Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website? Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks

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Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website? Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks with Sir Sanju Ganglani

The old days of building a website and they will come are no more. A good website takes some thought and creativeness. You have to be able to capture your reader’s attention in just a few lines. But having an awesome website provides no value if no one reads it. This emphasizes the importance of SEO

About Sir Sanju

He is the founder of gang&lani media serving the global business community across Canada, USA, Europe and Africa for the past ten years.  The company specializes in serving B2C and B2B clients in marketing: traditional and digital with primary focus on search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, Design & Branding, Print and Website Development.   As an entrepreuner, Sanju understands what level of dedication and support is necessary to help make a business successful.  He is involved with many not for profits and charities such as NourishHope, Skills for Change. Brilliant Minded Women Foundation, Pink Attitude,  Blues for the Red Door, and Heroes in Black.  He was knighted by the Order of Saint Stanislas – Bishop-Martyer which is awarded to people all over the world for their achievements in the fields of education, science, sport, art, economics, national defense, social work, civil service and for furthering relations between countries.

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Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (00:00):

One hello and welcome to another episode of the business of business podcast. I’m Roy. We are the podcast that, uh, we bring you a wide range of guests. From a lot of disciplines that have to do with the running of businesses. We typically speak to solo preneurs entrepreneurs and small business people. So we want to give them some things to think about, and. We also want to give them some resources to reach out, to, to. You know, help, help them be more successful in their journey. So today we have an awesome guest it’s Sir Sonju Ganglani.

He is the founder of Ganglani Media serving the global business community across Canada, us, Europe, and Africa for the past 10 years, the company specializes in serving clients in marketing, traditional and digital with a primary focus on search engine optimization, social media design, and branding print, and website development. So without further ado songs, you, it is awesome to have you with us today. Thanks for taking time out of your day.

Sir Sanju (01:12):

No, I appreciate it. Thank you for having me. I’m excited

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (01:14):

Now this, uh, of course your family is a family of entrepreneurs. So, you know, this is kind of, you’ve been able to learn growing up the. You know, the dedication and the support necessary to make it, uh, to be successful in business. And I think that’s awesome. You also have been knighted by the order of, and. I’m going to let you pronounce that and tell us a little bit about it, uh, because I don’t want to butcher the name.

Sir Sanju (01:42):

Yeah, it’s the same sign. It says, um, it’s an order of Poland action, so I can come up Polish night, which is kind of funny. Um, and it was basically what it’s been last year actually was exactly a year ago, um, for, you know, the work that we did in community. So we do a lot of work with, uh, women on knowers and, um, people, students that are looking for scholarships or helping to kind of get the next level, so kind of work a lot with them. And that work was fortunately, um, recognized in the community. Uh, we were, I was a nightly last trip.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (02:13):

Well, that’s awesome. Congratulations. I don’t know that we’ve never had somebody who’s been knighted on the show, so that’s a first for us. Well, um, you know, you cover a lot of ground. And so I thought we would take this opportunity just to kinda, uh, you know, we’re not going to have time to delve into all these subjects. I mean, we could spend hours and hours on each one of these topics. But let’s just kind of take it from the point of view that, um, we’ve got some, a new entrepreneur out there starting his own business. Or maybe there’s somebody in business that wants to redevelop their web presence. So let’s kinda just start at the beginning with, uh, you know, the website development.

Sir Sanju (02:56):

Okay. So, so it’s kind of funny because it’s, you know. Digital marketing is one of those things where it’s not just one thing. It’s not just websites, it’s not just social or SEO. It’s sort of this whole ecosystem that works together with the foundations. The analogy I usually use is that of, um, a young lady getting ready to go out on Saturday night.

So, you know, if, if you look at it, visualize it, you know. Sort of the first thing that they go out and do is, you know. They’re at home, they put on their foundation and we kind of refer the foundations of their makeup, um, to a website. The first thing and most important thing that I will look at nowadays. It’s no longer your business card, it’s really your website, right.

So, and they’re looking you up, whether you’re running an ad campaign. Or whether they just got your, you know, your business partner spoke to you, they go to your website and that’s sort of what kind of judges you, or gives you that club that you need.

Sir Sanju (03:47):

Right. Um, so to me, that is by far the biggest and most important investment that you need to make. Um, but the key with two websites. That we find it’s new entrepreneurs or in honesty with, with, uh. People been around for a while is a lot of us look at the website as what we would like to see. Right. And so we kind of way that this a disconnect where it sort of, you know. Some of us like myself, I’m always a lot more creative.

So I want that sexy, you know, afraid of artistic website. Right. You know, versus you got the guy who was like, dude. I came here to find out what you do. And I need to get it out in one minute or less. Right. So, you know, helping, helping entrepreneurs understand that. You know, the site may not look or feel, or, or represent your personality, but it needs to reflect the people you’re trying to target.

Sir Sanju (04:34):

And I think that’s a big gap that people find. Yeah. Um, and this ecosystem is that when they go into it. They build this beautiful website and, you know, God bless them. But when it comes to convert or get the one website to use it. They find that it’s not quite what they want it or the quality of what they’re bringing to the website. Zoe does it, who they’re really targeting.

Right. So, you know, the, the time that goes into a website. You know, and you know, of anyone, they’ll tell you, Hey, I’ll do it in 48 hours, two guys who say this is for six months. Um, but there’s value in both scenarios. Right. Um, you know, websites has become so diverse. That’s no longer going in and building a one page website saying, all right, good for 10 years. Right. Um, you know, it’s looking at now, am I an e-commerce site?

Sir Sanju (05:17):

Am I a small business, Am I a consultant, Am I a restaurant? And kind of, kind of that expands or contracts, the depth of your website, right. Or what you want to do. Um, you know, and then, you know, some of us, some of the larger organizations. There’s someone who’s to build something more, long-term sustainable. You want to go through the whole design process. Right. Actually creating the mock-ups, um, you know. Making sure that things are placed properly, that you do the testing before you even start development.

Right. Versus, you know, a lot of the new startups are a lot of, you know. Guys up there who were running a restaurant or starting out a new bakery. Or looking at a new real estate brokerage or whatever. It is, just need something to kind of get up there and get the message out there. Right. So it’s understanding where to put your money and how to kind of put your time. Yeah. But also understand that it’s valued too. Um, making sure that mandation is relayed properly. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (06:07):

I think it also kind of adds a little bit, uh, air of legitimacy nowadays. Not that somebody can’t fabricate a false website. But if, if you give somebody a business card without a website, you know, people really question, question that. And I think it’s a good research tool because. You know, and we’ll say with the higher dollar, as we walk up the, uh, you know. The service or products that are going to cost more.

I want to do some research to make sure who I’m dealing with. Because unfortunately in this day in time, um, it’s easy to give somebody a credit card number or write them a check and then never see them again. So, uh, and again, the website. I know it’s not going to solve all of those issue. But I think it gives us as consumers, a place to go learn more about it. Uh, you know, who we may be hiring

Sir Sanju (07:01):

A hundred percent. Right. Um, it represents you. And, um, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t understand the value. Right? The other thing that people don’t understand is. You know, in the building websites today, there are a lot of our clients are people that come to us. They’re like, well, I just need, want to set up. And they’re looking at three to six months out versus. Where we really started thinking as how’s this going to evolve in a year, three years, five years, because you don’t want to rip out those guts and make that investment again. Right?

Yeah. You want to build something that’s going to grow with you or give you that ability to, um, completely customize it to where it works. Right. And it’s, it’s tough. Right. Because a lot of people, it’s not, you know, you don’t understand it just like yesterday, I had a plumber come to my house and he looked at my stuff. He’s like, who did this in trial? And I’m like, how am I supposed to know this? Right. So it’s I get it right. Yeah. Right.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (07:52):

Yeah, no, I get that. Sometimes people look on the back end and go, Ooh, what happened here? But you know, websites have evolved and we’ll talk a little bit about that. I’ve had guests, the last few guests I’ve had make me feel like I’m a ancient dinosaur age because. You know, back when websites started. A web page was text. It was basically, uh, you just regurgitated everything you could think about yourself, your business, your product, your service. On one page. And that page may be, um, you know, what, we’d call like a standard, you know, 10, 12 screen. Links of just, you know, scrolling through texts, texts, texts. So, you know, as things have evolved. And as a technology definitely has evolved, we’ve gone more to picture base and, you know, pictures, videos, but more visual base than what back in the day.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (08:46):

So talk a little bit about the integration of pictures. Uh, and also the, the depth I’m less, I don’t know. The easiest way to say is that the, uh, depth of a website versus the link. So instead of having everything, um, you know, just all lined down on one page where people have to scroll because, you know. I think it’s, it’s, uh, we only have a few seconds to capture their attention. And so I’ll let you talk to that. And then I’ll jump in. I’ve got just a, you know, a few things that, uh, observations that I’ve picked up.

Sir Sanju (09:25):

Well, it’s kind of fun is as you I’m just describing those websites, that’s when I started loving websites. So it was in your fire. GOC is, and it was all animated gifs everywhere. And the more cheaper you can make it look appealing, nothing more effective, but was right. Exactly. It’s funny that, you know, like those are the days when I used to literally pull from old patterns code right off the top of my head.

Yeah. Um, that’s, it’s bald like crazy. Right. And it’s finding that that solution that works for you is become more of a challenge. Right. Um, you know, a lot of things that we need to start focusing on are the wide. You know, what the ecosystem is again, because you can build out a website and you can stick it all on one page and you can still do that. No problem at all.

Sir Sanju (10:08):

Um, but if you’re looking to build something that’s going to generate leads, um. Or that’s going to attract that right. Type of client, that’s when you start talking about the SEO side of it. And talk about the Legion side of it. Right. Um, and making sure that that strategy is fitting into this website that you’re building. So little things like, you know, making sure you have at least 500 words of content on every page, right. From a SEO perspective. Right. Um, making sure that your copy is legitimately your copy, right? You didn’t pull it off some in Brazil,

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (10:36):

Stop. I’m going to stop you right there. Cause that’s an important part that, uh. That’s, you know, it’s been a change the last few years. But I’m not sure people really understand. That is my understanding is that Google will not index anything under the 500 words that you speak of. So what you’re saying basically is we’ve ha we need 500 words on the page in order to get Google, to read it and index it where people can

Sir Sanju (11:01):

Find it at least. Yes. And now there’s that fine balance of 500 words versus 5,000 to say the same thing. Exactly. And then, you know, w when we get into the SEO side. There’s a whole difference of keyword stuffing versus legitimate times. Exactly. Um, but, but for the purposes of the website side of it, um, it. It’s making sure that there’s enough on every page that people are engaged.

Yes. Um, you know, and that is, needs to be a healthy mix of text, um, audio or potentially video. Potentially an imagery. Um, we are getting much, I don’t say lazier, but our attention span is definitely reduced significantly harassed. Right. Um, and, and the problem is that, you know, our audience start shift on the younger end. Our client clients younger. They’re literally gonna look at it and in three seconds on it, right there to engage with it or not even understand it.

Sir Sanju (11:53):

Um, you know, so you kinda gotta cater to everyone. So if you have sort of a mixed client base, um, your older clients will be the stuff you’re middle-aged guys, and probably watched the video. And young guys look at images and vote yay or nay. So it’s, you know, making sure that you kind of capture everyone, uh. Everyone’s attention and kind of get them to fill that magical form. I didn’t get in touch with you.

Right. Um, and giving them enough ammo to do so. The one-page website, in my opinion, is very starter, very, very, very starter. Um, you know, for, for most businesses. To me that going to last, you maybe three to six months, they’re starting to grow. Right. So again, it’s looking at that investment that you want to make. Right. Do you want to make it one time upfront and kind of expand and scale. Or do you just want to test the business and see what happens? And you’re okay with kind of going back and doing it.

Um, and it’s a tough decision to make, right? Because obviously. When we’re all starting something, or we’re in the middle of something, you know, the goal is, Hey, 30 years from now, I own the world. Right. And then, you know, there’s a level of realism that has to kick in with that. Right. And some scaling,

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (12:52):

Well, let’s talk a little bit about, um, um, kinda jot some notes down as you go, cause this is so important, but let’s talk about the difference between stock pictures and, um, more realistic pictures of people, operations things. You know, my, my opinion is that, um, you know, people look at stock photos now and they, you know, kind of like, eh, whereas if, if I have a picture of me, me and my dog or doing something I enjoy doing, it’s like, it gives people a way to bond with you, connect with you. What’s your opinion on that?

Sir Sanju (13:29):

My opinion is doctor that. I mean, we, we usually refuse to stop those. The only time we used to stop, if there really is no other way to convey that message or to not feel it right. Um, you know, without having to hire an actor or whatever it is to pose for it, most of our clients do prefer live action pictures. You know, it’s not necessarily the personal pictures, it’s a lot of the professional pictures.

Um, we keep those personal pictures for their, about me page, let’s say, or their social media. But from a overall website standpoint, you know, let’s say they’re a dentist, for example, you know, pictures of the practice, which are the hygienist, if you’re happy patients that are actually patients, um, you know, and leveraging those assets to, to kind of be the messaging that they want

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (14:14):

Yeah. And their equipment inside of their office. And that’s, you know, those things that are, um, you know, it’s important because you want to see, well, what does the inside of this place look like? So I think those are important, important,

Sir Sanju (14:29):

Like for like lawyers, Oh, look, another picture of a gavel [inaudible] so it’s again finding the right imagery to convey the message without ever getting into cheesy stuff. Right. Or getting into free trade stuff. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (14:45):

So let’s talk about, uh, the length versus the depth, because that, again, I feel like is a change in, you know, what I try to do is instead of, you know, having everything run from the top to the bottom and, you know, basically utilizing just one homepage it’s, um, what, what I’ve been told and what I kind of feel now is that, you know, we have that page that comes up that it’s really awesome if it fits right in the screen.

But then we give people options to go deeper, depending upon what they’re looking for. And, and you mentioned about you, maybe you want to find out, you know, where did the dentist go to school? Uh, maybe, you know, there’s other topics that services, things like that, where they can click on whatever their interest in and go deeper into a website and not just, you know, have something that’s just flat and more linear.

Sir Sanju (15:41):

So, so it’s really multipurpose. Um, you kind of have to have both and I’ll explain. Okay. Um, you need to have the short depth to the guys who lined up on your website. And I just, I just really quickly want to get to know who you are, um, click the form and get in touch with you, but you kind of have to have the depth from an SEO perspective because when you’re running campaigns and you’re running, you know, let’s say again, let’s go identity.

For example, you want to implant campaign. Um, you know, you want them to end up on one page that has detailed about what it is. You don’t want them to end up on the services page. That’s just the high level overview. So you kind of have to mix both. Um, and again, this will vary industry to industry, but majority of them and pretty much into both, right. Cause if I land up on your site, let’s, you know, Roy referred me to that dubs was XYZ.

I’m just going to look around and super comfortable with the guy. Right. But if I go through social media or Google and I’m looking for an implant, for example, I’m going to click and I want to learn about implants or what you think about implants I align.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (16:35):

Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s more, uh, maybe I misspoke. That’s kinda more what I was talking about, but the, you know, the, the front page kind of captures your attention, gives you the choices. And then once you click on it and get deeper, then that’s where you have, you know, the 500 word or more explanation. In-depth explanation about services, the, about you, different things like that.

It just, um, also it, um, it keeps people from having to search because I, my opinion, when you have a long front page, I’m trying to search for this information where if it’s concise, even the visuals that, you know, you have the block that says services or whatever, it’s just eaten. You know, I, I’m guilty of losing all the patients that I used to have. And, you know, I want it quick. I just want to click it a few times. I don’t want to have to scroll because you know, the longer I have to scroll and look for something, I become very, um, unengaged and, you know, I’ll just move on to something where I can find it easier.

Sir Sanju (17:41):

Well, I mean, you know, you’ve got to think this way, by the time they reach a page, potentially 30, so desensitized to the topic that they’re going to read them. Right, right. I’ve, I’ve always kind of said that, you know, a good website, no one really goes to the homepage because it’s not really necessary. But if you’re going to focus your efforts on the homepage, above the fold of the browser, the window that they’re using, you should highlight your top two or three things that they’re going to be looking at. Yeah. Right. So if it’s a lawyer, let’s say it’s family law, um, litigation and collections or whatever it is that they specialize in those top three are right there and then go right into it. We’re going to keep going if they don’t want to.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (18:18):

So let’s back up just one step. But it’s something that just came to mind was the, um, the domain name. So, you know, what is the science and the art behind let’s choose a good domain name. It has gotten tougher. I’ll tell you, there’s so many websites out there. There’s so many brokers that buy these things up, hoping to capitalize on them. So, you know, what, what is the thought behind choosing a good one?

Sir Sanju (18:45):

So, so kids, so this is a weird one for me because of the way I structured my stuff. Um, so my primary domain is ask us for anything.com. Okay. And the thought process behind that was because we were a marketing agency. We could literally go out and source anything and find things. I mean, we’ve done stuff from weddings and conventions and things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do.

Um, but the way we shifted after three years was we have a primary domain, which is genome, google.com, um, which refers back to that page. So the signs of a domain, um, number one, there’s a broadening aspect. So as close as you can get your brand, get it. And then there’s the vanity Legion aspect. So if your strategy is to create a landing page about, um, just because I’m in it, let’s say social media, I don’t know, Idaho by social media, idaho.com, right.

Sir Sanju (19:35):

Build a landing page, drive the traffic to it, get your needs that way. Right. But as your primary front facing domain, it needs to be representative of your company brand because that’s what people are going to search for at the end of the day. Okay. In terms of the.com versus the dot, you know, dot me dot code or whatever, um, obviously.com is always preferred. But you know, nowadays we sort of suggest to clients and they buy the.com.co and probably the.net just to secure the brand overall. Um, because those are still fairly common and still being adopted by most. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (20:08):

I had a guy, uh, I was talking to a few months ago that he had a.co and, you know, and all of his emails, he always preference. No, I did not leave the M off of that. That’s a dotcom Nazi. It’s all right. Uh, yeah. And what about going across all of our social media channels? Um, to make sure, you know, if we’re, if we’re selecting a name, you know, kind of not my personal name, but just a, you know, a made up company name to go through all the social media channels to make sure that the same, um, format or the same way you lay it out is available in of those. That’s

Sir Sanju (20:48):

Getting a really tough nowadays. It’s, it’s actually crazy how hard that is. It’s almost harder than domains nowadays. Um, you know, so, so there’s two ways of thinking of it. One is you make sure your primary ones are the same. So your Facebooks and Instagrams are exactly the same by initiators, I guess, mostly, um, those three are the same and everything else is what it is. You kind of both get some variation of it. Um, or like a domain.

You find something that’s sort of a neutral, but so speaks to like, it’s on Judah, you know, it sends you or it’s Roy or Roy or official or whatever it is. Um, and find something that works across all the mediums across that way, but it is getting way temper. So usually again, when things like when Tik TOK came out, you know, the first thing we told people, it’s just, you’re not gonna use it. Doesn’t matter, secure the name. Right. Go get three years named security. Right. Because you never know what happens in a few years, right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (21:38):

Yeah. Yeah. I’m glad you brought that up. Cause I just wrote that down tick tock. So I don’t want to get, I don’t want to get all too far off on that, but, um, you know, for, for us, people that have been around for a while, we’ll put it nicely like that, you know, Tik TOK used to be for dancing teenagers, but from what I’m hearing now, a lot more mainstream businesses are using it to, um, you know, show, processes, procedures, whatever. But I think they’re like a minute clip, or maybe you can tell us a little bit more about that.

Sir Sanju (22:11):

There’s a, children’s an interesting, like you said, it started off more as a, as a teenage, uh, you know, something for my kids to do kind of thing. Um, then as you know, when they started developing an influencer community and developing, um, more of, uh, a base of people that were able to, um, sell product, it started became steam, right. And then obviously the, the good or bad PR, or we won’t think of it that came out across the States, you know, just kind of repelled me personnel or the interest in it forward. Um, checked off is great for the, I would, I don’t want to pigeonhole it, but also the younger businesses. Okay. Um, you know, or, or the guys who have a social media team that can create the content because it’s very difficult to create content that’s engaging with tech talk, right.

Sir Sanju (22:54):

Like you really got to go off brand sometimes to create something fun. Okay. Um, but usual we’d say is, you know, created a talk video, but, you know, use that in your marketing efforts, on your Instagram, on your Facebook companies like that, um, create ads to advertise, get in front of influencers there, if you’re, let’s say clothing company, um, and leverage that side of it. Right. So again, depending on the industry, it’s really going to vary, um, the usefulness of it, like, you know, as a lawyer, I mean, what are you gonna do? Right. I mean, yeah, I’m the dancing lawyer, like I dunno. Right. Right. Exactly. So for that kind of stuff, you know, there’s obviously there’s much less room to do things. Um, but if we can leverage it for advertising, Hey, you never know. Right. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (23:35):

Yeah. And if you make a product, I think that was, uh, somebody was telling me that it can’t be, it’s like a glassblower, maybe something like that, that he did a little clip about actually he did the process. So, but I think the next part of that is even if you can create content on there on social media, we have to be careful about where our clients live, because I’m just thinking most of my clients, probably not, not on Tik TOK. So while there may be a couple, would it really be worth my time and energy to create something to be.

Sir Sanju (24:06):

And honestly it saved for us. I mean, and we’ve posted maybe five videos today maybe, but the main thing, the main strategy was to secure the breath and see what it says. As long as you just get the brand to grow in the closet when they put applies to you one day. Awesome. You got it. If not, at least, you know, you’re clean.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (24:22):

Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so, uh, kind of move on. So now we’ve got our cool website built and now what we really need is people to put eyes on it, uh, search engine optimization, SEO, you know, that’s kind of the wizard behind the curtain that we talk about it. We know, but well, we talk about, we know what it is, but do we really know how to do that? So let’s talk about some SEO tips. You know, I know that you mentioned keyword stuffing, that’s a no-no nowadays. And, uh, but yeah, go ahead and tell us, you know, so now that we’ve got our cool website set up, what are some things that we want to do to make sure that we are, you know, optimized and that where people can find us or will find us?

Sir Sanju (25:13):

So there’s a few, there’s a few different kinds of SEO, right? There’s the technical SEO, which is things in your website itself, your header tags are all teenagers, like whatever, technically on your website that has to be, um, optimized working through those pieces. So that’s one part of it. The second part of it is what’s called on-page SEO, which is what we’ve kind of been talking about a little bit, which is the content on your website.

Um, you know, making sure that, you know, let’s say looking, you’re looking to attract, you know, um, I don’t know, uh, you’re looking to attract a certain type of person looking for, um, kids both let’s say, right. So, you know, whatever’s in your content. One kid’s post has certain keywords. So let’s say kids quotes, Houston, kids, clothes, New York, um, you know, cute tubs for girls, things like that is within these content that you’re building.

Sir Sanju (26:00):

Um, so that when we do put that onto the search engines and then push it out there, um, it’s signals to Google saying, Hey, these guys are actually talking about this topic. Okay. Um, and I’m, I’m very simplifying this quite a bit, uh, high-level wise. And the third part is what’s called off-page SEO on page SEO is you reaching out to other websites, um, with high domain authorities and saying, Hey, can we post some content for you?

Can you post some content for us or what can we do to work together to kind of leverage our networks together? It’s also leveraging things like Reddit’s, um, Quora’s, uh, you know, going in and responding to things, um, if you can get access to Wikipedia and then God bless then, you know, doing something we compete. But the, the is kind of tying that into backlinks, right.

Sir Sanju (26:45):

And making sure that whoever you’re associated just like real life, whatever you’re associated with has a good reputation and we’ll take care of you. Right. And take you kind of uptake you for that ride with them. Okay. Um, you know, so all three of these things need to work together. The problem is, is that a lot of people tend to only do the on-page SEO. Right. Which is, okay, we’ll write a blog a month, we’ll optimize the keywords. Um, and we put it up there and good luck buddy kind of thing.

Right. Um, w which isn’t, you know, it’s, it’s one third of the struggle literally, right? So it’s not necessarily the right thing to only be doing. Um, and I understand sometimes it’s the budgetary constraint and, you know, somewhere to start at least, but eventually builds is the plan should be attacking the other two because as Google algorithms change, which, I mean, this year they change, what three times, four times isn’t the same.

Sir Sanju (27:34):

Um, you know, they’re constantly evolving and getting smarter and you can’t cheat the system. Right? Like you can’t take this blog and post on for the websites, you know, for the lawyer websites, for example, we’re going to go this little copyrighted. Right. It’s not the same. Yeah. Um, you know, so, so being, being honest and transparent about what you’re putting out there.

Investing in that content writer, if you have to, you know, just a little bit, even to give you points to talk about, um, is well worth the investment in the long run, because what you don’t want to happen and what we’ve seen with a lot of other good way that we get all the clients is, you know, they’ll work with another company, Google change algorithm. We go from the first page to God knows where, and like, we just moved 30 grand over two years or three years where they log out. Yeah. Right.

Versus the way we build it takes, you know, it may take six months to get you there eight months to get you there, which is fine. But when you’re there, you’re there, if you move from page one, you might move to page two and then we can kind of see back by my real calibrating.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (28:31):

Yeah. And there are so many tricks to that, to that. And you have to be careful because just like we were talking about the keyword stuffing, uh, it’s a good way to get you taken off of the Google rankings completely. Yeah. And I don’t know how long that sentence lasts, but you know, everybody, you know, it kinda jokingly call it Google jail, but I mean, it can be devastating if you depend on web traffic for your business.

Sir Sanju (28:56):

Understood. I mean, anyone that, that tells you, Hey, I’ll get you a page one in 30 days or less. That’s, what’s called black hat, black hat SEO. And I please just run, just run, hide. Dude’s got to do a proper SEO strategy, depending on the competitiveness of the industry is at least six months to start getting new CTO.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (29:13):

Yeah. And we have to be patient to do it. Right. And, uh, there’s no shortcut. There’s just not. And, and that’s why Google. And it’s funny. Cause I was actually doing some research on, uh, on search engines the other day. Cause somebody mentioned one from, you know, way back in the nineties as like, Oh, I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. But th this is why I actually really, um, Google capitalized on is that search engines, you know, they just looked at words and so keyword stuffing a page was the way to go.

But what happened is, you know, the web pages became so spammy that you could go to 10 different sites and it not really be what you were looking for. People would just put all these keywords on there and then try to sell you, you know, some, some other crazy gadget. And so, you know, while it’s tough, I think we have to be respectful of the fact that, you know, it really, as the consumer, on the other side of that, it’s really been, uh, you know, a good thing for the industry because it kind of keeps everybody legit and not doing, um, you know, these borderline hokey things

Sir Sanju (30:20):

I fully fully agree. And again, you know, you gotta respect the guys too, you know, how to have a sales strategies and maybe doing it the same way that they did five years ago. But you know, it’s not their fault necessarily. Right. Because things evolve so quickly with some of those for us, it’s kind of hard to keep up. Right. And make sure that we’re optimizing that.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (30:38):

Yeah. So behind the scenes, um, you know, you’re talking about the technical part, like one thing I, you know, I think about is, uh, the Ault message on images, you know, it’s, I think, tell us a little bit more about that.

Sir Sanju (30:57):

So, so the key is to wait with alternative. So first of all, for whoever doesn’t know about, so ultimately just when you hover over the image, it’ll usually pop up a line attacks and say boy with blue shorts, right. Um, also, uh, all texts, an images is very important for our friends that may have, you know, are visual disabilities or other disabilities, um, you know, to make sure that they can have an optimum experience as well.

Right. And that’s fair. Gentleman’s got to play together. It’s spare for that. Um, you know, so the, the purpose of that is to be able to succinctly describe what the image is, um, while not becoming a bold paragraph. Right. So what we usually say is, you know, it’s giving what’s in the picture, maybe a color of the picture and describing what’s happening in the picture in terms of an action, but no more than let’s say 12, 15 words max.

Sir Sanju (31:46):

Right. Okay. Um, the other key part is, you know, a lot of people get lazy cause guys on the bad front end, you know, clients don’t understand or see the backend. So the developer go in and put boy blue shorts, boy, blue shirt, boy, blue shirt, boy, it’s all the same thing. And it’s like, but it’s not the same image. So that actually gets dinged by Google because they’re like, they’re just using the same image over and over then. So what are you trying to do? Right. Um, you know, and the other cool part is that if we do tag it properly and start to show up in Google photos and starts to show up in those searches, which just gets you more exposure at the end of the day.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (32:19):

So, and that brings up the, uh, the difference between, uh, pictures and videos. And some, this has been a while ago, but somebody told me that it was more or less with blogs, you know, used to, when you blog, you just put the text up there and that was it. So then it was, well, we add pictures now, ads, video. And, uh, a guy told once that, um, when you use a picture it’s like leaving breadcrumbs to your blog or to your website, when you use a video it’s like leaving chocolate or bread trumps to, to, to the same place. So is there, uh, really more value to use videos where appropriate versus a picture versus nothing at all?

Sir Sanju (33:01):

I mean, as much as, you know, the old adage of, you know, pictures will be a thousand words. YouTube is actually the biggest search engine in the world. So it’s not even Google is actually routes are owned by Googles and difference, but, right, right. So I, I think to me that’s a huge statement in terms of the value of how it, um, you know, especially now it is just culturally renowned streaming services and content out there.

Everyone’s just moving towards a model where they’d rather just watch something in 30 seconds to a minute, then actually have to focus and read it. Right. Um, yeah, there’s just so much problem, but, uh, you know, so, so I think being able to, um, serve people’s needs or serve them in a way that they want to be served. Content is probably obviously more optimal for your, for your success. Right. But like I said, in the beginning, we need to have that balance of the three types of content. And just to make sure we hindered everyone and

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (33:55):

About services, like, uh, like Yoast and you read about some of these others they have on page. Are, are those, uh, valuable? I know I’m sure they’re not as valuable as hiring a professional like yourself that can really dig in and go much deeper. These are very superficial and, uh, you know, can give you some guidance, but are they effective in helping you

Sir Sanju (34:18):

So most is actually pretty good. Um, uh, again, if you just need to get some sort of a head start on it and get some understanding of, you know, how to optimize your page a little bit, this is actually a pretty good school. I mean, I know we’ve used it a few times. We know if we got stuck on something or trying to figure out a more creative way to do it, we’ll go to it for inspiration.

Um, you know, but the, the power, the results you’re going to get comes from the mining or the industry tools behind it, right? Like, yeah. Um, yes, as, as someone who just goes to a website and wants to just get an understanding of where they stand from an SEO perspective. I mean, I think Yost is probably one of the more solid ones and more reliable ones out there,

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (34:58):

You know, and you mentioned earlier back links the importance of them. And, um, that’s a difficult game to play because you do have to take a lot of time to reach out. But the, again, the value of that, if you can land them is phenomenal. But let me ask you this. So a true back link would be, uh, let’s just, let’s just use the mic, uh, Microsoft, or, uh, you know, in MSNBC or some huge website, a big presence like that. If, if they had an article written by me and they had a link to my website, that’s a true backlink. Now, if I just put a link to one of these major presence on my website, is there any value to that

Sir Sanju (35:46):

There’s value to them very minimal, but the value to them, to them, right? The, the, the hard part about backlinks. Uh, if again, if we’ve had a website up for five, seven, 10 years is, you know, the original strategy backlinks, just immense quantity and Lance, you didn’t care if it was the da one or J 100 set at that point, you just wanted more in mix. Um, what happened two years ago?

And the change algorithms is we literally have to go to new client sites and clean out thousands and thousands of back links. Cause the whole thing strange, changed and rightfully so to quality versus quantity. Right. So, you know, I I’d say looking at back links, I don’t think it’s the primary of your strategy. It’s, it’s, you know, one of those things that supplements and helps them move. Yeah. Um, but if you’re going to do it and you’re going to invest in and make sure it is in quality, um, and it’s again with pages or brands or blogs or whatever it is that you want to be associated with.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (36:39):

Yeah. And you know, it begs to mention this right now, we’ll talk about, you know, cause we’re not going to get deep into social media, but with social media, there’s a difference between, uh, actual quality likes and in, in, um, engagement versus just vanity likes and vanity engagements. And so with links, it’s the same thing. There are a lot of people out there that’ll tell you, they’ll get you these back links, you know, for, you know, $5, a backlink or 10 or 50 or whatever. But again, they have what I call a back link farm, where they just have some old website that they’re putting all these back links to you again, uh, Google has wise and up to this and there are penalties if, if you do that too much.

Sir Sanju (37:28):

Yeah. They do. And it’s interesting too. There’s a lot of, um, and not to knock anyone, but there’s a lot of digital agencies that build the websites and build our own phones that way. So they’ll leverage your website and getting ranking on SEO, but only because they’re leveraging the other 50 sites that they’re working on or, or have up and running. Right. So as soon as you leave their ecosystem, it was a complete waste of your time. Right. Right. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of dirty, but you know, I guess it is what it is. Right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (37:56):

Yeah. And, and again, it comes to be quality over quantity. Uh, one in what I think you call it a da, is that like a domain authority, they’re different, there are different levels where the Google, the Microsoft in, you know, NBC they’re way up there. And then, you know, the rest of us are somewhere, somewhere way down below that

Sir Sanju (38:18):

Bailey, you know, what’s funny about that. Even getting to that, if you’re a first month pumping, you’re selling show, but the da 90 site who was again going, how did you do that? So that’s, it’s a bit of a weird game where he kind of got bounced, you know, no more than 50 per now. And then, you know, add a few fifties that move up and kind of go from there. So it’s, it’s really a bit of a science behind the right and making sure that you’re always going to find yeah. And making the Google gods happening.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (38:41):

Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. We don’t want to, don’t want to make them for sure. Yeah. Cause I was looking at, uh, uh, I have a, um, a little stat tracker that I looked up the other day and I think what Google is still at 95%, 90 to 95 somewhere crazy of all the search traffic in the world right now. So you definitely have to play by their rules and it’s, so it’s constantly changing. They’re always upgrading and doing so, uh, you need to find somebody that can stay on top of that.

Sir Sanju (39:14):


Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (39:15):

Well, again, again, we appreciate you taking time out of your day. So I want to ask you what is a tool that you use in your world? Um, it can be professional. It can be personal and, and it not just the tool that could be a habit or some kind of a ritual, something that you do every day that you just can’t do without

Sir Sanju (39:36):

I rely heavily on. And I know it’s not quite original or tool, but my team, I got to say that, you know, I think, you know, knowing that the team that we have behind us, knowing that, you know, the, the brain power that we have behind us and the passion that they all have for the clients and for what they do, that’s what really is my kind of ritual, you know, wake up in the morning, going all right. We, we have really good people who love what they do and we just want to take over the world. And I think having that motivation and having that, that mutual respect between all of us is really what kind of keeps things moving and driving and aspiring to do more and more. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (40:15):

All right. Well that’s all. No, that’s a good answer. Cause it does gives us that peace of mind when we, when we open the door every day, then we’ve got, we’ve got a good team behind us instead of worrying about, is anybody going to show up or what things may happen during the days? I know that

Sir Sanju (40:30):

I get to keep my hair. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (40:33):

All right. Well, if you don’t mind, uh, before we go tell everybody, uh, who is your client? What can you do for them? And then of course, how that they can reach out and get ahold of you.

Sir Sanju (40:44):

So our, our clients, um, is really anyone that wants to grow. So the way we operate is we don’t specialize in any one industry or anyone’s size of client. We work with people who are interested in going down a path with us, um, wherein they trust our process and let us help them grow. Um, so we’re very bespoken that way. And we’re very limited in that sense that, um, you know, we really come and become an extension of their business.

So that’s really what we’re looking for. Um, you know, Morales, how big, what advice, and I was happy to work in people and people’s, it’s all part of the process of growing, right? Um, you can find us online at askusanything.com or AAU, the number four, eight.com. It’s easier. Um, our Instagrams at G and L media. Um, and you can just look me up on LinkedIn and I’d be happy to connect in and having these conversations with people. All right, great. And

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Want To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Here Are Some Tips and SEO Hacks (41:34):

We’ll put all those in the show notes for you as well. All right. As long as you use, thanks so much again, it’s been an awesome and uh, what I really need to do is get, uh, you know, we’ll set up a time for you to come back because like I said, we could take hours upon hours to talk about each and every one of these subjects, uh, you know, we didn’t even get social media or the branding, you know, design and branding component.

So, uh, we’ll do that and get you back on soon. All right. I appreciate your grandma’s thinking. You bet. All right, well, that’s going to be offered today. Of course, we are the business of business podcast. You can find us at www.the businessofbusinesspodcast.com.

Also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, uh, this, uh, uh, this video of this interview will be put up on YouTube as well. So, um, again, if you have any, uh, ideas that you would like us to address, uh, please reach out to me roy@thebusinessofbusinesspodcast.com and we’d be glad to, you know, find subject matter experts to help you out until next time, take care of each other.

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