How To Scale Your Business With Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

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How To Scale Your Business With Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert Featuring Shelby Fowler

How to scale your business. If you are looking to scale your business today you can’t discount the value of advertising on channels like Instagram and Facebook. Learn how to develop and run ads that convert

About Shelby

Shelby Fowler is a Facebook and Instagram ads expert, creator of Fempire Ads Academy, and the founder and CEO of Fempire Media.

She started Fempire Media, an ads agency, in 2019 after freelancing as a digital marketer for years. She has grown the company to multiple six figures in the first 2 years and is passionate about serving clients, teaching ads, and encouraging her team.

In late 2020, Shelby launched Fempire Ads Academy to empower female entrepreneurs to run their own profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. Every month, members get all the tools and support they need to scale their business with ads.

Outside of business, Shelby is a mom of 2 girls, a crazy-awesome cook, lover of real housewives (and all things Bravo), and a true-crime fan


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Business Podcast » Advertising » How To Scale Your Business With Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

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How To Scale Your Business With Facebook and Instagram Ads Featuring Shelby Fowler

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Roy Barker  00:00 How To Scale Your Business

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host Roy. Of course, we are the podcast that brings you a wide variety of guests and that can talk to a diverse set of topics. Hopefully we can either point something out that you aren’t doing that can really help you add some success, or we can.

If something is keeping you up at night, we can provide you some answers and some awesome professionals that can help you out to kind of get you back on the right track again. Today we’re excited to have Shelby Fowler. She is a Facebook and Instagram ads expert. Shelby is the creator of Fempire Ads Academy and the founder and CEO of Fempire Media. She started Fempire Media as an ads ads agency in 2019.

After freelancing as a digital marketer for years, she has grown the company to multiple six figures in the first two years and is passionate about serving clients teaching ads and encouraging her team. In late 2020. Shelby launched Fempire Ads Academy to empower female entrepreneurs to run their own profitable Facebook and Instagram ads every month. Members get all the tools and support they need to scale their business with ads.

Outside of business. Shelby’s a mom of two girls a crazy awesome cook. Lover of Real Housewives and all things Bravo and a true crime fan. Shelby, thanks for taking time out of your day. And welcome to the show.

Shelby  00:00

Thank you for having me.

How To Scale Your Business

Roy Barker  00:00 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, you bet. We kind of bonded over the true crime fan. fan myself, so that’s awesome. Well, tell us a little bit about how you got here is, you know, is Facebook and Instagram ads? Is that kind of something that you’ve been interested in for a long time? Did you kind of take that path where it just kind of came up on you?

More about Shelby

Shelby  01:57

Yeah, kind of just came upon me, I was doing a lot of marketing for restaurants and salons, doctors offices, and everything from web design, to social media management to ads, like you name it, I was an and like, just in, in house promotions, like I was doing an event like I was doing kind of all the things. And what I learned pretty quickly was that I really liked doing the ads, I just at the time didn’t know people like specialized in that I just honestly didn’t know people could do only that.

So what I loved about it was, and with clients, we would see, social media takes a long time to see results. Like it’s a lot about consistency. And, and time. With ads, we could see quick results. And it was nice to be able to see the fruits of my labor, like, you know, for for social media and a lot of other marketing. It’s really the long game, which is powerful. Just a lot of times I wouldn’t be able to see the fruit of my labor.

So I fell in love with it. And then once I realized that I could specialize in it. I met a few people that like Well, yeah, we we own ad agencies. I was like no way you can do that. And so I really began to pivot at that point and really specialize a nation on that area.

Fempire Media – Awesome Name

Roy Barker  03:29 How To Scale Your Business

Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. You know, I think it takes a special technique. I’ll just write down some notes for you. There’s really a lot to unpack in some of your statements there. I was also going to comment on Fempire, I have to say, I love love that are that is an awesome company name. But it really describes you know what you’ve got going on. So kudos on figuring that one out.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, it’s tough. You know, it’s always you always want to find a name that sticks with people. That’s not too complicated. But that’s a little bit out of the norm. And I think you accomplish that on that. So that’s awesome. Thank you. Yeah, a couple things that you mentioned, I always like to start with is, you know, ads, like marketing, like a lot of things growing a business, anything we do in life. It takes time, and it takes consistency.

And I think sometimes in this world today, you know, we have this instant gratification thing going on, and we forget that we and I’m not saying that you can’t get lucky, there are people that put an ad out on Facebook, they get slammed life is awesome for them. But for most of us, it’s just it’s really that constant grind. I mean, you got to get up every day and you just got to do something number one take step and then tweak it as you go to try to find where your sweet spot is.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Shelby  04:53

There’s a lot of strategy that goes into it. I think. I think we have you know, cold really made it sound like it’s just this magic pill or quick fix. And of course, you hear those miraculous stories about, you know, somebody, it’s like the jackpot, right? They hit the lottery. And you know, I always that it does happen, right. But usually very rarely. And I, they don’t always share what happened before they did that all of the ads that didn’t work out and all the testing that was done, or that they hired an agency that has 10 years of experience, right or, or a couple years of experience, they don’t really share that part of it. Right.

So just to kind of it just to clarify here, it takes a lot of strategy and time to really figure out what your audience is responding to. Ultimately, if we could really just simplify this idea of Facebook and Instagram ads, it all it is, is you’re getting a ton of ton more traffic to something than you would be able to do organically with with your own marketing efforts, right? And so it’s going to amplify what’s already happening in your business. Now, if you already have a funnel or a website that converts like crazy, or you already have an offer that people just can’t get enough of and you run ads to it. Well, what do you think’s gonna happen? It’s gonna, of course, it’s gonna blow up because you’re getting on more traffic to something that’s already working.

Roy Barker  06:24 How To Scale Your Business

Right? Yeah. And I guess the converse of that, if you’ve got something that’s struggling, even if you drive much more traffic to it, you might have incremental growth, but it’s not going to be exponential, like what you would hope it’s going to be.

Shelby  06:38

Yeah, you’re probably going to lose some money on advertising. Yeah.


Roy Barker  06:42 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah. You know, when we talk about strategy, oh, there’s a lot of things that work together. And I noticed that, you know, you do the Facebook and Instagram, which are tied pretty closely together. So do you actually look at that, the other components of that? Or do you just focus on night, the Facebook and Instagram, and then how to integrate that into somebody else’s other overall marketing plan.

Shelby  07:08

So when we when we typically work with the client, well, first, Facebook owns Instagram, so innately, when you go to create an ad, it’s going to artists, as long as you have your Instagram connected as a business account, it will go to both platforms automatically. So that saves you a lot of time, right? You don’t have to figure out how to like run ads on both platforms, it does it for you. Right, I will say that going into into running ads, you should already have a marketing system that’s working.

You should already have a sales process that’s working, because ads aren’t going to fix a broken sales problem I see this a lot with especially new newer entrepreneurs, is they think, again, the ads are going to be a quick fix. And so maybe they have a sales system that is not working out really well. They’re like, well, all I need is just a bunch more leads. Well, you know, although Yeah, sometimes sales is a numbers game, right? But, I mean, if you can’t close people on the phone, nothing’s gonna change with 50. More.

Sales Process

Roy Barker  08:11 How To Scale Your Business

Exactly. Yeah. And you’ll just be actually burning through opportunities. If you get your, if you get that sales process down. Just think about how much further along he could be with those few ads?

Shelby  08:24

Absolutely. I’m always like, figure out where the bottlenecks are in your business and in your marketing and sales before you run ads. That way, you know, what you need to fix, and then it’s not, you’re not wasting money, you’re gonna be a lot, the ads are gonna be a lot more effective if you’re doing the job on the back end. Right.

Fempire Process

Roy Barker  08:45 How To Scale Your Business

Right. So if I came to you today and said, Hey, I need you to, I want you to get involved and run some ads for me count, what is that intake process? What are some things that I need to think about having answer for, you know, prior to me coming to you to make that a productive conversation?

Shelby  09:03

That’s a really great question. So it’s gonna depend on what type of business you own. But these are the questions I asked. That is, what’s your monthly revenue. And that makes people uncomfortable sometimes, but if you actually are serious about scaling your business, that shouldn’t be uncomfortable, because I want to see the reason why I asked that is I want to see, are you profitable, right? Are we adding ads into on to something that’s already going? Well, if you tell me that you’re only making a couple $1,000 a month in revenue, then I’m going to kind of ask some more questions about your process because I want to see, you know, and your growth like.

How long have you had along. Have you been doing this and all of that because I want to see where you’re at. It’s not that effective to pay someone like me. A couple $1,000 a month in addition to your ad spend if you’re only making a couple 1000. Right? And so, like, that’s a question that I asked how much are you making off in revenue per month?

Then I asked what they’re wanting to run ads to, right? Because, again, you need to have something to run ads to before you, we don’t just like magically run ads, it needs to go to something, whether that’s a free webinar that you’re providing. Or if you want to. If the if the goal is to sell more of a course, right? You don’t have to have all the answers because a good a good ad agency will help you with strategy as well, based on experience, they they know what works more than probably you do. Because they’re spending people’s money all the time.

So trust, trust that the probably 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of dollars, they probably manage an ad spend, right? Because they’re going to tell you what, like, Hey, I would do it this way. Because this is what we’re seeing a couple clients get really good results with. So you don’t have to have all the answers. But you need to know what you want to grow or scale. Is that is that a one to one model? Are you wanting more clients or patients? Or, you know, what does that look like? Do you need just leads coming in? Or do you want to grow your audience more, you need to have kind of an idea?

Do you have a certain offer that you want to grow? And then I will always ask what the cost is for that offer, or service that you provide. So again, I’m in my head doing a little bit of math. Like, Okay. I know this is on average, the cost per lead or click for your industry, right? So I kind of do a little bit of math to make sure that you’re going to be profitable running ads, I would also ask if you’re going to hire somebody, ask them some questions about if they’ve ever run ads for your industry before, because I will tell you that there’s agencies that specialize in certain types of ads.

And a great example of this is e-commerce ads, vastly different than ads for like coaches, right? The strategies are going to be different, it’s a whole different ballgame. It’s like being and I’m going to use this example. Because we can all we all know what it means. I’m by no means relating what I do, or what my industry does to a professional, you know, medical doctor, but it’s like going to a, you know, a podiatrist and being like, hey, my eyeball is really itchy.

You know, and they’re gonna be like, well, I could tell you all the stuff about a foot, but I don’t know about your eyeball? So it’s the same thing like find a find somebody who’s an expert in your industry. Yeah. And and you’ll probably have much better results.

Roy Barker  12:59 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, I think that’s good to, to know these questions, but to also be aware, in my opinion, is that if, if there’s somebody offering you a quick fix for money, and they don’t ask you any questions, that’s a huge red flag. Because you know, everybody, even if I’m, even if we’re in the same, even if we’re, you know, you mentioned beauty salons earlier. So we’ll go with that. But, you know, even if different beauty salons, they may kind of focus on different things.

I mean, maybe one’s just the haircut place, but maybe one does more of the fancy extensions. Yeah. So asking those questions, it’s very important because it can change the audience in which we are going to be or which you’re going to be, you know, trying to target. Absolutely. And I assume that’s another thing, that’s probably a very good to give some thought to. I mean, hopefully, you gave some thought to it, you know, like, as you’re working through your business, but at some point, you kind of have to think of who is my customer.

As we need to know what the age group is, you know, because and also within, you can set parameters on your ads, but also it’s in the messaging, I wouldn’t have thought to a young 20 something the same way, you know, the same language in the same way we would talk to somebody like myself, because, you know, may say, hey, go see us on tik tok. And I’m like, What was that? You know? Yeah. So we have to be careful with that messaging.

Shelby  14:34

Absolutely. I always ask, what, where is your ideal customer or client? Where are they currently at in their life in their life or business? Like what’s happening? What is their life in business? Look like right now? What are they experiencing? Becoming aware of the pain points that you solve is so important and knowing A few things like, like you said, age range and gender, like do you maybe some of you really only work with? Maybe like, we talked about the hair salon industry?

Like maybe your you do hair extensions? Well, you know, sure, there’s gonna be some men out there that are like, Yes, I want hair extensions, but the vast majority are going to be women. So it’s best for you to spend your ad dollars probably targeting women, right? Um, and there’s, I mean, there’s several like men examples there, too, right? So figure out what gender and maybe it’s both. Maybe you work with both, that’s fine, too. But think about the gender you work with. And age range, I tell a lot of my clients, because they they come to me, many come to me, and they’re like, I could really help everybody. Right?

A lot of people are there you have a business that has maybe a lot of clients or customers and you’re like, oh, a lot of people buy my stuff. And that’s great. I want to know what age range the vast majority of your clients are coming from, and who do you enjoy working with or selling to? So I tell this to people, you know, anybody under 25, for example, you obviously are going to always have outliers, you’ll always have outliers. I know some people in their early 20s that have million dollar businesses.

And I’m like, Man, I wish I could have figured that out in my early 20s. Right. But there is most of the people in their early 20s. Where are they at in life? You know, they’re in college, they’re, or they’re trying to figure life out. They’re just paying off student loan debt, or they’re getting their first car or their first house or, or they’re still living in an apartment.

They don’t have a lot of money. I mean, I mean, I lived off of, you know, Taco Bell, and hopes and dreams is what I? Ramen. Yeah, ramen noodles. So, think about that, like, of course, there’s gonna be outliers, but we’re talking about targeting a huge amount of people. So we have to get pretty specific here. Like, what age gap? What age range Do you want to work with. So most of that is usually somewhere between 25 and, you know, 5560, something like that. Think about also technology. If you sell if you’re an a SaaS company, you sell some sort of software, if you target someone over 60.

Think about that. Like that may not be your ideal audience, you might want to target someone more in their 30s or 40s. Because they probably are a lot more comfortable with technology, and software. Like, you know, that’s just that’s just being realistic. There’s, of course, always outliers, but I want you to really think about that. Who can you best serve? That would best Enjoy your product or service?

Lifetime Value of Customer

Roy Barker  17:54 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, that’s a good point. Even if we we have buyers from all ages and all genders, you kind of have to look at, you know, like in statistics, the bell curve, and say, Where are the majority of those coming from? And then also, you know, I can only say, like, talking about the hair salon is, you know, prior to COVID. You know, I was the, you know, the $10 cut every three or four weeks. So, even though I’m your client, I’m probably not one of your high-margin clients. And so, you talked about earlier about, you know, how much does your service cost?

Because we have to look at that customer acquisition costs. Yep. No, how is it really good to go spin $100 to acquire one customer that you make 15 off of now, if they are a lifetime customer, and we have, you know, a lifetime value of more than that, we can figure all that out. But Yep, you know, again, it’s like, I may be that hair salons customer, but I’m not the person that they want to target.

Just because I don’t spend the money you want to, you know, try to get as the people that use the most services, the higher margin people that are going to spend with you too. So it’s just important to think about all of those things in depth. I mean, it takes a lot of thought, but it’s well worth it before you start going to spend for advertising.

Shelby  19:12

You made a really great point about knowing the lifetime value of a customer, and what are you willing to spend to acquire a customer? What is their average order value? So, you know, if you talk about hair, like if someone if your haircut costs $10, but you know, you’re doing hair extensions for 20 $500 it you know, that makes a lot more sense to get clients

Roy Barker  19:38 How To Scale Your Business

on Sorry. I’m not gonna be in the hair extension market, I can do that.

Shelby  19:44

That will that’s where all the money is in, in the hair industry. Hair extensions, right? It’s weaves, it’s all it’s the they have to pay for somebody else’s hair to be sewn into their head. So that it’s a it’s you It’s a higher priced. And you’re targeting, again people with money, right?

People that have expendable income. They’re like, Yes, I want I want all this hair. Yeah. Right? So keep that in mind, like, what and what and how long now, your hair extension client, they have to get their hairs resewn back in their head every like, eight weeks. They’re coming back for and that’s a couple 100 bucks, right? So think about the lifetime value of a customer? What are your margins?

How much are you spending on labor? If you have an assistant or something? What are your margins? What are you willing to acquire a customer? Like, what are you willing to spend, and also, a lot of you that may have a lower-priced offer, think about this, if your lifetime value of a customer is much higher, like let’s say your product or service is maybe 50 bucks, okay?

But people on average, the your lifetime value of a customer is more like, let’s say 1000 bucks, like, let’s say that you have a reusable product or service, and they have to come back and come back and come back, you might be willing to spend more than that initial cut, like the other initial order to acquire a client or customer because you know that they’re going to ultimately spend quite a bit of money with you on average, right?

Know Your Audience

Roy Barker  21:15 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah. And it’s, you know, kind of figuring out that with the industry a great example, this used to be, you know, this was back in the old male days. But, you know, the jeweler figured out that 50% of his customers, or, excuse me, 70% of his customers came back in were repeat purchasers.

So what they figured out was, they could actually give you the first visit at cost, you know, whatever that was, you know, offered this huge discount, take all their margins off, because they knew that you would, you know, 70% of the people would be back in their 234 times, and that’s where they really made their money. Yeah, no, no one your industry, it’s very important.

Let’s talk about managing expectations because you know, we’re all impatiently think that the good thing about social media is is kept us all in touch. It’s a great advertising vehicle. But the bad thing is, like you were saying earlier is that we can make a lot of presumptions about people that we’ve never seen them before. So today, they ran an ad, and now they’re an overnight success.

But we we don’t know the 10 year story have come to get to this point. So you know, we just have to manage expectations that this is a long term play. And, again, if you got lucky and put an ad up tomorrow, and you just got swamped, then, you know, bless you. And I’m glad that happens for people, but for most of us, it’s figuring out that strategy within it sticking to it.

Shelby  22:46

Yeah, absolutely. And it’s it’s also about reading the data. So numbers do tell a story. And if you know how to run ads properly, you’ll be able to see what needs to be tweaked in your ad, like if your click link, click through rate on your ad is less than 1%, then you probably need to update your graphics or video on your ad because that’s what’s actually slowing your ad down.

Now if you notice that people are clicking on your ad, and let’s say they’re they’re going to your website, but your website’s converting at like 5%, then you need to change your website up, you need to bring in somebody to help you with that, because that’s where you’re losing the people. It’s actually not the ad that’s not working. I see this with a lot of people, they’re like, my ad didn’t work. And we look at the data. And it’s like, actually, your ad was doing really well. But you are losing them on your website, right, your website sucks. Go find somebody to help you with that ASAP. Because if you turn these ads back on, I have a feeling you’re gonna be you know, you’re gonna be in a good spot.

So knowing the numbers and knowing what the I guess the benchmarks are for your industry. Then as far as managing expectations, when you hear these stories, and I’m telling you this as somebody who runs ads for a lot of high ticket coaches, okay, so business coaches, a lot of business coaches, they’re selling programs that are $15,000 $30,000, right?

What do you think when they run ads to like, let’s say, a master class, okay, we run ads to fill a masterclass, they teach something, and they sell their program at the end of it. Now, if we spend $10,000 in ads, let’s just say that. And they so three of their programs. That’s what getting these like stories of people are like, Oh my gosh, I made, you know, hundreds of 1000s of dollars from ads, but like, it’s like, yeah, they also spend a little bit more money than you probably would, but also, their price point is really high.

So of course, they’re going to get this really great ROI. Now, of course, like we have clients that sell 20 $9 products online, and it’s you know, it’s, they do really well. But again, they’re spending 300 bucks a day. And they have a they have a very successful business already. They’re in Walmart they’re in. They’re on Amazon during CVS drugstores, right, like, people know this business already. So it’s a lot you there’s no, there’s brand awareness. So people already trust the brand.

Roy Barker  25:27 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, I was just written that down on the brand awareness. Because, I mean, I don’t even know what to say, you know, I start selling Roy’s chicken soup tomorrow and put an ad on Facebook, people are gonna be like, well, what is this now, if I was Campbell’s, and ran the same ad with Sam in, it would be totally different reacts. And so, again, I think this gets back to managing expectations is in slow, lower ticket items. Versus higher ticket items, you know, there’s a little difference we can afford, how we do that. But for a big ticket item for the 1520 $30,000 package.

That’s where we have to be patient because you see my name one time with this $20,000 back ends, you’re probably going right on by or maybe you check it out, but you move on, it takes, you know, it used to take like eight to 12 touches or view before somebody would be that interested in maybe picking up the phone or reaching out through email. So how does that work nowadays?

Shelby  26:33

Yeah, and a lot of it is just the strategies are going to be different for every industry. So if you’re selling high ticket, like a coaching package, the best most effective way to do this is to always in the background, we should be running brand awareness ads, because we want you to be seen as the expert. But all it is the difference between low priced items. And high ticket when you sell high ticket. It’s all about positioning and authority like you have to be positioning yourself as the go to in the industry.

So how you do this is you should have a conversion event. like and what I mean by that is a masterclass a workshop, this can be virtual right, and a challenge a webinar or something like that, right, a presentation style, where you’re going through, you’re giving value. So now that people are watching it, these cold leads come in, watch your training, and now they know like and trust you because you’re giving them really good content for free.

And then you convert them into clients because now they like you know, you trust you. It’s almost impossible, I will I’m going to reiterate this. If you are selling high ticket, it is almost impossible to convert cold leads, like straight cold never heard about you before, into paying clients, you have to warm them up just any marketing is all about that. That’s what building a community or following it’s all about, and building brand awareness. It’s about warming you up, and you use Campbell as an example, right?

We all have memories of, of eating their soup as a kid, or opening up those cans when you’re sick, and mom brings it home because she’s working and she can’t make you homemade soup. So she’s like, you’re gonna have to have canned soup today, right? We have we have we trust the brand. We see it in stores. And if you’re online, you have to warm people up. And especially if you’re selling something that’s high priced, you need people to like know and trust you if they’re going to invest in you.


Roy Barker  28:42 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, cuz I was, as you’re saying that I was just thinking about the distrust factor. Let’s not say district, let’s just say the trust factor, like you’re speaking about that, you know, if I’m going to go buy a $5 item or $10 item, if it’s if it’s from a reputable company, you know, if I’m going through, I would be more concerned to get it off XYZ because I don’t know if that’s a real deal or not.

If somebody told me that it is but really, I’m more and more ready to you know, wager five or $10 that this is going to work out and live. You know, if it doesn’t, I really haven’t lost that much. But then when we’re talking about 10 15,000 I can only imagine that I’m not going to see this ad The first time you say oh Joe Smith, the coach, bam, charged my credit card $10,000 or sign up for $1,000 a month or whatever it is. It just it just really doesn’t happen that way.

Shelby  29:43

Even Dean grazi oc and Tony Robbins they partner up with a bunch of people to like Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, Annie Porterfield, Jenna cook, there’s a bunch of people that they partner up with every year they do a conversion event. We all know who Tony Robbins is. Do you think that we need more brand awareness from Tony Robbins. Now we all know who he is. He has the same thing. They sell a $10,000 program every single year on how to use your knowledge to basically build like a consulting agency or to have a high ticket mastermind program. That’s what they teach $10,000 that’s the price point, or two grand a month.

If you break it up into payments for 12 months, you end up paying 12 grand, okay? That’s the price point. They don’t just run ads to join. What do they do? They have a huge masterclass, a huge masterclass, and they run ads. Hey, free, masterclass, Join Now we’re gonna teach you how to, you know, use your knowledge to make more money, and whatever you do. And so people sign up, people sign up, people sign up, and then what do they do they share with you how to how you can do this, why you would want to do it.

And then they say, hey, if you want all of our templates, if you want our coaching, if you want to know how to price yourself and how to make you know, how to get the support, then join the join our $10,000 program, and they make a lot of money doing that. So that’s the way to sell high ticket is is follow that lead because that’s exactly what they do. And like I said, Tony Robbins you don’t need. We all know who he is he could probably run an ad for, you know, a $10,000 program and get some cells.

Roy Barker  31:18 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, yeah. But even though I know who he is, I think the the benefit of that warm up, like you’re saying is that I want to know what’s in this because, you know, a lot of us were just skeptical of anything that costs a lot of money. And we want to make sure that we are really, truly getting value for that. And I guess that’s another good thing about, you know, like having testimonials and other things like that can really benefit us to 100%. Yeah.

Okay, so the other thing, now we need to think about is spend and time so if, you know if I’ve got a fairly good business that’s going on, and how, what kind of commitment should we make at a minimum? And then also, what’s that time horizon, you know, do we need to go for two months, three months, six months, make that commitment to continue to do this.

Shelby  32:18

So how much you spend is going to depend on your offer, what industry you’re in all of that and what the strategy is, so there’s no one size fits all. A, you know, again, when you get on a call with an ads manager or agency that you want to hire, ask them to run some numbers with you. Because if you have an idea, I always like for you to leave a call knowing, you know, a rough estimate of what the investments going to look like, as a whole, because I’m already a couple $1,000, then you add in your ad spend, and we can quickly get up to 567 $1,000 a month, right? So I want you to have an idea, like a really clear idea of what this looks like.

Um, if you are just running ads to let’s say, grow your email list, you have a lead magnet out there, you just want and by the way, like you can do this for any type of business, because you’re just growing your email list. And with a bigger email list, you do have more leads in your lead pool, if you will. So you know, with that you really want, you know, I would spend 20 bucks a day, at least like that’s what I would do right now. If you’re, if you’re running ads to, let’s say just a video, and it’s only just like, maybe you’re a, let’s say you’re a chiropractor in Dallas, and you’re like, Okay, there’s a lot of chiropractors out here, I just want to get my face out there.

And I don’t really want to go by a billboard, cuz I’m not into that. But like, I want that effect. Like I just want to be everywhere. I want everybody to know who I am. I’m not necessarily looking for them to click, and you know, book a console, I just want to be out there. So I would recommend running a video view ad for like, let’s say, you could do it for like 1020 bucks a day or more.

And you’re just running the ad to people in a certain age range that would pay for your services in your location, like maybe 15 miles from your address. So now you’re everywhere and that it’s like I call this the billboard effect, right? Because now people are on social media. They’re just seeing you all the time. You know, you can run, you can run reach ads. So just like a picture of you like, come visit me right?

Or you can do a video of maybe you walking around the office or telling how you started your business. And again, there’s no direct call to action. It’s just about getting that brand awareness and getting out there, which I promise you and leads up to in the long term getting more business because if you’re seeing again as the authority in the industry in your area, then you’re gonna you’re gonna win the competition.

Roy Barker  35:07 How To Scale Your Business

Picture or Video

And, again, it’s there’s so many variables depend on if we, you know, if we’re just trying to gain the attention if we want to, if we’re collecting emails, or if we’re actually, you know, direct to an event or the master class or something, but in general, how do we cut through the noise? You know, because we have a lot of options. We’ve got text, we got pictures, we got videos, I guess any advice on how we kind of use these different mediums to get our message across?

Shelby  35:44

Yeah. So in every ad, you’re going to have, you’ll see when you go to create an ad, inside of ads manager, you can choose a graphic or a video for your ad for that campaign. And you also have ad copy, which is they call it primary text. And that is a it’s it’s just ad copy. You know, when you go through a magazine, and you see ads in the magazine, the people you know, writers that get paid the most money in the in the world are the ones that write those ads, they get paid a bunch of money to do that.

And no different in your ad, you want it to stand out, you want to call out who you who you are trying to attract, right, you want to tell them what they’re going to get. As far as your graphic or video though, this is the first thing people see. Right? It’s the first thing that’s gonna either make them scroll past or stop. Like you said, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of noise out there.

There’s a lot of other advertisers and people posting on social media. I think our attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter and shorter in the last couple years, especially. The goal for you is to create a pattern interrupt in someone’s mind as they scroll. And there’s, there’s some ways to do this. I’ll tell you some of my secrets here. But you want to stop their scroll as they’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. You want them to be like, Oh, wait, what was that?

And take a look doubletake, right, you want them to take a doubletap on your ad, and then they can read it and click on it. And the way to do this is I’ll ask you a few questions here. What is Facebook’s brand color? Blue? Exactly. So if you use a lot of blue in your ad, people are gonna think it’s like, just they’re gonna scroll past it. They’re used to seeing a lot of blue on Facebook.

Okay, it doesn’t create a pattern interrupt in their head, right? It’s just like, oh, blue stuff was. Right, you want to make sure that you’re, if you can use bolder or brighter colors, please do. Here’s the other thing, what is the shape of every post? And there’s two shapes right? The the shape of my laptop screen right now is a rectangle. The shape of my iPhone screen is a rectangle.

Every my tablet, my iPad? What are they rectangles right? Now, let’s go inside of those. When I’m on Facebook. Every post is like square shaped or rectangle shaped? Right? The only thing that’s a circle is your profile photo. So people you’re used to seeing squares and rectangles everywhere.

Roy Barker  38:29 How To Scale Your Business


Shelby  38:30

So what if your graphic created us had a circle on it or a more fluid like shape on it? It’s gonna create a pattern interrupt in your brain because your brain is categorizing things. As you’re scrolling. This is just psychology. And you’re gonna see Oh, wait, what was that? Because it’s different than the five other things you just scroll past. So that’s the goal is you have to capture attention quickly. We have we have less than a second to do this really.

People scroll fast. And we have you know, we have such a short time to be able to capture this attention. So the goal is to create this moment of of pattern interruption where you’re just like, okay, square, blue, square, blue, well, that’s yellow and a circle. What is that? Right? And that’s what you want to do. photos of people do well, so because again, it’s like creating that like no trust factor.

If I see somebody’s face, I’m more likely to trust what you’re selling me, right. Even if it’s not your face, you can use you certainly can use stock images, although my recommendation is if it’s your business and you’re the face of the business, please use a photo of you and use a high quality photo of you a headshot professional photo, photograph. Use use that please.

And not just necessarily like unless you’re doing a video ad that I have different opinion about. But yeah, that’s like my best tips is the brighter colors, more bold colors. And or using more fluid shapes or circles on your graphics, put pictures of people on there. Make sure that you have a few words on the graphic, but not too many. And it’s telling them what they are going to walk away with or get, okay?

People don’t care about you. And this is what people don’t understand. Like, I don’t care about your chiropractor business, I don’t write you know, what I care about, what how you’re gonna make me feel when I leave, I get I care about what I get out of it. And we’re all selfish like that, like I nobody cares about you or your business.

What they care about is how you’re going to make them feel what you’re going to do for them what they’re going to feel like once they leave after working with you. That’s what they care about.

Roy Barker  40:46 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, it’s like when we come on about us and all of our credentials and things people get turned off, because they they don’t really care that my concern, they want to know what’s in it for them. What’s the benefit? What problem do you solve for me?

And it’s important to keep that in our messaging we can. Yeah, and the other thing is, is, it’s always better to have somebody else tell people have great, you have to do so much rather believe other people when they tell me. But yeah, I think that’s the, you know, we talk a little bit also about the real estate factor, like, even just regular posts that we put out there is when you have text, you know, it’s maybe an answer to window, and it’s black and white, easy to go by.

But when we have a picture, all of a sudden, it’s like we stretch this real estate out. And then, you know, somebody told me a long time ago that using a picture is like leaving breadcrumbs to our blog, or to our product or landing page. When we use videos, it’s like leaving chocolate covered. Video, chocolate-covered breadcrumbs to that same spot it just and I don’t know if that’s still the same, but videos used to just have so much more power than even just an image.

Shelby  42:04

They still do if and when done right. And I think it’s an untapped thing. Um, not enough people are using video ads. I will tell you that I’ve seen the very well produced videos work well. But a lot of times like just you walking, filming a short video on your iPhone or smartphone, like those do really well to like, there’s no secret to the quality necessarily, I say test both.

But I will tell you that you got to get to the point sooner. Again, we go back to our attention span is very short. So people that are there videos are like, Hey, guys, it shall be here. How you doing? I’ll wait for a second, you know, to get some comments or you know, when you’re when you’re, when you’re maybe or sharing like, like you said all of your accolades at first and start the video. Nobody cares.

The sooner you get into it, the better. And remember that like, even if you do the video on your phone and you shoot it, it’s not overly produced, you still have to capture attention until you’re going to do that by talking faster, so people can keep up with you and they’re not going to scroll past you. If you’re pointing to something point at the camera, because it’s like, again, pattern interrupt if I do this, I’m right now for those of you that can’t see, I’m just reaching towards my camera.

And if you saw that in a video, you’re gonna be like, Whoa, what’s that? Right? Instead of just watching my face talk, like use exaggerated movements and stuff, you have to have high energy, if you are naturally somebody who is very monotone video won’t work for you. You know, it’s just not gonna work. Or the

Roy Barker  43:56 How To Scale Your Business

talking fast. I don’t know if I could ever get in. Yeah, to practice that.

Shelby  44:00

Well, but you’re not monotone. So that will that helps you right. But like some people are, you know, and you know if you know if you’re this way, if you’re just like, Hey, you know, I don’t have all that energy. Like, I don’t know how to exude that kind of confidence or energy on video. If you’re really nervous to do it. If you’re really nervous on video, it’s not going to work. It’s not going to show up well, so don’t pay for that ad. You know, just try graphics.

Roy Barker  44:27 How To Scale Your Business

Yeah, and you can look at a lot of these ads on TV. I think too. Well, I’ll ask this as an opinion. But, you know, when you said that I was thinking of a guy he’s a car dealer here in town, but he’s got they’re not crazy, as you know, like with the elephants coming through the screen, but he is really high energy and does use a lot of, you know, hand gesturing and things like this.

They’re really well done ads because you don’t he doesn’t come off as you know. Questions? Very professional, but you know, I know who the guy is like, yeah, you know, I know his name. I know where his dealership is and know all about him. So, you know, we can I think it goes a long way to study other ads that have a lot of impact and then kind of mirror that as we go. 100% Alright, Shelby, I know we’re running late. I appreciate you taking time. Is there anything else you want to leave the audience with any other tips or tricks before we get out of here?

Shelby  45:27

No, thank you for having me. But if any of you are wanting to learn more about what ads can do for you, you can head to my website fempire And you can also follow me on Instagram for fun videos, or me trying to dance. You can follow me at life with Shelby. How To Scale Your Business


Roy Barker  45:49 How To Scale Your Business

Okay, great. Also to what is a habit, or a an app or anything, something like that, that you use daily that you feel adds a lot of value to your life? Professional or personal?

Shelby  45:54

That’s a great question. Um, can I give you two?

Roy Barker  45:55 How To Scale Your Business

Certainly, yeah.

Shelby  45:56

Okay. I, I have, I have a desk calendar. And I know that that’s old school, for those of you that are that are maybe young, but and I feel like I’m pretty young too. But I have to have a desk count, I have to like visually see it, not only do I have Google Calendar, I have a desk calendar. And I look at it, and it just I don’t know, like things click much better. The second thing is, um, I would say, this is an app that I use on my computer.

It’s a Google Chrome extension. And it is it eliminates, it’s called Newsfeed Eradicator. And you can turn it on, and it eliminates all of the posts on your newsfeed. So you can go into social media, if you use it for business, especially, and kind of do your work without getting you know, sidetracked with everybody’s, you know, personal posts and everything.

Wrap Up

Roy Barker  46:59 How To Scale Your Business

Okay, great. Those are two good tips. We appreciate it. Okay, so also just tell us a little bit to like, Who do you like to work with? And then of course, you know, how can you help them? And then yeah, what’s that one more time?

Shelby  47:12

Absolutely. Um, business coaches, life coaches, mindset coaches, I love working with coaches, high ticket coaches, specifically, that are ready to run ads are at multiple, six figures. And they’re like, let’s go, let’s let’s scale this bad boy. So you can go to my website, Fempire, to get more information book a free consultation, and we can run some numbers and see if it would be a good idea for you.

Roy Barker  47:42 How To Scale Your Business

Okay, awesome. Well, again, thank you for your time y’all reach out to Shelby see how she can go to work for you help you scale your business. It’s, you know, it is a nice niche that not we, as business people, we can’t do everything. So we have to pick and choose and then you know, find experts like yourself who are good at the Facebook and the Instagram ads and reach out. Let her help you. Increase your business make that easy? Yeah. All right.

So that’s gonna do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. Of course, you can find us at We are on all the major podcast platforms Stitcher, Google, Spotify, iTunes. You can also find us on all the social media platforms. Typically we hang out on Instagram a little bit more than others. A video of this interview will go up when the episode goes live so you can reach out on our YouTube channel and see that until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business. How To Scale Your Business

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