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Get Started On Your Bucket List No. Don’t put it off any longer.

Featuring Trav Bell “The Bucket List Guy”

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy…The Worldʼs #1 Bucket List Expert.

As a self-appointed ʻBucket Listologistʼ, Trav helps people live their Bucket List before it’s too late! His unique life-engagement message really wakes you up, stops ground-hog days and helps you to experience more fulfilment.

He says, “A Bucket List is a tangible Life Plan…where our Business
Plan or Career Plan should fit into our Life Plan & not be the other way around.”

No one practices what they preach more than Trav. His ‘crazy’ globetrotting adventures are contagious, hilarious & always fresh. He is the author of the best-selling book, The M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint™, a TEDx Thought Leader, a Certified Speaking Professional & is also the Founder CEO of Bucket List Coaches who are now on a mission to help 10 million BucketListers #tickitB4Ukickit.

Before Trav became ʻThe Bucket List Guyʼ, he founded & franchised a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with 1 client, he & his team went on to do over 2 million personal training sessions & motivated 10’s of 1000’s of clients.

This is why Trav is now regarded as one of the world’s most in-demand motivation speakers.

Instagram @bucketlistguy.travbell

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Full Transcript Below

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (00:05):

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the business of business. Uh, this is Roy today. We have an awesome guest. I can’t wait to get to him. It is Travis bell. He is the bucket list guy. He’s the world’s number one bucket expert.

He is a self appointed bucket list ologists and a what tribe does is he helps people, um, live their bucket list before it’s too late. His unique life engagement message really wakes you up stops Groundhog days and helps you to experience more fulfillment. Uh, no one practices what they preach more than trave. Uh, he’s the author of the, my bucket list blueprint.

He’s also a TEDx thought leader, a certified speaking professional, and he’s founder of the CEO, founder, CEO of bucket list coaches who are now on their mission to help 10 million bucket listers. Wow, Travis, welcome to the show and I really hate going, Hey, I’m doing great.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (01:09):

I saved the best for last. I love this line. Uh, it’s the most poignant is that a bucket list is a tangible life plan where our business plan or career plan should fit into our life plan and not the other way around. And, um, you know, I think, uh, probably like a lot of us, especially entrepreneurs, you know, we get caught up in this, the, uh, the excitement of doing the business part and we really forget about this. So this is a great, uh, great opportunity for us to have you on the show to, you know, let’s talk about why is this important? Why is it important to,

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (01:46):

Yeah, it is important because if I say bucket, this is a tangible life plan where our career plan, our business plan should fit into our life plan and not the other way around. It’s about helping people understand and really create a tangible why maybe for the first time when Simon Sinek says, start with why, and, uh, this, this goes a little bit, you know, it goes to a lot deeper level and helps people really get engaged in their life. Um, and how does the direct waterfall effect be a drug domino effect into business, into entrepreneurship? Right?

So if you’re engaged in life, you’re, uh, you’re just getting out of bed in the morning. You’re running toward the goal, not, um, and, and you’re, you’re making decisions quicker. You’re, you’re hiring faster, you’re leveraging more so you can see, you know, and that has a direct wash, uh, direct side side effect into business, um, is, you know, time, uh, our businesses, as, you know, like our, our businesses should produce two things and two things only, and that is to produce cash flow and also time flow to allow us the business owner to do all the stuff that we want to do in our, into the bucket is concept.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (03:01):

So it’s about reverse engineering that for people and give them some real, tangible end steps, some real tangible wise. And it’s a lot more than just traveling around the world and, you know, doing the typical bucket list, things that you may hear about. It’s a lot more diverse, a lot more holistic than that. And I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, and it’s really helped business owners really turn you, turn the lights on, you know, and really get inspired and to build their businesses quicker and faster.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (03:32):

Okay. Yeah. And the first thing is, I guess also is, uh, you know, we need to enjoy the spoils of life. If we’re going to work hard to earn, you know, to have the time and the money we need to do something that’s worthwhile, but, you know, I guess the hardest part too, is that, uh, you know, trying to talk them us, I’ll include myself in this category. Somewhat is, you know, trying to talk us out of that control. We’re always feeling like we have to be there that, you know, it’s really okay to step away for, uh, some length of time to go do something else, to have fun and enjoy life.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (04:07):

Uh, uh, yeah, but hello, is that, isn’t that the one, the reason why we go into business for the first place? I mean, my, um, one of my business partners, um, his name is Brad sugars and here he runs action coach who has a big global business coaching franchise around the world. So he’s the founder, founder of that.

And, um, and you know, one of the, one of the things that he has said for years and years is it is a boot business as a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you. Right. You know, and I liked that it helps you compartmentalize why you’re in business in the first place. You know, you didn’t get into the business to just to create a really busy job for yourself. So, so if, if you are that way inclined, cool, just go and get another go and get a job, like get rid of business, get rid of your business, go and get a job and let someone else worry about, you know, hiring staff and paying the bills.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (05:00):

Right, right. So, okay. We made our decision. It’s gone. We’re going to get out and enjoy life a little bit more now, where do we start? Where, how do we start building that bucket list? And I know you said it’s not always about the travel, but where do we go from there?

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (05:15):

No. Yeah. Good question. Remember, remember, back in the day, Roy, we had these things called pen and paper. I mean, it’s crazy concept, right? Yeah. Yeah. And when, when the pen meets the paper, this thing called writing actually occurs. So actually if you write in the first step I’m being sarcastic, if you actually write down your freaking goals, people let alone your bucket list items.

You actually got a 42% more likely to actually manifest it. So in nearly halfway there, if you actually just write, write things down, but what’s easy to do is easy not to do. Right. So I encourage everyone to put pen to paper. And there’s studies that show that if you use analog pen to paper versus digital, it has a, uh, a greater likelihood of them actually coming to fruition, uh, manifesting. So, right. You know, get a pen and paper out first and started writing all this stuff, all this stuff, all the things that you want to do on your bucket list.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (06:18):

Um, as a now in terms of a bucket list, what is that? The next step, probably go to my Ted talk. I did a Ted talk a few years ago in front of 2000 people that was actually on my bucket list to do a TEDx tour. So I did, he did one of the biggest, a TEDx conference here in Australia. And in that, and it’s called life’s too short by Trav bell. So watch that right.

That’ll give you some really good ideas beyond travel and what I do doing that and what I do when I do keynote speaking and stuff, is they introducing unpack this concept of Mo of the, my back of the, my back of this blueprint, which is what I wrote the book about. And it, it’s an acronym. It’s a 12 step system for how to write, um, how to ex uh, let’s say, uh, articulate or extract, should I say an articulate, uh, personally meaningful and holistic list.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (07:16):

Um, and it’s way beyond, like I said, that, you know, sure. You’ve got the, the marathons and the bungee jumping and the skydiving, all the tick bucket list, things that we want to establish it, what it helps people do is get more of a holistic boost.

More importantly, you’ll discover and on earth, all the little things that you can do, like right now, not wait until some day, which painted a day of the week, not wait until the perfect time, which there isn’t one, not wait until retirement, not wait until you sell your business until your higher things that you can do right now. And the reason why I’m so passionate about this is because we’ve, we’ve grown up and we’re in a delayed gratification society.

I’ll be happy when syndrome I’m going to do all that stuff in retirement. When I get out of my business, when I retired from a job when cash in a 401k and off we go, but the fact is you, you and I both know Roy and all the listeners and Watchers out there know people who have sold their business or got out of their career.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (08:23):

And then they’ve had five to 10 years, good, you know, good years left, and then they’ve then sign out, right? That just depresses me. I want to help people live a regret, free life, rather regret, full life. And I want people to be happy. And now, and so this gives us a really tangible, a tangible life plan, where we’re identifying all the things that exist, meaning purpose, fulfillment, um, and gratitude in our life.

Because having gone through mental health battles myself through depression, I created this for me and I, I, I created this whole bucket list concept, and someone actually called me the bucket list guy 10 years ago. But I started doing this work to help me, um, really see the light at the end of the tunnel, really, to be happier in myself, to give me more purpose fulfillment and meaning in my life, rather than going on antidepressant drugs, right.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (09:24):

And putting like a band-aid effect over it. I decided to go into personal development and, and positive psychology. And we put the brand a bucket list over the top of all these learnings credits some intellectual property. And, and that’s what we’ve done for people because the stats are frightening.

The mental health stats of depression, anxiety, uh, you know, suicide youth suicide, the overprescription of antidepressants is at an all-time high. And we’ve even got this thing. Now, Roy called the loneliness epidemic. Like Google. It it’s a thing it’s and it’s massive. It’s the adverse effect of social media and it’s freaking scary, right? It’s scary. So the stat climbing these honorable coaches is leveraging the message through and scaling out around the world.

This is our way of maybe changing that narrative, giving people really like tools to put, help them put their own oxygen mask on first, before they can help them to help out, to help other people be happier, you know, to help us all be happier now, rather than later on in life, getting more engaged in life right now. That’s what it’s all about. Yeah. And it gives people a real sense of accomplishment. Um, and that feeling that I can do this helps them get over that fear of failure.

That a lot of people that’s what a lot of people don’t actually write goals down there. Fear of fear of failure. Yeah. So it helps people. It gives them the momentum and motivation to smash through the bigger ones. If he, if it starts being the little things that make you happy now.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (11:09):

Yeah. And you know, talking about the, uh, the waiting syndrome when I was a young man, I went to work for a big company. And my first day on the job, the guy said, you know, basically, hi, my name is Joe. I’ve got seven years, three months and 12 days until retirement. And I learned that this was the company culture.

And so then we had a new person that came in. She was in our employee assistance program and giving a talk to us. And she’s like, I have never been in a company where people are counting down the days. You know, we’re wasting time counting down our days to retirement. And, you know, you’re, you’re lucky if you have your health and if you make it to that retirement, so, you know, I’m with you. I, and I tell these young kids, anybody listen, is you need to start when you’re young, don’t, there’s never going to be a perfect time for anything. So you got to make yourself get started now.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (12:02):

Yeah. Roy and we’re right in the middle of COVID right now, you know, you know that the pandemic that’s sweeping the world and, and I like to be an attorney. I’m an optimist. I’m sure you are as well. You know, what’s what this has shown us. What really is, you know, we’ve become closer with our families where we’re, um, where we’re not traveling as much as, as we were.

Um, it’s allowed us to take a big collective global, deep breath in and helped us recalibrate on our happiness and I and I, and our lives. And I hope I really do hope that people have taken this opportunity to, um, to recreate the, and re-imagine what their new normal is going to be from Iran. Not to go back to the way we were, you know, in the last six months, nearly every business has gone online.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (12:57):

We’ve all failed forward foster into technology. Yeah. You know, we’re, we’re, we’re, um, radically collaborating, like never before we’re innovating, like never before we’re adapting. And I think it’s shown, shown us all of how actually how resilient we can be.

Right. Right. So, um, yeah. And so people need to taste, take stock of that. You know, we can hear the news and get bombarded with that negative news, but let’s flip it. Let’s have a look at all, right. What have I learned during this? How am I going to come out of this even better? I mean, that’s a pact that my family and I made, we want to come out of COVID, um, better in every single area of our life. Right. We’re not gonna, we’re not going to be COVID.

So at the end of the day, we’ve done that and we’re still doing it, but the re creation, the re-imagined the, uh, of our new normal, you know, working from home a little bit more, um, actually we were working at home before it was cool anyway, but, um, at the end of the, you know, people that people are now molding this new work-life blend definition for themselves, um, and, and, and companies are doing it as well.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (14:16):

You know, there’s a lot of companies that have said, no, we don’t want our corporate lease anymore. That overhead we’ve proven to ourselves that we can work from the hour. Our team can work from home a lot more effectively. And we have got great results as a result that, you know, every entrepreneur I think is, um, is probably, is probably bear witness to how they can do things differently going forward. So it’s been a really, I think, a really good shake up.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (14:46):

Yeah. Yeah. And I can speak from personal experience. One, it wasn’t really on my bucket list, but one thing that’s manifested out of this is, uh, you know, we’ve tried to take a little more stock in our health, uh, eat better, get out and exercise together. Uh, me and my girlfriend. And so, uh, we’ve been cooking together.

I’m not a big cook, never really had any interest, but that’s one of those little things. And I guess it kind of leads to the question I was going to ask is, uh, you know, we’ve all got the big trips we want to do, you know, Iceland, India, all of that stuff. But what are some little, what are examples of those little day-to-day things, those little victories or the little bucket list items that you have seen or recommend either one.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (15:30):

Yeah. Well taking lessons in, in, and learning skills that you, that you haven’t, that you’d like to like to like to learn, you know, such as there’s been a lot of, even though we haven’t been able to travel, there’s been a lot of people starting to learn new languages, learning instruments, um, even even tracing their genealogy, um, through, to well work taking up, just taking out new, new, you know, integrating new habits, uh, uh, had five ladies in a company start crocheting lessons the other day.

Um, you know, I didn’t even know what the hell crocheting was. Exactly. People, um, uh, uh, put people, getting into art, getting into photography, um, uh, G uh, um, training yeah. Training for, for events, you know, setting themselves up to train for, for different events that when those events do right. Do happen, you know, they’re all set to set to go.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (16:39):

Um, I’m actually running, I’m actually, there’s a heap of things that people have done here. People. Yeah. Cooking has been a big one. Um, uh, gee, we’ve got ukulele, welding, someone public speaking, crocheting, someone started Portuguese, uh, bass lessons, how to make sourdough. There you go. Um, making sushi, making, um, someone’s taken up kiteboarding, uh, last SU lessons.

These are all examples of liturgically of programs that we run on a, on a day-to-day basis. Right. And, um, and people are, you know, unfortunately people have bought a lot of stuff online too. Right. So, you know, little gifts gifts to themselves. So, um, it’s, uh, I, you know, like I’m doing one at the moment, um, which is, uh, which is rather physical challenge, intellectual challenge, and that, um, you know, I’ve done the iron mans and I’ve done that surfing big waves and all that, you know, the marathons, you know, et cetera, et cetera.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (17:45):

But an intellectual challenge is reading 52 books in a year. Right. You know, some people are, are doing a challenge such as, um, not drinking for a year. These sorts of things, these are all so bucket list items. And, you know, um, th that, that challenge you see, it’s not about this whole bucket list concept.

It’s not about just, you know, writing a simple list and then going doing it. It’s really about how a person reverse engineers, every aspect of their life in order to make this stuff come to fruition. The growth of us on this journey towards the self-imposed destination. But more importantly, it’s about the person that exists on the other side, the person that we don’t know yet, the bigger version of us, and that’s, that’s called our potential.

Right. And when we see experienced more of our own potential, it puts a small and FIS. I think that’s the meaning of life, you know? And, uh, but, but you know, one of the things I said in the Ted talk, if people, people are dying at 40 and being buried at it,

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (18:50):

Yeah. That’s a good point.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (18:52):

Good people have been living by default rather than by design existing and not living. Right. So let this be a wake up call. And so it’s not until someone gets a cancer diagnosis or they have a heart scare that, that, that that’s enough to shake them up, to get them to, you know, go from focusing on just their daily to-do lists to suddenly their bucket list comes, you know, um, gets reprioritized. So my whole mission made is to help wake people up before they get given a used by date.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (19:26):

Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, talking about the extensive travel in, like I said, India, ice and all that. The other thing I think to that, I’m getting from your message and is that we don’t have to do, uh, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are a lot of things that we can do that are at no cost whatsoever to us as well.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (19:46):

Well, well, well, um, one of the things that I’ve been saying lately is be a tourist in your own hometown. Right. You know, and, and, and it’s not like I’m doing one bucket list item and wait for that to finish in another, you know, I’m doing five things at the moment and there’s been an end, so it’s a compound effect in, and it’s, I, um, you know, a lot of people have been writing books, um, taking up new skills to, you know, do video, editing these sorts of things and taking the opportunity to, to, to really go within and discover, um, maybe areas that they could find flowing.

And, but it really, what we’re doing is identifying the things that bring us happiness, bring us, meaning, bring us fulfillment. And that’s very, very individual. So, you know, don’t compare mine is bigger than yours or any crap like that. It’s, it’s, it’s simply a, it’s simply, uh, a personal exercise, uh, for people to, um, to go after and look from a business point of view. It gives you a really good reason to build your business.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (21:00):

Right, right. Yep. Like you said, get that time and that money. So there is that flip side to that is that, uh, you know, sometimes when we get burnout or we stay in the job, do the job too much, too many hours, too much stress, we can actually kind of lose our edge, lose our focus, lose our creativity. So can you talk about the flip side of this is that if we do get away, spend that quality time, you know, accomplish some things that we really want to, it actually will help us perform better in our work or in our job too.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (21:35):

Um, look, I call, I called this person that we’re talking about as a bucket list or random as a bucket list. So we’ve got a big global community, but that list is on Facebook. And, um, a bucket Lister is someone that is glass half full someone. Who’s, you know, who’s a leader in their life. Someone who’s inspiring, uh, who’s front inspired within his walks.

Their talk is great example for others to follow. They’re the type of person that, that you’ll want to catch up for a beer, wine, or coffee, right. Versus the other type of person that you catch up. And you feel like, you know, after catching up with them, you feel like you need a wash or a holiday, you know? And, and so this there’s a positive kind of person, but this is what I call a bucket list or these kinds of people, which I employ everyone to, you know, to become, these are the kinds of people that I want to do business with. I’m happy to be sold by that person, you know, whenever I catch up, but they’ve got to an adventurous, they got to find, you know, they’ve got great stories.

These people get more opportunities. Um, they, they, you know, they’re attractive to clients, Hey, they’re even attractive to the opposite sex. So if you don’t take anything out of, out of, out of this conversation, if you’re a bucket list, you will get laid more

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (22:59):

Well. And to the point about, uh, uh, we’ll go back to the job. I won’t go into that one there, but, uh, you know, I ha I had an interview with the guy that, um, he was from New York city, had an opportunity to take a job in Puerto Rico and everybody kind of, um, everybody kind of poo-pooed on him said that was a bad move.

Shouldn’t do it ended up taking six months off and traveling, uh, Africa. And, um, he said that it was funny that whenever he would go into interviews, after that, nobody wanted to talk about his job experiences. They wanted to talk about his travel. So to, you know, to the point of making us more interesting, it, it helps in a lot of facets that we just can’t even see right now.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (23:44):

Yeah. And, and, and, uh,

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (23:46):

You know, I, I guess as you do more and more of this, you, I guess you just check in with less and less people to see if it’s okay, what are we comparing ourselves against? Who are we comparing ourselves against? You know, keeping up with the Jones is, is, uh, is just an ego play. Right. You know, so if you actually let go of ego and tap into your heart and then went, what do I want to do in my life? And I know I’m not, we won’t have a conversation about afterlife, but I recommend [inaudible].

Speaker 3 (24:19):

Right. Right. And, uh, but, and dude, yeah.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (24:22):

I like the average age of death. The average age of death in America is about 80 years of age. Okay. Right. Right. And, and when you, when, if you, if you’ve ever seen any steak, there’s, there’s three questions. I, I put up this big grid. Right. And I say, you know, it’s an 80 square grid. It’s a 10 by 10 by eight grid.

I said, that’s all the years you’ve got on earth. Right. And then say, okay, cross off the ones mentally or physically cross off the ones that you’ve been alive. So if you’ve 40 half of those across staff, if you’re 50, obviously a bit more, and I’m closer to 15 now. And, um, and then I say, okay, we’ll have a look at, have a look at those squares now. And everyone’s like, Oh. Like I didn’t come on for this motivation sessions.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (25:06):

Like, I’m depressed, I’m depressed now. But then I asked three very pointed questions, which actually makes it worse. Um, I say, okay, how many people? And I did this in the Ted talk about 2000 people in front of me. I said, um, who, he knows people who have been diagnosed or died from cancer. Pretty much everyone puts up their hand, you know, just like the movie, the bucket list, who knows people who have been diagnosed or died from cancer.

Yeah. It’s pretty frightening from a state, from a stage point of view, look across a sea of people that have got their hands up. Right. And then I say, okay, second question. How many people do, you know, have been diagnosed or died from cancer? And many people show of fingers and people who like [inaudible] and some people like this. Yeah. Yeah. And then I said, okay, I have look around the room and people like, Oh, that’s my guy.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (25:55):

That’s, that’s full on. Um, and, and it, and it really does hit you. And then I say, okay, last question. How many of them showing the fingers? How many of them actually made the 80 squares and people like, yeah. Okay. I said, guys, is there a science here?

You guys are just saying the survey. We do not know when our time was up. We think, we think we know. Um, but we really don’t know. So when it’s a good time to start living your at least right now, obviously, right. So it’s the wake up call. It’s the virtual cancer diagnosis that people seemingly the last 10 years have really needed, you know, right. Place, right time for a lot of people and right, right. Um, yeah, I might, I, I, I, I gave a talk to a, I was telling you to go, I lost, uh, in the UK last night.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (26:55):

There’s some that I I’ve raised some money for the reach foundation. Rich foundation is a, um, personal development program for kids, uh, for, for teenagers, young adults, for wayward teens, some living on the street, et cetera. And, and, um, I’ve raised the money. They’re amazing. They’re set up by an ex Australian football champion.

Jim steins who’s passed away from cancer, but it’s just like a totally like coolest legacy ever. And, uh, they run camps and programs and to be a leader within the reach foundation, you’ve got to have gone through the programs, graduated and want to pay it forward. So they asked me to do a presentation to the leaders of the reach foundation, 50, 60 young adults. And I said, Oh, I’ll get on it. I love you guys. I love what you do. And I gave it all. And then at the end of the tour, which is not a corner, normal keynote and young, young lady, young woman got up.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (27:55):

She would have been about 20, 21 years of age. And, um, and she was absolutely bawling, crying. And I said, what’s wrong in front of everyone. What’s wrong. You know, is everything. And she’s my youngest sister been here to see your presentation today.

She wouldn’t have killed her, killed herself two weeks ago. Wow. And I went, ah, that’s, that was, yeah. Still gets me. And I’m like that, that, that diet. And, uh, I’ve had quite a few other situations like that and feedback like that. Um, that’s the, that’s the, that’s the days that I submit my why and what gives me purpose to go out there and help even more people. Right.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (28:40):

All right. So as soon as we get off here, I’m getting my pin, my old style, pencil and paper, and I’m getting ready to wrap me some notes. So, you know, where do you wear? I know we talked a little bit about where you start, but, um, do you write down a couple of big things? Like, should I put my trip to India at the top of the list and then write a few little things that I’ll be able to tick off? Or how do you suggest we go here,

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (29:02):

Roy, I’m not a rocket scientist, but you’ve mentioned India two to three times already. And in 30 minutes, you know, maybe the, the power of perception or call it, NLP might, but I think India is right up there. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (29:15):

It’s got to be. Yeah. And I figured if I say it enough, I’ll end up there.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (29:20):

Well, funnily enough, here’s the thing. Um, you’ve got to, you got to focus on the what and the, why, not about the, how don’t overcomplicate this. Okay. Don’t over complicate it, but a lot of people don’t even write stuff down because they’re worried that I over-complicate the how India, you know, when am I India, when am I going to go?

What time of year? What do I have to do on my business in order make that happen? Yeah. Who am I going to go with? [inaudible] just write down India and in particular Taj Mahal. Okay. Taj Mahal is awesome. It’s busy. Um, but unbelief, you know, when you walk through those first Gates, when you look down the Taj Mahal, my, you know, that that is, that is goosebumps staff history of the Taj Mahal and all the forts around, around Delhi. There are just absolutely phenomenal.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (30:14):

And, you know, I, you can’t get there soon enough, you know, and you got the, you got the big guy and this is, this is the, you know, the, the top ones for me. Um, the, the Stevan manmade wonders of the world being, um, the Colosseum Machu Picchu, right. Wall of China, Taj Mahal.

There’s four, I’ve done knows, uh, Machu Picchu. What did the other ones? Oh, Coliseum. Yep. Yep. Christ the Redeemer Dan in Brazil is another Petra in Jordan is another, and I’m missing one. Uh, I’m gonna actually, you do good to it and stay in bed. Um, you know, that, that’s what, that’s what I’m doing on my bucket list at the moment. I’ve got two to go Petra in Jordan. Oh, in Mexico. There we go. Okay. So, uh, those are the seven men made at wonders of the world and they’re just absolutely awesome.

so I’ve got chits in it, sorry. I’ve got, uh, Petra in Jordan to go and also, uh, the, uh, cross the Redeemer down in Brazil. So it was meant to be down in Brazil about this time, this time, this year. But, uh, it would be crossing that one off next year. Um, but these big seven mad minds, one is the world. They’re absolutely awesome. So yeah, put it on there. Um, but be prepared. India is one crazy place.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (31:40):

You know, I’ve done some work with some groups out of there and, uh, you know, really good people. And, uh, so anyway, I’ve got some people on, you know, I want to get over there and see, but just the sites from the, from the country to the Taj Mahal and everything in between, it’ll be fascinating. I know

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (31:55):

The food is absolutely phenomenal, phenomenal, and you want to in Chennai as well, the foods that are embedded down there, aren’t going to, but, you know, I did a, I did a five city tour speaking to her with the young presidents organization a few years ago. I’m talking to groups all around India and yeah, it was just phenomenal, but very, very busy, busy place. Yeah. Um, but what else, you know, like, so what else is on there? What’s the next one?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (32:22):

Um, I like Iceland. I want to go there, you know? Yeah. Uh, in South America, I’m not really no point just, I’d like to go down there have never been. So yeah. You know, and, and, and talking about being in your backyard, I mean, there’s places right in town that, you know, I haven’t been to, and of course there’s places closer in the us too, so yeah. A lot to choose from. And that’s, I think that’s a good point. Is it doesn’t always have to be the big, massive thing,

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (32:52):

But that’s, that’s, that’s what debilitates everyone. Right. And that’s why, you know, Machu Picchu is on everyone’s bucket list is like, yeah, cool. But you’re going to be 80 before you actually make a decision. Right. Right. And, and you know what to do that in style, you want to get fit first because you want to, do you want to do the three to four day Inca trail Trek as well through the Andes, which is absolutely phenomenal.

So for me, um, my bucket list was to do that with my dad. Um, I took, I took 12 bucket listers. Uh, people have been to my events with me. Um, and I arrived at sun gate at Machu Picchu after doing the Inca trail for the three days previous. So mind you doing the Inca trail with the group that we went with? It was full on, it was full on glamping as well.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (33:42):

Like it wasn’t, it wasn’t camping. I’ll go hide it. And my, my dad and I have grown up like trekking and out in the wild quite a bit, and, you know, surfing and, uh, and, and dads attended to me on day one and go, what the hell is this? So w we’ve got like little warm hand towels and stuff and little rat soaps, and, yeah, I’m surprised we didn’t have mint. Some of the pillows. It was, it was, uh, it wasn’t really roughing it, but I did that. I, we finished that on the morning of my 40th birthday.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (34:17):

Okay, nice. Yeah. Really pivotal time when Travis has been great having you. Um, so I know we’re going to have a lot of new bucket listers, but before we get to that, uh, tell me, is there something, is there a habit, is there a tool, a ritual that you have in your daily routine that you just couldn’t do without either personal professional? Um, yeah.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (34:45):

You know what, I, I, um, that’s a good question. A tool. I mean, we’ve got all the online tools and they’re a bit cliche now, but, um, I actually use for me to organize myself, I’ve, I’ve tapped into Michael Hyatt’s full focus planner, and it’s a really cool tool to help me organize my days, you know, from my typical kind of perfect week through two or three MVPs that are try and cross off every single day.

Um, and there’s so much stuff going into my head that I need to put pen to paper every single day. So I’m a big list writer, not just in bucket lists, but also in to-do list and getting organized around that. Um, and I, you know, what, I book it into my day too, I book in my day. So, you know, most days I’m riding in, on I’m riding in the morning, cause there’s entrepreneurs, you’ve got to build in these daily habits.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (35:48):

You know, we’ve got, we’ve got kind of habit goals. There are two types of goals. We’ve got to have it goals and success goals. I’m sorry, achievement goals, achievement goals, a lot bucket list items. You know, I did the marathon, you know, I, I went to Machu Picchu. I went to India, that’s a ha that’s an achievement goal, but a habit goal is like drinking four liters of water, right. You know, or, or exercising every day.

And, and I like to bookend my day because I’m working from their team. I want to be Uber productive and, and just energetic for things like this. And, you know, have a high, high level of vitality for the kids and have energy to, to, um, be, be present and also, um, cope with, you know, the mental crap that goes on with business as well. But, uh, cycling in the mornings, cycling in the morning coffee afterwards, um, bit of banter back and forth, better racing, heart rate up cardio.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (36:45):

And then at the end of the day, it’s, I’m stretching it’s weight training, uh, at the, at the gym. And, and my partner tried, no, I do that all the time as well. One of, one of the pieces of time that we’ve carved out together, um, to do that together, we’re both into fitness. And that was actually my previous business. I was in the personal fitness training industry for over 20 years and founded a franchise, the chain of personal training studios before I got into doing this.

So that’s always been part of my day, uh, guests, you know, going back to your question, these are all habits, tools, techniques, hacks, um, that helped me lead our, now we’ve got list certified of these coaches in 22 countries around the world. So I’m founder CEO of that managing the team. And, uh, apart from doing that, you know, wanting to have the energy to do things like this with you, right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (37:44):

No, and you know, I do my best thinking when I get out and walk, uh, you know, doesn’t have to be at the gym, just get out and walk around the area where I live. It’s beautiful. And, uh, it’s amazing the clarity sometimes that you get and the creativity just getting away from the computer,

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (38:00):

That’s it? Yep. Yeah. You got to get off those devices, don’t you yet? Probably the biggest hack that I recommend is to switch off all notifications, switch off all notifications on your freaking phone and you’ll have a life again. You won’t be checking that thing, you know, like for you, for you, I’m, I’ve got my phone upside down. I’m not being notified. It’s always upside down when I’m talking to someone. I think our, our attention, our presence is our most valuable commodity these days.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (38:33):

Right? No, you’re right about, we’ll try and tell everybody how they can get a hold of, you know, there’s going to be like a set, a lot of new bucket listers out there that want to follow you. Maybe even get ahold of you.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (38:46):

Yeah. Roy cheers, man. And, um, probably Instagram is, uh, sadly I want to say Tik TOK yet. We’ll go with Instagram right about tick-tock yet. Um, but uh, on a bucketlistguy.travbell on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and travbell-the bucketlistguy. Yeah, and is my main website.

Um, the other one is people are keen on finding out more about bucket lists. Coach go to as well, the general point or one of our weekly webinars. But man, you know, like I’ve got a challenge for you and I’ve got a challenge for anyone who’s watching or listening. Okay. Is once you, Roy Roy, once you write down your bucket list and now it’s got India in Iceland right there already. So you get into your Iceland.

And did you say you’re going to do an iron man? No, no, no. That wasn’t me. No, I thought you mentioned that earlier. No, no, not yet. Yeah. Um, uh, so I want, once you’ve done that to the best of your ability, I want you to just email it to me. Okay.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (39:54):

I certainly will. All right. Write that

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (39:56):

Down. All right. So Travis guys Trav at the bucket list, that will literally come to me personally. Okay. And, uh, I have magical powers in order to make that stuff come to fruition.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast (40:08):

Okay. Yeah. And I’ll be sure and put all that stuff in the show notes. So again, Travis, thanks a lot. Remember y’all can find us at www dot the business of business podcast. We’re also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, uh, and LinkedIn too. So give us a shout out. Travis has been great. Look forward to talking with you sing.

Trav Bell – The Bucket List Guy (40:31):

All right. Thanks Roy. Cheers mate. Bye.