Get Happy In Life By Taking It One Thought At A Time

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Get Happy In Life By Taking It One Thought At A Time with Joseph Costello

Is your way not working? You’re always tired? Always sick? You’re all was broke? You don’t believe in you. At that point of time, it was like as if there was just one little glimmer of hope. I was on the track of achievement and I was chasing achievement, but I ended up fairly own fulfilled.

About Joseph

Early in my life I found myself unfulfilled and working a job that my father & grandfather had worked before me. This lack of fulfillment led me on a journey of self-discovery.

That journey led me to work alongside some of the pioneers of personal development, giants like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza & Paul McKenna. Thus, I went from a €30k a year job to a million in a short time and built companies that generated income of 7 & 8 figures.

The key to my success was learning a unique set of tools which enabled me to start living internally. My passion in life is to share what I know with others and to help my clients live the life they’ve always wanted.

Global Expert In Human Mindset

Do you ever wonder if you have reached your true potential in life? What could you achieve if you identified the blocks that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself? You have seen others succeed in the same field and wondered how they do it?

Well the most successful athletes work together with their coaches to get the best out of themselves, this is exactly what I do – I work together with Business Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to invest in themselves, to be a better version of themselves, and to become the best in their field.

Joseph devotes his life to helping others realize their full potential.

You may not know where to start when looking for a business mentor or what is involved when working together. You need reassurance that we are the right fit for you and your needs – have a look at some areas we highlighted as problematic and see if they resonate with you. If they do or you have any questions, book your free discovery call – where we will establish if we can work together and if I can help get you to where you want to be in life.

Start your journey today.

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Get Happy In Life By Taking It One Thought At A Time with Joseph Costello

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. I’m your host, Roy, of course we are the podcast that brings you a wide range of, professionals and guests at, are able to speak to a lot of diverse topics. Today we have a very timely guest, Joseph Costello. He is a performance coach. Now the interesting thing is he left school when he was 15, but he’s been able to start two firms that both ran into the seven and eight figures.

He works very closely with Bob Proctor and, one thing we’re going to talk about in kind of his messages, one thought at a time. Joseph, thank you for taking time out of your day. Like I said, a pre-show very timely for me because, just, we’re busy professionals a lot going on a lot of thoughts, a lot of things we need to do a lot of things we want to do.


So, welcome to the show and tell me where we start.


Roy. Thanks very much for having me here today. I’m excited to speak to you and your listeners, and let’s just hope they understand the Irish accent. So.


Yeah. Now it’s good. It’s great. They probably understand you better than me most times. Tell us about your story. You, you’re a performance coach, but you left school when you were 15, but you were able to start these to a hugely successful company. Can you kind of walk us through that ?


Yeah, so, I left school at 15 and I followed in my brother’s footsteps. He left school at 15 and I went and worked in a coal yard. Where we’re alike salmon and we’re swimming, upstream war has gone on before us, right at the age of 18, I went and I worked with my father as a civil servant. I was the fourth generation to work as a civil servant walk. We do.

Between the ages of 18 to 20 Trey, I ended up very unhappy, very unfulfilled to the point of I had a very negative attitude towards life. What are the things that I teach now is generally your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you. What I was putting out was generally shown up into my lifestyle. At the age of 20 tray, I had a mental breakdown and I got introduced to Bob Proctor.


It was one of these, conversations that you had and it was Joe, your way is not working. You’re always tired. Always sick. You’re at all was broke. He says, you don’t believe in you, but I believe in you. At that point of time, it was like as if there was just one little glimmer of hope. I remember reading one of his first books, you were born rich. From Dan, over the last that 18 years at my life has been devoted to business and personal development.

The last two years, I’ve really talked to personal development and performance coach into a whole new level because that I had started at two seven figure companies and two eight figure companies, but it’s like, we can go through life. I was on the track of achievement and I was chasing achievement, but I ended up fairly own fulfilled.


It’s like as if, people looked in from the outside, he has the big house, he has the big car, everybody’s healthy and businesses is going well, but there was something missing within me. When I looked at that soul thing was, I believe my purpose in life was to help people wake up one Tod at a time.

That’s one of my favorite slogans is we are aware we are out in life and it’s, our TinCan is produced in our choices. Our choices is produced in our actions. When we do actions, enough times they become behaviors and that’s going to produce an experience or a result. We can generally end up like the hamster in the wheel. And, I was the hamster in the wheel on many different parts of my life. I know what it’s like to be the hamster. Right.


Yeah, exactly. And I really liked that positive message. I was told a few years ago. My priest very insightful, but he said that our minds are like grinders and they grind all the time. So, we get to choose what we grind there though. I think that, to your point that, we have to have those positive thoughts and affirmations about ourselves because typically I guess I’m gonna, I’ll put this as a question to you, but typically we are the most hardest on ourselves. Is that correct?


Yeah, it’s fair. It’s very funny. I was listening to a fella called Neville Goddard to smart and, Neville Goddard. It was, it was all about self criticism and we are very critical of ourselves. Generally if we born into a family, that’s very supportive, we’re going to grow up to be a confident type of that human being. I was born into a family and my father used to be quite critical of me. I think his father was quite critical of him.

Generally then at that inner critic is born. How do we make friends with that inner critic? And how do we, come to a point that we start to love and support those because how we think and how we feel inside of us is going to turn into an hour reflection of ourself. Right? So again, for years I was chasing achievement for that pat on my back, that was never going to come from my father.


I was always quite critical of myself. I was successful in finance, but I wasn’t successful inside of me. In the last few years now I have to really go back and look at me and make friends with me and talk nicely to me. And thank God. Now that started to show up at my outer world or my reality. Yeah.


Yeah. I think, you mentioned going back and continuing this process is that, it’s not simple to change our mindset. It, it takes work. We have to get up every day and we really have to put some thought into it that, today we’re going to be positive and chase those negative thoughts, out of our head before we let them take control.


Yeah. It’s like a lot of what I would work with is a thing called the paradigm. The paradigm is that multitude of habits, it’s that mental program that’s actually running unconsciously. So, if we’re awakened and we’re not, if we don’t know where we’re going, we can drive out our driveway to small and we can either go left or we can go, right. We can go around in circles or we can fall into other people’s goals or society’s goals.

I believe we’re goal seek and organisms and heir purpose in life is to grow. People come to me and they say a goal is to get a bigger house, to get a bigger car where I’m saying, well, if you grow as an individual inside of your house, your career, your business, as a byproduct of you growing as an individual. We need to be changed in the paradigm.


That paradigm is that multitude of habits that we’ve inherited from of mom, of dad we’ve grew up in a house that speaks one language will speak one language. If you are bilingual, we’ll speak two languages. We’re just picking up what they have done over the years. If we’re grown up and there was a lack of money, maybe we’re going to have money issues if we’re grown up and, generally you are eating unhealthy well, then more than likely are going to be overweight.

I like to go to the point of source and find out, well, what is it that you want in life? And when we find out what we want, we can start moving towards that. 90% of people I talk to will tell me what the Dole want. By the fact of telling me what the Dole one, that’s where their awareness is, that’s where the focus is.


That’s where our energy is under create more of the same. Yeah.


We start to retool that thinking do, my understanding is we need to focus on self, our happiness, what makes it, and I’m not talking about, we think, the car, the house, the money, we think that makes us happy, but really, the happiness comes inside from other things.

That’s really, where is that where we really want to focus in the beginning is, what is it going to take to make us happy, healthy? And I assume that’s eating, it’s a combination of a lot of things, the eating, right, the feeling good mentally, physically, and being able to accomplish the things that we want to.


I think that once we’re moving towards a goal in some part of our life, and we’re grown as an individual, we’re tapping into where soul’s purposes for us to grow, and if we’re grown and that doesn’t matter where we are in life, I teach a thing called a C type goal. A C type goal, it has, they’re scared and excited chip.

If we’re not getting scared, aren’t excited at the same time, we’re within our comfort zone and there’s no growth within our comfort zone and people go through life and, we can have these different things we aim for.

Okay. I get the mortgage paid or, when I get the business to a certain turnover or profit, and we’re putting our happiness dependent on that, and when that point comes, all of a sudden you will get a fairly rude awakening because it’s like, well, what’s next, right? So it’s, again, it’s sorta going within and sorted going towards something in your life.


I like to think true wealth is, to have a, a good mind body and soul meaningful relationships. If you focus on you grown as that individual, the house and the characters automatically can get bigger, if that’s what you want, ? Right.


How many goals, cause there’s, we can sit down and make a list of a lot of them, but do you focus one to five or do you just, I guess, write down everything, kind of do the brainstorming activity, just let everything flow out, think about it for a day or two and then come back and prioritize those.


I generally, teach that idea have a goal within finance, a goal within, so finance that could be in a career or your business you’d have a goal within your relationships. So, we start to spend more time with your loved ones. That to maybe partake in your kids’ hobbies, is that to play a game of golf or is that to enjoy going for a massage more often, and then for you to be grown within your mind, your body and your soul.

I like to be all was grown as an individual and tapping into different people from different walks of lives, ? So I’m only back from Cancun there. Last week I was over with Dr. Joe Dispenza, we done a week of meditation and really learning to go inside the view. It’s great to make me like-minded people on the same frequency. Right?


Yeah. You hear that so often too, I think, is that, kind of, starting to, this is also to surround ourselves with those like-minded people, because typically we can get surrounded by people that just suck the life out of you are such a negative influence that we have to really think about the environment that we live in as well. Correct.


Yeah. So Dr. Joe Dispenza says, is your environment control in your thinking or does your tink and control in your environment now? So at this minute, I know there’s a lot of stuff going on with the big C word, what the, some people go and they get so caught up in that, or under some industries affected on others. And, we can get caught up to the notifications to Facebook, the news, and you will be afraid to do anything in life.

I am aware of what’s going on out there. I’m aware of how I should click dock myself in the safety measures, got to do with it, but I’m still moving forward in my life. I still want to grow my business. I still want to grow me. Your environment control and your tink and art is your tink and control in your environment. My thinking has gone to control my days that I can go in.


I have my tank and this goal of control my business, my relationships, my mind, my body and soul, I’m conscious of what I need to do to travel safety. Or if I can go now to wear a mask and to sanitize and to isolate, I am aware of that, but it’s not going to control me. Right?


No, that’s good. It’s, some of us, myself, I’ll say, have, has of survivor’s guilt through this fortunate. Nobody I know has been really affected, but it seems that, we’ve kind of thrived and flourished through this. It’s given us a lot of time to reset and you said, put our focus back on some relationships and some of the basics of life, not always out running around, maybe sometimes going in directions that really aren’t helping us go to the goal that we’re trying to seek.


It’s funny. I saw something on a green card. Someone sent me the other day. It’s one of the only pandemics that dealt with keeping us apart has brought us together. Right? And it was a great tagline. What keeps us apart has brought us together. When we look at things in life, I teach the law of polarity, which says everything has an opposite. We have a look, we have a down, we have an inside, we have an outside, we have a negative, we have a positive.

When, so when some things are so negative, they can be so positive. There’s plenty of negatives out there, but there is positives in everything in life. When we’re on that frequency of trying to look at things like the glass as being half full, we can spot the positives, can we focus on the positives? And it was like, when I was at the age of 20 tree, I did want the good old beds I did want to go to work.


And my attitude towards life was determined. My average life’s attitude towards me. And I could only see that negative. Again, I’m not being condescending of what’s going on. It’s just something that I want to choose to look at through my eyes. I encourage people to do this. Yeah,


Yeah. Sometimes that, and the, I guess the other converse of that is this pandemic, it seemed like, has brought to the surface a lot of anger. How can we deal when, outside things make us angry? it can take over and take control of our day, our week or whatever.

That’s one thing that I see is that, we can disagree. I may not like, somebody politics, I may not, I may have a different religion, but, we don’t really have to be angry at that other person and lash out. To me, that’s something that is one of the things that I have really seen come out. How can we deal with that if we kind of have that anger issue?


Well, one of the things that I would teach a lot of the time and I would actually do, myself, when you go off track is gratitude. We can sit down and be grateful for the body, that we’re in, be grateful for the chair that I’m sitting in, be grateful for the computer and the microphone and talk.

And to, be, start to be grateful for your family, for your business, for the experience Julie, and no two things kind of exist within the same space. If you’re starting to be grateful and you start feeling that well, you can feel angry at the same time.

I, you find that, we go through life and sometimes we veer off to the right. I would say that’s like the rumble strips on the road. When you hit the rumble strips, where, when we’re veering off to the right, what I tried to do, or maybe it’s the left in American steroid, and I try and be grateful and center myself now, does that always work? No.


Do I get angry? Yes. With generally it’s a coping mechanism back now to bring you back on track and your consult to say, okay, well, I might have to take control and it’s nearly like a learned behavior. If you can spare to learn how to be grateful in times like this, it becomes a bit easier. I’m not saying it’s a light switch, we just do it and it turns off, but it does become.


Yeah. I think that’s great advices that we have to examine our life every day, sometimes two or three times a day. But, we have to stop and think about those things that we are even in some of our worst moments, there are things that are blessings. If you, if you have health issues, if you’ve got your family and they’re supportive. There are, you can go through all the different scenarios.

But basically they’re usually we can always find something that we can focus on that went ride and it kind of gets into the next thing I was going to ask you about is, so when we set a goal, just like myself, I’m always, I want to get healthy. I can set on the couch and eat some chips and watch some TV and think I w I really want to get healthy and probably not going to happen.


But, so when we set goals, do we need to sit down and define those steps that we need to take that are going to lead us to success with that goal?


Well, one of the first things that, well, the first two things that are you sorta teachers, number one, is we need to make the decision on what we want. A lot of people will make a preference at that point of time. They say, I want to get healthy, and I want to do this. Generally what happens is their memories of the past that failed, that the dire fails that the gym is going to meet your future predictable.

We need to create a new model, a new vision of the future, and we need to make a decision, not a preference. Decision comes from the Latin word to put off. We to actually caught ourselves off and raise the frequency, raise the level of energy, raise the level of the motion to be stronger than what has gone on before. What we experienced then is does a ting called that dyno and dune factor.


So, someone that smokes probably knows they shouldn’t smoke and they know it’s healthy people. They still deal with someone that’s on a diet, knows the shotgun have that slice of cake at put, they still have it. And it’s about the intention. It’s about it. Desire. It’s about sat and soaked in place and actually born in the boats and going after it.

What I mean? What a higher level of intensity, what’s good for maybe someone that has failed so many times is having accountability partners too, that could be down to joined and some program having a personal trainer, maybe, a nutritionist that’s there that just going to give you that little bit better, that person to make you accountable. That just gives you that little bit of confidence until you gain a better momentum.

If a car on a stock, the hardest part to get that car move and is that actually forest step or two, but when that car gets moved and it starts to accelerate and builds a bit of momentum, so we’re looking what can help you build that momentum? And I work with a lot of that entrepreneurs, small, medium enterprises CEOs.


That’s something I do is just to make that person accountable. Sometimes it’s tough. Love is what you need to get that car move and, ,


No, exactly. I, I really like what you said about raising the intensity, because I’m just thinking of my own life. That that is some things that, if we really feel like that, and we really believe in, and we really want it, we need to increase that intensity and not just think about it. So that’s great advice. I think the other thing, another thing I find or have found in the past with myself and others is.

It has to do with gratitude, but it also has to do with our, being kind to ourself that if we have a list of, tend to dues today, and so we get seven of them completed, w we can usually spend a lot of our time beating ourself up over those three that we didn’t get completed instead of rejoicing in the seven that we did. Then, just saying, we do the, we got to, we did the best we can do if we did the best we can do, we have to realize that and be able to move on to the next day and not because what I’ve found in the past is those three today carry over tomorrow.


You’re not quite as up tomorrow. It just, it can take you down a steep staircase if you let it.


Yeah. I suppose that’s going to be down to that inner self-talk of you making a choice of either being grateful for getting your seven things done today, or focusing on the treatings you didn’t get done. Right. And everything in the universe is energy. We live in an ocean of motion.

And, when you can learn to be grateful for the things that you don’t today, one of the things that I, ask people as you can be grateful for this bottle of water, I can be grateful for this microphone, but can you be grateful for the things that haven’t came to you yet?

So there’s an element of fate there. Fate, like all they would say is to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible and to achieve what the masses think is the impossible. Can you be grateful for seeing you with the fit and healthy body that you want to see yourself in?


Because Buddha said there’s no such thing as the future. There’s only now because how you think and how you feel now is going to create your future interests. That conversation, it had five seconds ago was gone already. So accurate toll allow, will say now. He says now interrupting now, right?

So it’s, can you see ourselves so we can all be grateful for the things we have to, I’m asking you, can you be grateful for the things that you want and see, hear, feel, taste, touch, and smell it in the now, because by you do that, you’re starting to program your mind in the now. Okay.


That’s interesting. Can we touch on the one thought at a time? Yeah. Yeah.


We get up in the day, a lot of us is just going to go on to an automatic program. Get off at the age of 35, 90 5% of what we do is an unconscious habit program. We get up to, we check the phone and the morning did we check the WatsApp? Do we check the telegram? Did we check the Facebook? Do we check the notifications? Do we have a shower?

We go downstairs. We probably eat the same cereal in the same bowl, have the cup of tea or the cup of coffee and the same cop looking out the window in the same direction. This goes along during the day, you answer the same emails. You see the same people, the push, the same buttons at the same time. And we’re on a program. Now, if you can get up in the morning and you can start asking your self, the question, well, what is it that I actually want?


A lot of people tink by doing mental activity. If you could open them on, and then you answer the emails and you do the same thing every day, that’s mental activity, doing the same things over and over tink, and has actually taken you off the hamster on the wheel. I’m actually saying, well, Roy, what do you want in life? And whether that’s within your business, that’s within your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, or your career, and to actually ting. Bob

Proctor says 2% of people think at 3% tink detained and 95%, the driver died on 10 because if they actually talk about it, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. So I like to take time out. My, every morning I spent two hours, I do an hour and 15 minutes meditation or Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation. I would sit down and I would read some chapter from some like Neville Goddard, Bob Proctor, Dr.


Joe Dispenza. I would do of journal. I like to create my destiny, rod or Don beam, rather than let my environment, create my tink. Tinkering is the highest function of creation and people get caught up in the mental activity thinking extinct. One Tod at a time is, are you actually tinkered? Is that long-winded? But I think that no,


No, no. I think that’s good. We actually have to put some thought into things, not just go through those motions that we’ve been, I guess it’s the same as that, we can’t continue to do the same thing and expect something different to happen. We have to actually give some thought into where we’re going to go. W and you brought up journaling. I hear a lot of that.

I journal myself, but I like to ask, how people journal, just to get a sense of, like, a lot of times, it’s just more my thoughts about what is happening at that moment. Maybe something that’s happened in the past, but, as you’ve been talking, it’s like, it makes me think of, maybe I should be thoughtful about what, where I’m going, what I want, journaling about what that next step is or how I’m feeling about that.

Can you give us some insight into, to journaling how you do it?


How do I do my journaling is, if I do a meditation, sometimes I might get some sort talk within the meditation or intuition, and I’ll write down what came to me, because generally when you close your eyes and your clothes off the outside world, you’re not getting influence from the outside world. You’re actually more connected to what it is you want. So I might write down that.

The second part of my journaling will be me working on a thing called self image. In the 1960s, there was a doctor called Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He wrote a book called Psycho-Cybernetics and he was a plastic surgeon. What do you realize this? He was doing a lot of surgery on different people, and someone might come in for the nose job. Although there was a physical change, in some cases, there was a psychological change, but in other things there wasn’t.


We realized we had two images and the first image is the way we walked away. We talked the way we brush her hair. The second image is that inner image inside of you. All you do, right? My image of who I want to be calm in the neck. I see myself as a calm, confident, capable, relaxed presenter, speak in front of thousands of people being a good father, being kind to my wife and my kids being kind to me.

That’s the hardest part of being kind to me. I see everything in the now because the past is gone and the future is only getting created now. By you doing this every day, constant space, repetition changes the paradigm, which is that multitude of habits. Your change in your programming to be combat Paris, and then the now and there, no two things can exist within the same place.


If you think our, of our conscious mind is like a well till failed, and it can only accept what you plant in it. If you do this on a daily basis, all of a sudden you’re going to change, how will you tink, how you fail, how will you act and the results that you have. Okay.


That’s awesome. Joseph, thank you so much for sharing that. And, it’s, you’ve given us a lot to think about today. Before we kinda wrap up, I do have one question, cause you’ve talked about a lot of things, but what is something that you do during your day that you feel adds the most value, either professional personal, and I know we’ve talked about journaling and meditation, so, if it’s those or if you want to choose something else, that’s good too.


Sometimes it’s just bringing yourself back to the here and now and being aware of where you are of what’s going on around you. Rod are done being in your head and being in your phone or being in your drive and being in the meat and then being in your email sometimes to actually listen to what’s going on around you. How many times is the board singing, but we don’t even hear them singing. Correct. How many times is there a nice flower in front of us, but we don’t, smell it. Be in the now and be more in the now I know the now is your future. Okay.


Well, great. Well, Joseph, I want everybody to reach out. I think you can have a positive influence, on the audience. If somebody is seeking help, tell them, kind of who is your client, how you can help them. Of course, how they can reach out and get ahold of you.


I deal with anyone that’s in a nine to five job to SME small, medium businesses, to big corporations, to CEOs. It’s just, people has gone to listen to me. They might like me some won’t. If you do like me, jump on it’s Joseph Costello mentor I’m on Facebook. I’m on Instagram, Joseph Costlow mentor, send me a DM. I’ll jump on a call, which I am, who knows, maybe I can wake you up one time at the time who knows where the future brings us. Yep.


All right. That’s awesome. Great information. Appreciate you taking time out of your day. Again, it’s been a real pleasure. That’s going to do it for another episode of The Business of Business Podcast. You can of course find us on all major podcast platforms, iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify.

If we’re not one that you use, please reach out. I’d be glad to get you added. Be glad to add that to our, group that we put out to now. Also there will be a video of this interview, go up on YouTube. When the episode goes live, you can find us at and all social media. And, again, we appreciate it. Until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.

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