrible. But the other thing is, as a business owner, if somebody that has employees, I need and want that feedback, because I can’t be everywhere at every minute.

So if something’s going bad, or it’s not right, for the customer, I like to know. And so I think we can present it as you know, be a positive, it, just say, hey, look, thanks for bringing that to my attention. You know, we’ve made some changes in our system, and we’ve done this or we’ve done that, but definitely address it. The other thing you can’t do, I don’t think he’s you can’t ignore it. And just pretend it doesn’t know, I think you have

Wendell  32:33

Absolutely. The other thing, too, that you mentioned, that I do think is important, as people traverse the internet, right? Because just because I’m the person sharing the information doesn’t mean everyone’s going to call my phone right or email me be very leery of the places that are offering you the ability to filter those reviews. So there’s a lot of companies that will do review gathering for you. So they’ll set up an email system, an email sequence, and if you if a user clicks four or five stars, you can usually set the parameters is a term for it, but I can’t think of it. But you can set the parameter.

So if someone does four or five stars, it’ll it’ll publish, if they do three or less, it, it’ll reroute it back to you so that you can help remedy that is something that every platform looks down upon. And if you’re if it’s ever found out that people are doing any kind of filtering of the because it’s a specific term for it, and forgive me for not remembering it, but just be really thoughtful with that any company that offers that I would run in the other direction, because there are lots that are solely based on reputation management, but their intention should be genuine reputation. Management, right, like not skewing the narrative so that you’re only a five or a four star location, right?

Like if you got some three stars, people should know, right? Because you want your customer to be informed. But like you said, it gives you an opportunity to address the fact that your imperfections are honest, and you’re willing to move forward through them.

Roy Barker  33:59

So how can you manage that? I don’t know a lot about the the yelps and the the stars and all that. But okay, let’s just say I’m your pizza competitor, you know, a couple blocks away. So I’m gonna slip by there have a pizza pizza, good, bad or indifferent. I’m going home and like, Oh my god, the service was terrible. It wasn’t even like pizza that was more like a vegetable plate. And you know, just really, right. So how, how would it legitimate business owner kind of defend themselves against things like that.

Wendell  34:32

Unfortunately, in the last like two years, you see a lot more of that in Google My Business, especially because it’s becoming a more prominent tool. The only thing that you can like the first part again, is start getting reviews before anyone else writes. Right? Start asking for reviews before you get the first bad one. So that hopefully it can balance things out. And you can report reviews that you believe are spam or or any kind of, you know, malicious intent.

So you can report those. Usually, it takes some time. But if, if there’s some validity to it, definitely answer. If there is no validity to it, you should answer a very open ended question to give the person an opportunity to explain why the pizza was, like you said, a veggie plate, you know? So like, you know, okay, well, what did you order? Right? You know, you know, try to try to get them to make it a conversation. And in the absolute worst case scenario, let’s just say nothing comes of it, maybe you respond again, and you say.

Hey, we’re willing to offer some sort of remedy to this solution, or, you know, shoot us an email so that when the next person sees this review, they see that you do care, even even though even if you know that it’s a it’s a, it’s a funny review, you release, you know, taking the effort, because, unfortunately, you know, john smith is not going to know that the pizza shop around the corner wrote a bad review, right, like, you know, so you definitely have to, you still have to address it, you can report it. And, again, before everything else, as soon as you claim that, that location, start asking people to write some some reviews for you.

Roy Barker  36:13

Yeah, not just, you know, from my consumer perspective, and, you know, I’ve been around for quite a while. So I realize every day is not going to be perfection in business. I mean, it’s just, sometimes it’s stuff they do, sometimes it’s beyond their control. So if when I see a negative review. I don’t necessarily run the other way. But like you said, it’s like, if the person is willing to try to make it right, like.

Hey, we’re sorry, that happened, come back in, we’d be glad to replace it, then I feel very comfortable that, you know, if I go to this place, have a bad experience, they’re gonna try their best to make it right. And I think that gets back to the whole, you know, don’t don’t take a match and light a bonfire with it by you know, attacking the customer. And never, never has a good outcome.

Wendell  37:01

Never, never, no, no, no, right. If you’re, if you’re responding to a bad review is when you were a bad customer. Yeah, I think you’re trending down anyway. So I don’t know. Yeah, there isn’t much else that can be done.

Roy Barker  37:17


So we’ve talked a lot about website. Oh, I know what I wanted to touch on for just a minute content. So when we talk about rotten content, the other thing that’s I think, I’ll let you speak to is being able to cut that content up and use it multiple times. You know, if you read a, I don’t know, 500 1200, I guess that’s we’ll start there. I don’t think Google index is under 500. So I’ll let you kind of give a little bit of the parameters on that. And then being able to take bits and pieces out of that and get a lot of mileage out of this one blog that we may have written.

Wendell  37:53

So the first part to it is, believe it or not, Google has no preference. It’s at this point in the age of Google, it has way more to do with with the, with the context of the content, right. So in theory, you really can’t write anything under 300 or so words, that is, you know, that would make much of any sense, right. But anything under five is, it’s usually the best, it’s the most palatable, right? Like any anything, five or better, excuse me, is the most palatable, right, like 500 words really using a lot, you can usually, you know, touch on enough points to make it make sense to the user.

Because that’s really what it’s about at this point in Google’s in Google’s understanding of content, it’s all about the relevance to what someone’s looking for. So now, when you talk about that blog post, right, or some piece of content that’s on the site, maybe it’s just an FAQ, you can, again, in depending on if it’s an in house thing, or if you if you’ve hired an agency, you can create an infographic based on the points that you talked about, from that blog post, you can take a snippet from it, and put it on on your social platforms.

You can even break it up. Or I should say, you could take smaller snippets and turn it into into several posts on social media. So again, just to speak to the pizza shop, right? Let’s say the pizza shop, right? You know, the five most ordered pizzas, pizza toppings, you know, at our at our location, right? Just throwing that out there. So maybe you do five different posts, right? Maybe you do that over the course of the week.

Every other day you post about, you know, the, which is a new one for me. I most recently discovered this pepper, pepperoni and pineapple. That’s the thing. I didn’t know that was the thing. Yeah, it is. It’s good though. I didn’t think it would be good. No, it’s actually good. It’s actually good. It’s good. I like the salty, sweet kind of thing all but again, that in itself is a post. Right? So then you say when you say, Well, yeah, people have started ordering pineapple and pepperoni. What is your favorite? Right? Do you make it something that gives people the opportunity to talk about how much they wouldn’t do pineapple on pizza? Right?

So, you know, but that would be the ideal situation where you create when you’re thinking about the content that you’re going to write, especially when it’s a blog content. You think about it? How can we turn this into smaller pieces? Right, so one part again, infographic, right, depending on the business type? Maybe you make it and they call it a listicle. Right. So maybe the infographic is just, you know, 1234? or five, right? With the question at the bottom, what is your favorite topic? Right? And, you know, just kind of breaking it down that way would be would be a perfect situation when it came to content.

Roy Barker  40:52

Yeah, because we want to drive engagement, we want to put things out there that make people want to comment, comment, start a conversation, that’s the optimal, but talking about Google for a minute, you know, part of their job or part of their mission is they want to make the experience better for their, their search people. And so that’s why all these things are so important. Because if you have you have some kind of funky on your website, they’re gonna be little leery about sending people to you, because they are worried about they want to give their search people the very best experience that they can get.

Wendell  41:32

Spead and Security

Right? So we’re gonna, my I was like, oh, funky, it’s a perfect description. So the 14 pieces to your website, right? If it’s really slow, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, which is just that little, that little padlock in the in the URL, right? Once upon a time, an SSL certificate only mattered if you were selling things. But today, an SSL certificate means this site is less likely to be hacked, it means that whatever information you input is less likely to be to be taken. Right?

It means that it is secure. So little things like like the speed, the SSL certificate, also being sure that your images and just the text as a whole is responsive. Right? So if your Believe it or not, there are some clients I had that actually most of the traffic still comes from desktop. Right? So the Yeah, so their mobile optimization isn’t as important as, say, some of my other clients where it’s like, 80% Mobile, so I got to be sure that the imagery works, right, that the the words aren’t, you know, giant fonts, you know, on your screen, right?

And even when you talk about on a, because technically, it’s desktop, and then you have like tablet, and then you have phone, right? Because usually just a mobile device, but that’s so subjective now. Yeah. So I’m being sure that your site is responsive, that all falls into that funky space. The begin the understanding with Google is, in what context? Are you helping our users? Right? So again, if someone’s looking for pizza, pizza shop near me, right, and everything on your site talks about? Sausage, pepperoni, chicken, olives, you talk about fountain drink, you talk about the ice cream that you serve, but you only say pizza one time in all 10 pages on your site, right?

The likelihood that people that Google’s going to send people your way is slim, because you sound like a distributor of things, not necessarily a pizza shop, right? So you want to be sure that you’re describing the the sauces that pepperoni as things that are available in your pizzeria, right, like, you know, so just being sure that as you’re creating content, you’re thoughtful about who’s going to read it the same thing, like you said about the video content or the imagery, who is the person that we want to understand what we’re submitting for the world to view. Right?

Roy Barker  44:01

Let’s talk about YouTube for just a minute. Because I think it’s forgotten of by a lot of people and myself, you know, back in the olden days, when I first started this podcast, we did Skype. And then it became so difficult to connect is like, you know, we spent 30 minutes connecting is like, okay, we’re both worn out, we can’t even do this.

So, you know, kind of laid off of it. And then you know, somebody you know, once zoom became prevalent, started back doing it again. But, you know, depend on who you listen to some people say good. YouTube could even be a bigger search engine than Google itself. But regardless, you know, YouTube is probably a number two. By far, I don’t think there’s anybody that would even be close. But the.

The good thing about it is the how tos and so sticking with our pizza analogy, you know, I was just thinking while we were talking is like, so the perfect thing and the perfect video for them is how do you build a perfect pizza and then actually do Video watching them, you know, kind of go through this process, you know, we do the dough, we do this, right? I mean, how interesting would that be? Because maybe I want to make one at home. But then maybe I’m like, wow, that just made me hungry. I’m gonna call these guys.

Wendell  45:14

So that that last part is the most important piece right there is, for some businesses, the how tos are, are repellent to their customer, right? So, you know, you want to make sure that the how tos that you do offer, like you said, How do you make the perfect pizza, I do think that that is a great thought, right? Because again, if you’ve ever made pizza at home, once they get to like the third or fourth step, you may just, you may tap out and go, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get ready, but he’s making or she’s like, I’m gonna just go get that.

But definitely being sure that on YouTube, because there is a certain level of optimization on YouTube as well. So it does give you the opportunity to, again, share more content, not only video, but also being able to have some actual keywords within your description of these videos, right. So that’s important as well. And then again, also thinking about what, what is the goal of the content, right, because you also don’t want to be we used to call it in, in sales, you don’t want to throw up on the customer, that’s especially door to door, so you don’t want to throw up on the customer, you know, I got everything, I just gotta I gotta, you got to slow down, right?

So you got to be thoughtful with who is the person that you want to digest this video. Again, if you’re catering to the kids, maybe you maybe you do something geared around the arcade that you had there. Or, again, if you have any other things that make you a little different than than maybe some of the other pizza shops. The other part to it is, is when you’re doing the description, you make sure that you’re mentioning where you’re located, because YouTube, unlike Google, that search really isn’t going to be a local search is going to be a much broader spectrum.

So again, going back into YouTube may not be the ideal space for every business only because you’re not going to be able to tell her the way that people are searching and you know, just depending on what industry you’re actually servicing.

Roy Barker  47:10

How to Articles and Videos

Yeah, yeah. And, you know, going back to the how tos, I think you you know, you made it a point that we have to be careful, we don’t give things away that are definitely part of that. But sometimes I think too, when we have complex procedures, it’s like, you know, the consumer was like, well, this would be easy for me to do. And then they watch this video and they’re like, and there’s no way no way. The other thing that you know what I’ve used and of course I’m trying to reach a national. You know, my reach is National so that does nothing to do but the other thing they have that’s very reasonable is you can slice these videos like 30 seconds or less and you do the in line.

So like if you’ve ever gone to watch your favorite video, whatever you know, is a football clip or baseball they have that little thing that you have to watch before so but you can do those they’re very inexpensive and then you know maybe trigger somebody be like well Yeah, that would be good a good fit for me So anyway, there’s just a certain amount of moving components to this YouTube is definitely I you said he said the olden days rally up once upon a time was it was it was not now people called the university to Bray like you can find pretty much anything on YouTube now. But once upon a time, it wasn’t but you definitely if you can

Wendell  48:32

utilize it, right but definitely have a thought you know, have a have a strategy in mind. Again, going back to if you’re doing it internally, having that conversation if you’re going to hire an agency like myself, then you know, that’s definitely a conversation that needs to be had before we start even considering video content. I have a friend who’s a barber, and he does videos, but again, it’s one of those things where like I don’t know you know, like if you’ve ever tried to cut your own here it’s it’s it’s not as simple as the as the barber makes it look right. So you got to cut mine when I was a kid and that was the last home home home haircut I ever got.

Roy Barker  49:15

look a little bit weird for the eye.

Wendell  49:17

I’ve got a couple of those stories too. My mom cut my hair and so I was like 10 minutes. It wasn’t that bad. But I had a couple of had a couple of rough times. I had a couple of rough times couple of rough times couple of rough cuts.

Roy Barker  49:28

Yeah, something to think about too, I think when you said earlier about not throwing up on the customer and we definitely don’t want to do that. But we have to take a long term approach to this whole marketing thing and we have to realize that I don’t really have to get everything I need out to wrap this very instant. You know, we could take that in smaller bites and people tend to likes I do reading I like smaller pieces. I like smaller videos I like just to get bite sized pieces and then I can decide you.

Do I need to dig further to get more information or not. But I think the you know, the keep in mind is that don’t feel like you have to cram everything into the one post or the one video, it’s actually better to take it in snippets and do 10 of them. I mean, it just gives you a lot more mileage for that content.

Wendell  50:15

Certainly, I agree with that, I have to say, I, again, just to speak to this to my, my, some of my, my ideologies come from my sales space, right. So I’ve always been a cell the way I want to be so kind of guy. So to go back to the content piece where you talk about, you know, having a certain word count. For me, personally, I don’t like to do over 1000 words, because over 1000 words, for me, I get lost, like, I’m like, if I if I, if I scroll, and this is 2020 500 words, I’m never gonna read this.

And if I do, I’m going to skim over it as best I can. I’m never going to actually, you know, digest its content. So it’s definitely something to consider. And that again, or I shouldn’t say, again, that would go into understanding your user. Right? So you know, if, if, if it’s something that you can break up into a series or parts, whether it be video, or, or blog posts, or whatever it is, you hit it right on the head, you definitely want to be thoughtful with where the where the endpoint is. Right, like, Okay, I’m done explaining this. I’ll let you come back for more later. Yeah, yeah. And

Roy Barker  51:24

the device, it gets back to that if I’m reading 1000 words on a computer, I may be a little more likely, if I’m trying to read it on my phone. Never go away. You know, once it gets past this first screen, I’m like, Okay, I’m pretty much done with that. Right. And that may be my short attention span. But I think it’s, you know, it seems to be more prevalent that these bite sized pieces of text video tend to work better, you know, in certain situations. So don’t be, I guess, talking to an expert like you, you could give them guidance. But don’t be scared to do that. Because you can extend this message out, you

Wendell  52:02

know, you hit around in the head, like you said, you also understanding how someone’s digesting the content. For me personally, it doesn’t matter what screen I’m on, if it’s over 1000 words, it’s a struggle.

Roy Barker  52:11

It’s a

Wendell  52:13

struggle. I have so many articles and stuff, blog posts that I read that, like the notion of reading, you know, 10,000 words a day is like, I’m not doing that. Yeah, but actually, it’s not true. If I read 10,000 words a day, 1000 words or 500 words at a time, I wouldn’t realize it, but it was 2500, you know, word posts, am I I’m not, I’m not, I’m not any other thing to, to speak to being able to make it digestible. Again, those infographics and then also creating things like, like downloadables, right.

So in some cases, you would call it a lead magnet, the pizzeria is really a great example of that. The only thing that you could possibly do is like the is a menu, but no one ever asked you to give any information to get the menu because that would be counterintuitive to your sales process. But being able to give something as downloadable that they can then digest on their own time, right? Like if it’s a, if it’s a, you know, a top 10 for a plumber, right to take things and make sure that your garbage disposal is functioning properly.

If you don’t write the 2500 words, maybe you turn it into the same 2500 words, just make it a downloadable, so then I can look at it on my time, and I’m not stuck on your website. And it also, like you said, gets to the point where, you know, at some point, you may go, I’m not I’m not gonna take this thing apart and clean it. I’m gonna, I’m gonna pay somebody else to do this part.

Roy Barker  53:33

Easily on the other way. I’ve already got it apart, and I’m gonna have to hire somebody put it all back together. Right? Right, exactly. The other good thing about the downloadables too, is that now this person, if they printed out like some of us older people, you know, they printed out now they’ve got your name or your logo, your information in their house somewhere that they’re going to have to see it more than once. So anytime you can put that in from put some kind of information with your name and contact information on it to person you’re always much further ahead.

Wendell  54:06

Yep. And you and because they they had they should have had to submit their phone I mean, their their email and their name, they should be going into an email list that then should give the opportunity to follow up on the garbage disposal experience. And as you know, is it is it is it in shambles on the floor yet or What time should I come by? You know,

Roy Barker  54:28

that’s Yeah. Wendell, I appreciate it. appreciate you stopping by Is there anything else? You know, we talked about websites content, YouTube, reputation management. Anything else that we need to cover?

Wendell  54:46


I don’t think so. I made my notes here cuz I can I am a person who verbally is more of a 2500 word kind of guy. So I made sure to make keep my notes. I mean, we did fantastic man. I mean, we covered some of the more important parts, you know, there’s a lot of underlining pieces again, like the citations and stuff like that. But, you know, that’s the kind of stuff you really got to reach out, you know, to me, we can we can have a deeper conversation, you know, if a person is

Roy Barker  55:12

the one. The other part you touched on a little bit that the the power of that email list is it’s Don’t be I say, don’t be hesitant or scared to ask for those emails, if you’re giving somebody something of quality because it helps you to reach out to them. And, you know, it’s nice for the you know, maybe we’re having a sale or maybe a special event. And so you have these people that you can drip on, because maybe not so much in pizza.

But other things, right. Let’s talk about, well, the garbage disposal, okay, like, right now mine is working great. So I don’t really, I’m not really listening to your message, I don’t care. But if it’s dripping on me, where three days from now, now I got some garbage disposal issues. It’s like, Hey, I remember window, you know, he’s been sending me stuff, or I’ve seen his ads that you’re top of mind. So I tend to go with you. Because you know, what I see, like in high dollar items is like, I called you up and said, Hey, window, do you need my service? Or my product? You know, No, I don’t. Okay, so I forget you. And then we’re moving on to the new guy.

But we don’t think that, you know, maybe three months, six months that you are actually going to need that or you’re going to want it or you got the money available, whatever the the roadblock may have been at the time. And so that’s the importance of the emails and the dripping. But again, we have to structure where we are educating not just sales, because this kills me. It’s like, hey, when did we talk last week? Are you ready yet? Right? Like, okay, that’s not want to, you know, push out information about whatever your product or services educate people that stands in front of them?

Wendell  56:55

Yeah, no, absolutely. So again, to go back to the garbage disposal, or just plumbing in general, because that would be a plumber. So even if you see the person that downloads the garbage disposal, depending on how that piece of content is put together, and where they grabbed it from on the site, you should have a segment in a way where and again, this is not quite local SEO, but you know, it’s all marketing science.

But you should have it in a way where, again, you understand that this is a residential customer, right? So maybe it’s a question of having content geared towards a residential, client or residential, you know, consumer, if you’re the plumber. So maybe you ask the questions about the way that their drains are working as a hole in the house, do they have a clogged drain in the bathroom? Right? Like, just to give the example, there was a clogged drain in the house. I am not a plumber, right? I don’t I’m my claim to fame is it’s not that I can’t do I don’t want to write it’s, that’s usually my my thing is that I can’t, I just don’t want to.

So to put the short to that is, after having to take some stuff apart, and using an auger and all this other stuff. It probably was an hour’s worth of fix, right? So we were able to do it in house. But if it would have exceeded an hour, the next time something happened with that drain, we would just pay somebody because I’m not gonna spend five hours doing it wrong, right? When I could pay someone else to do it for two hours or an hour. And it’d be just be done with it. But to go back to it, maybe I downloaded something about unclogging a bathroom drain.

And now you’re sending me information about you know, different things to keep drains from being clogged. How to get hair out, when what to use what not to use, like you said, just just nurturing the lead is. Right. You want to nurture nurturing can be sales, but it should never be. Are you ready yet? It’s not good. That’s never No, no. Did you do have your car today? No, you didn’t bring your cash. Okay, I’m gonna go into you have your cash.

Roy Barker  59:00


Well, Wendell, thanks so much. So, a couple questions before we get out of here. First off is do you have a tool or a habit? Something that you do every day that you feel adds a lot of value to your life professional or personal? That’s a good question.

Wendell  59:16

So I have to have to so it’s not every day, but three days a week I work out. And that in it’s not the workout part. It’s the commitment, right? And I’ve actually transitioned that in other parts of my life because no matter what, I workout three days a week. So having the goal of three days a week and not necessarily looking at what the physical aesthetic is or how much weight I’m gonna lose whatever it is.

My goal is three days a week, right? So I work out three days a week, that is the thing that has actually changed the way that my day goes, because I realized 16 weeks into working out three days a week that like if I put this level of focus into other spaces, How many things can I get done? right? Exactly, you know, it’s just three days a week, and I work off one hour, you know, it’s not, it’s not groundbreaking, I’m not spending three hours in the gym.

It’s just an hour, three days a week, but I do it. Like, I mean, you would have no understanding of this commitment. So that would be the one thing is, is finding something to hone in on. And this is sort of looking at the goal, but just looking at the habit. And the other thing that I’ve that I’ve attrition to again, over the last, within the last 12 months or so, is finding some sort of project management software.

For me personally, that has completely revolutionized the game for me, is using a project management software that has due dates, so that you can keep track of the things even if it’s personal stuff, like I put everything on there, I have a notification for me to do 30 minutes of language learning. Right. So. Yeah. Nice. learning Spanish.

Roy Barker  1:01:02

Well, that’s good. Yeah, I think that commitment. And, you know, sometimes we tend to look at the, the larger goal or where we want to be in a thriving time, it can be overwhelming and daunting, where if we just like, you know, it was we had this conversation earlier today with somebody that I used to have a, you know, pretty nice fitness watch.

But I didn’t like I didn’t use all the bells and whistles on it, I just need something to count some steps. So I went back to the Fitbit, and they’ve got a new thing that it’s like every hour, 250 steps. And so you know, you know how it is sitting at a desk all day. I mean, and working from home, I could, I could really do 500 steps a day, if I’m not careful, you know.

So this thing here, it reminds me and the great thing is, is at the end of the day, you know, when maybe I get a chance to go for a walk, I’ve already got like 2500 steps, and just by taking those little incremental steps. So I think that’s good, right? Focus on what you could do today. And then after 16 weeks, like you said, all of a sudden,

Wendell  1:02:07

turn around, looked up. And I was like, oh, man, it’s been 16 weeks I’ve been doing this, I can’t believe it. Because I’ve done it off. And I’ve worked out off and on for years. But the only thing I focus on is not even this week, like I just make sure my first day happens. And then there’s been a couple of times where I couldn’t do it three consecutive days in a row. But I always make sure I get my three days.

Roy Barker  1:02:27

Yeah, it’s the old adage, you know how to eat an elephant one bite at a time. So. Alright, window. Well, thanks so much for giving up your time. It’s been some great information. So local SEO, marketing, I guess of all kinds that you can help help them with tell people how, who do you like to work with? What can you do for them? And then of course, how can they reach out and get a hold of me? Sure.

Wendell  1:02:51

Wrap Up

So the clients that I enjoyed the most are those that have a local service area, right? We use the pizza shop, you know, the plumber, someone who’s looking for local customers, what we do is ROI focused, right. So we make sure that there’s a return on investment, if we don’t believe that we can, you know, make more than what we’re charging you we really won’t do the project. The other parts of that is our focus is organic, right?

So we don’t run out, we don’t run ads, we don’t do any of that kind of stuff a lot. Everything that we do is based on content and making sure that we’re we’re bringing your brand voice You know, we’re putting a loudspeaker on that. The best way to reach me is on the website. Jordan Jordanmarketingconsultants.com. You can also find me on LinkedIn at Wendell Jordan Jr. It’s it’s this funny looking face. So wherever wherever you find it. It’s me.

Roy Barker  1:03:50

All right. All right, Wendell. Well, have a great rest of your day. We appreciate it. That will do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. course you can find us at www dot the business of business podcast calm we’re on all the major podcast platforms. iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, we’re on all the major social media networks probably hang out on Instagram a little more than the other. So check us out over there if you have any. If you have any issues in your business that you’d like for us to address, please send us in. Send me an email. We’d be glad to try to get a guest on I can help you so until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.

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