Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Back Office Help For Any Stage Of Business

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Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Back Office Help For Any Stage Of Business with Vinnie Fisher

Who’s watching your back office? It’s an important part of the overall management process that is usually the last to be addressed until something goes wrong. We are typically focused on sales and marketing, human resources issues and don’t think about who is handling the financial health of the company. You can fix that today!

About Vinnie

Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur and a best-selling author who has over 20 years of experience growing a scaling multiple 8 figure companies.

His most recent mission is helping eCommerce, tech and digital business owners improve their financial fluency and operate their accounting back office as a profit center.

After growing 3 – 8 – figure businesses with fast growth, many customers and low margin, Vinnie discovered the issue was that he lacked financial fluency and gave back much of his hard-earned money in cash waste and no margin.  With no good solutions in the marketplace, Vinnie founded Fully Accountable, an outsourced full service cutting edge accounting firm, that helps eCommerce and Digital business owners through fractional CFO and accounting services.

Vinnie has been awarded Digital Marketer of the Year multiple times and has been featured on many top-rated national podcasts and other media outlets such as Business Insider.  He has also authored three best-selling books and has guided Fully Accountable to the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America twice, and ranked as one of the Top 5 Outsourced Accounting Firms by CFO Tech Outlook.

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Full Transcript Below

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (00:03):

Hello and welcome to another episode of the business of business podcast. I’m Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business. Uh, we, this show covers a wide range of topics for all. Businesses are entrepreneurs, solo, preneurs, uh, small businesses, as well as some larger corporations.

And, uh, you know, what we want to do is just not only, um, put some ideas out there for thought. But we also want to bring you professionals that, uh, can help you solve those problems that you, um, may have identified. So, uh, without further ado today, uh, you know, we’re blessed to have any Fisher. He is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. Has over 20 years of experience in growing and scaling multiple eight figure companies. Um, his, uh, most recent mission is helping those businesses. E-commerce tech, digital business owners improve their financial fluency and operate their accounting back office as a profit center.

And I think, uh, you know, Vinnie can talk a little about this. But after he grew three businesses into the eight figure range with fast growth, uh. Many customers and low margins. He discovered the issue that he lacked the financial fluency. And gave back much of his hard earned money in cash waste and no margin with no good solutions out there in the marketplace.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (01:26):

Vennie founded fully accountable and outsource full service, cutting edge accounting firm that helps e-commerce and digital business owners through fractional CFO and accounting services. Vinnie, thank you so much for taking time out of your data, uh, be with us. Uh, this is such a great topic and it’s such a need that, um, for, we get into that though. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I know that you’ve, uh, were awarded the digital marketer of the year multiple times. So, uh, you know, you have a well-rounded, uh, background, you know, in all aspects of business. And then also, uh, you’ve authored three best-selling books and guided fully accountable to the Inc 5,000. Was one of the fastest growing companies in America twice. So, um, again, welcome to the show and, uh, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got here.

Vinnie (02:25):

Uh, first off, thanks for having me. And, uh, we, uh, honored to be a guest on your program. I love what you guys are doing. You know, I am through, in, through an entrepreneur. I have spent even before my entire career. So it’s been my professional career. I’ve just always been, you know, this is just the way my mind thinks. I see problems. I try to come up with solutions to those problems.

So when you look at my kind of portfolio or resume, you see a guy that had some of his own problems set out to solve those problems. Then tried to discover and did discover whether there was an audience greater than just me having that problem. And, and those would be my businesses. And so I’m thankful to that. I am a really a marketer, right? That’s you know, even though I’m a lawyer by trade. And I did corporate, uh, acquisition work as a young professional, I love the law.

Vinnie (03:23):

I really cherish being a lawyer. You can’t hire me as mom. But I love the idea that I love what I do and it, and bring it into my businesses. Uh, but I’ve always seen problems. Uh, and thankfully I’m, my minds worked into a solution orientation. And sorry, I’ve run my marketing as how I run the building of our businesses. And I know that’s an unusual combination of marketer that runs business. Those usually don’t go together. And I might quite thankful that my emotional equivalent, my ability to be, uh, relationally connected to other people in our team is, is one of the best traits I bring to the table. So that’s probably what’s factored the best in my ability to maturely grow a larger organization is. Is the depth and development of team, right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (04:11):

Yeah. And, you know, it’s, uh, a subject for another day, but I think that you bring out a great point. Because I talk a lot about retention in, uh, you know, that’s what I do in some consulting practice. But, you know, we have to market for that talent. We have to be good at building that relationship. Because we’re only as good as the teams that we can build. And surround ourselves with. For sure.

Vinnie (04:33):

Absolutely. You know, I’ll tell you that the people will realize that less than 7% of all companies do a million dollars of annualized revenue. So the amount of energy it takes to create a value proposition to where you have enough customers buying and repeat buying your stuff to get to a million dollars in revenue is its own issue.

And so you have to establish that you’re really those 7% of companies that actually have that. Or we’re going to have food. Well, there’s an argument, a good one have an established value proposition. Now you’ve got to work on other things. Processing team are really the maturing things. You have to work on more than the idea of getting your offer to convert. Because getting an offer to converse the first phase of business, building out the maturity of your company is truly the second and third phase of your business.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (05:31):

Right. Right. And yeah, and that’s so important. Because, um, you know, a lot of people fall into a business, uh, a trade. And they just start off and they really don’t have a plan. And so that, that growth, um, well, it sounds awesome. You know, it can be a real block for some people knowing when to hire those, make those key hires. And, uh, you know, what is that best path of growth?

I, I like what you said about the, the, um, you know, one thing that you learned was the no margin. And I think a lot of I’ve worked with some people that, that was in that growth period. They had a product and a price, but it was a losing price. And it wasn’t like that was a market leader trying to, uh, get some other type of business. They didn’t understand. They didn’t understand margin on 40.

Vinnie (06:21):

Yeah. I, uh, I was like, you made you, uh, had a very nice syndrome. Yeah. I thank you for that. And in there you had mentioned my digital marketer of the year award. While I was walking on stage with my then business partner and we were walking up to get the award. And we had actually won it two years in a row with this big event. It was kind of cool. And so we were coming up as getting all the accolades. And I leaned over to him and said, wouldn’t it be interesting if this crowd knew that we were more profitable when we were half the size. Right?

And so I would always be attracted to everyday growing the gross revenue. And I never had a relationship to what we kept now. I know that sounds real basic, but I avoided the net profit or the net margin of the company. Because I was scared of terminology. I didn’t understand. And this is a corporate lawyer who’s trained in tax who equally was scared of that information. And when I woke up thankfully, and really my heart softened to that. This is my two, how can I be mad at anyone else in our company, if I’m not focused on the protection that changed. It really changed the way we operated our company.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (07:38):

Right. Right. Yeah. And, and, uh, you know, the terminology it’s important. Because I, you know, when people try to sell their business, they, a lot of times they will be like, Oh, I’ve got a $10 million business. You know, the first thing I say is, that’s awesome. Unless it takes you 12, 12 million to run it or fulfill your product or your service. And so we have to be very careful. In some businesses I’ve been involved in some industries, you know, that service creep that, uh, you don’t really realize that growing your staff, the impact that it has on that bottom line. And what you get to, you know, keep after the day is over with.

Vinnie (08:22):

Yeah. And I’ll tell you for me, I, we have a really large health self-made company. We were doing almost three and a half million a month in top line revenue. But we were keeping raised for thin margins of around 8%, just enough to stock inventory paste. Them bills have basically barely anything to ourselves at all. And we were dumping it all back into growing the business. Because we wanted to sell it for some big exit. Right?

Well, during this wake up time, I realized that that type of business that we built should have been profiting around 22% profit margin. So then all of the sudden I started seeing that we were losing 14% of the bottom. Not winning 8% and like everything changed for me. So soon as I saw the leaky bucket and I was able to see where it was leaking, I became a ferocious animal defending the 22%. And we got there and we were able to not only have distributions go to the company, but we ultimately sold it for a much better situation than we did when we were just running an 8% razor thin margins. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (09:29):

Well, and you’re, I think you’re lucky, not lucky, educated, educated yourself to actually realize that. Because it’s, it’s an unfortunate fact, you know. And I don’t know what the numbers are more about small businesses not lasting. But we’ll, you know, we’ll use a marketer for a good example. There are people who are ACEs at marketing, get you in front of the right people, get the right, you know, get the flow into the pipeline.

They could do all that, but they don’t understand that back in. And at some point, if you don’t make money or you don’t make enough money to survive, you end up going out of business. And, uh, you know, that’s what I see it. Way too often as somebody who’s very good at their trade, whether, you know, whether it’s marketing, being a lawyer, plumbing, electrical, whatever it is. They’re really good at that. They kind of fell into this thing.

But now all of a sudden, it’s trying to understand, um, understand the back end or the other thing too, is the accounting portion is not keeping good records. And now all of a sudden, uh, you know, today it’s, uh, January five. So now all of a sudden it’s scrambling around trying to put together the documentation. Not having everything that you need in order to move on to that tax preparation. And, uh, you can lose a lot of money in that as well.

Vinnie (10:52):

Yeah. You know, it’s funny, as you had made a mention too, like businesses closing of that number, you know, there are some statistical data from the small business administration as the close rate for one year to five. What’s amazing to me is that less than 6% of companies see their 10th anniversary business, wow. 80% of covenant companies will not see their fifth anniversary business of all of those.

That means that between the magic is getting near your fifth year, right. But from zero to five years, four out of five companies will run out of cash and that’s why they closed. Right? And the reason is, is this lacking any fiscal controls where you’re operating the business? And I think the real reason why we’ve grown and why we’ve built the business we built is because I think the bigger problem is the mindset of the leader that he or she is not building process in their company that he or she is really didn’t actually sign up to actually run a business.

Vinnie (11:59):

He or she had a product or service that worked for a couple of people that the third of growing, and it became this thing. I’m firmly convinced that most people did not sign up to operate a business. But the reality is something’s got to change when your business starts to get bigger than you, if a new habit and a new structure doesn’t kick into where you invest into the backend operations of your business, then you’re going to be on this hamster wheel, giving back way more money than it, um, is necessary. And with today’s technology, that’s unnecessary and no longer needed to be the way to run a business. Right.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (12:36):

Right. Yeah. And even, you know, I think the other component of your businesses, that fractional part is that, you know, as you grow the business, you may not think that you can afford that salary to go out, hire that CFO to be your guy full-time. But no, but you know, the solution that you provide is awesome because you can get that help at an early point at an earlier point than what you used to could.

You know, used to, you had to wait either had to know somebody who could help you out and do it for cut rate, or you had to wait till you got to the point you could afford to put somebody on full time and, you know, that’s kind of frightening as well, but with the, your service, I think that’s the really cool part is you’re able to put that expertise on at a much, much earlier timeframe than we used to could, which is,

Vinnie (13:27):

Yeah. I’ll tell you what. I have a gift for everyone watching and listening, and it’s at fully forward slash the business of business and what you’ll get there is our best-selling books, all yours just raise your hand and my team will send this stuff to you. But why I’m making reference to that is that one of the things that’s critical for a business of this is the leader has to start thinking about investing in the maturity of their business.

And the one part that I’d say is core is the brain, meaning whoever is the core leader and its team, but everything else from today’s technology is outsourceable right. We’re one of those categories. So as other elements of service, maybe your supply chain like today’s world, there are solutions to those problems in businesses and more leaders that their mind gets locked into that they, they don’t have to be one of the tragic stories of running out of cash because it grew, uh, beyond their control. And so I’m thankful that we’re on that wall where one of those categories on that wall, and there are other business process outsourcing categories in our materials will help you really think about those things. And we want to give you every chance to succeed in each one of those categories.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (14:49):

Yeah. Okay. And I appreciate, and I know the listeners will as well, that that’s, um, awesome, um, awesome material, because we do need to think about that, especially if you’re, if you’re starting a business, uh, if you set out to start the business, not even talking about the people, just falling into one, but you’ve got to start thinking about this stuff day one, because what hap, what I’ve seen happen is it kind of creeps up on you too.

You get beyond the point of being able to, uh, you know, hire help to come in, to fix things. And, uh, you need to be very thoughtful about that from the beginning and set it out in the plan. Like these are the, uh, timeframes, and these are the revenue numbers that we need to get to in order to make this, um, you know, to continue to grow the business where we can, uh, survive, not only survive, but we can profit from it as well.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (15:45):

Cause, uh, you know, we’ll just kind of get into that a little that. Uh, a lot of times business owners are, you know, the, uh, it’s the other way around still the dog wagging the tail. The tail wags, the dog, that low profitability. What I see is that that tends to be when the dog starts wagging the tail, when we’re not making enough money, we put in more effort. Or if we’re not, uh, if we’re not taking care of the money that we make, we’re not doing the Mar you know, looking at our margins. Now, all of a sudden we have to start working longer hours, harder doing other things to try to generate more and more income at lower and lower margins. Is that kinda what y’all see as well?

Vinnie (16:29):

Yeah. Two things, you know, in my world where we live with high transactions in a digital world, we have a lot of transactions flowing through. So if you’re not paying attention to those, those items, cause so many transactions are flowing through where you can waste money in so many different channels. Acquiring the customer can be way more expensive than it has to be.

If you have some controls in place, you can save some of that cash. But worse. What we noticed about cash strapped companies is the creativity of the executives we’re leading. We’re so worried about the bottlers. They don’t have that. The ability to have good solutions into solving other problems in the business, almost go away. It happened to me. Like once I was able to free up cash flow in our health supplement company, I remember becoming more creative because it’s all like proverbial news around my neck was taken off.

And so that is one of the shames. There’s already enough downward pressures that come on a professional. You always need to be available and you always need to be right. Well, if you add like freaked out about your cash every hour of every day, it gets a lot less fun to run a business. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (17:40):

Yeah. And that creativity, you know. We need to set our, uh, there’s a lot of, um, uh, research based evidence that we need to set some aside to be creative. But if, like you said, if we’re worrying about how we’re going to pay the light bill next month, uh, we don’t, we’re not able to take that time out for ourself and for our business. And can be varied.

Vinnie (18:01):

It’s happened to me multiple times, right? I mean, I, I know with firsthand, you know, think about it. Like if you’re so anxious and worried about whether or not the right shoe is to drop. Or the furnace breaks in the right time. Gosh, how could you not be filled with a level of stress that’s going to be unproductive in your organization?

So to me, as an organization starts to increase in revenue, it has to start maturing aspects of its company. In one of those categories where we live at accounting and finance is one of them where a business grows up, you can buy those things on a fractional basis. He can get the best bang for its buck. You know, we call it time, money and resources. Where can I win back a lot of time? Where can I spend a fraction of my money and get way more resources that I could otherwise buy with that same amount of money?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (18:51):

Yeah. Because you’ve got people who already know the business, number one, uh, and, and they will pay for themselves. They will help you save enough money or help you to funnel or channel or tweak your pricing enough that they will pay for themselves. It’s not going to be just a dead expense for sure.

Vinnie (19:10):

Yeah. And if you like what you said there, when you think, when you think about the size or, you know. It’s funny, our number one, objection, growing up as a business has always been, Oh, I’d like to have that in-house yeah. Well introduce the world’s century pandemic. Well, that objection is gone. We don’t have this question in our sales team of, about being in house. Well, what it’s done is actually exposed a better issue.

The better issue is what’s the better use of my dollar in return for my company. [inaudible] minute I can buy those resources. In other words, all of the sudden you can look in each category of your business. Which is why I very much encourage you to dive into my book, the CEOs mindset. Because I break each department out of a company and you can look what a business should do. First is look to outsource in the best use of your dollars. You can always insource later as you grow up. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (20:09):

Well, and, and not only the use of dollars, but like you said our time. Because if you’re a heck of a marketer, instead of, um, taking the time to, you know, spill out some spreadsheets or, or make sure you’re keeping up receipts is, you know, find somebody that’s good at that. And you can spend your time growing the business, you know, through the marketing. Or whatever product or service that you deliver or whatever, wherever your skillset lies as well. So you brought up the, um, uh, you brought the pandemic up. So let’s kind of think about that. Uh, what are some other things that you have seen that not only have changed because of that pandemic. But also, uh, you know, what are some changes that you see are some things to look for as we begin 2021?

Vinnie (20:58):

Yeah. When this all first started, I, I was following some executives who said, Hey, it looks like we’re going to accelerate three or four years of behavior. And interestingly, as this has dragged on, you know, when you look at what’s going on, I think we had accelerated somewhere North of five and maybe as much as 10 years, a decade of behavior. And so what does that mean?

We’re in the world. I live, you know, direct to consumer e-commerce the we’d spend every dollar we could to get a consumer used to buying online. Well, now we’ve been forced to create a habit to buy online. So what I see changing for e-commerce in high transaction businesses is that we had to switch our mind from just acquiring the customer, to finding a profit margin in acquiring that customer, because we don’t have to beg here Xi to buy online anymore.

Vinnie (21:55):

That’s the real reality. So that’s one thing that I think direct to consumer online is the new way business is going to be done for at least 25, if not 30% of buying behavior, by the way, before all this was margining around 10%. So we have tripled buying behavior online. That’s huge, which means there are going to think if you’re a local retailer, you’re going to have to very seriously think about your digital buying engagement behavior.

One, two, if you’re someone who has historically had all your talents sitting in your building, you know, we run a hybrid model, we run a corporate office as well as our, the vast majority of our staff, uh, sits in other places around the country. There are full-time team. Well, we run a hybrid model where our homeys work from home. Now we’ve been doing that since day one.

So we didn’t skip a beat on that, but that this reality that we are going to have a, an environment, uh, at a minimum of a hybrid environment, as we figure out new ways to tolerate working from home, that is that in the upheaval to the way we think about running a direct to consumer business, both of those have been negatively accelerated, and it’s not this new normal, it’s the reality of the way business was going to be done. It’s just been massively accelerated, right?

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (23:23):

Yeah. I think you make a good point that, uh, you know, I think we’re here to stay with a lot of this digital purchasing because the, the hardest part is getting people to do it for that first time. And, you know, I can use my, uh, I’ll use my parents as an example, is getting them to order groceries over the internet was a struggle and a challenge, but now they’ve done it, you know, for the last six or eight months, it’s like, they will not go back to making that weekly trip to the grocery store. And then, you know,

Vinnie (23:55):

Well, you’ve traded in ignorance. You treated ignorance for unknown, for convenience. So when that habit supported convenience, the other arguments as to why not to do it are gone. And so, um, do I believe that because of this acceleration, it took something like that massively change consumer’s buying behavior. Yep. Do I think that we are not going back pre this? I also believe that to do, I think will level out somewhere between a buying behavior that looks and starts local and may end digital. I don’t know where those numbers are going to level out, but I, I believe that even though experts are still guessing a little bit, I had some boy we’re gonna approach a 50% adoption rate to buying online behavior, and that’s going to be a real thing.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (24:52):

Right. And I think, uh, you know, a lot of brick and mortar companies have adopted or adapted to this and they have the, you know, order online and pick up. I know that, you know, I was just, uh, had a few dollars left over in my, uh, uh, uh, uh, the FSA account. And so instead of going up to the store and walking through the store, trying to figure out what was available, you know, I was able to go online. They had the local drug store, the FSA store ship, part of it, pick part of it up. And, uh, again, that’s, uh, for me, I feel like I’m pretty adapt to the digital, but that’s going to be a new habit for me, is getting all that stuff online and just running by and letting them walk out and give it to me.

Vinnie (25:37):

Absolutely. I mean, it’s funny, as you know, you made mention that, you know, people have adapted to some of that. You know, I was just reading an article, uh, where, uh, one of these big data companies was tracking the haves and have nuts, surprisingly retail, people who do have an e-commerce presence have thrived shockingly, coming into this whole thing, more than 50% of the active operating businesses in America, didn’t have a website. We have barely moved the needle on that statistic through all this process.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (26:10):

Oh, my word. I didn’t know that. So

Vinnie (26:12):

There’s a, have not, there’s many retailers who are not taking advantage of the e-comm part of their business and it’s them that are going to have to change the way they do business, or they’re going to have to change the business. They do. Yeah.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (26:30):

Yeah. That’s for sure. Well, Vinnie, we appreciate you taking time out of your day to be with us. Uh, so tell me this, what is a tool? And they can be a tool or a habit or ritual. What is something that you use you use every day in your daily life, either professional or personal that you just don’t think you could do without?

Vinnie (26:51):

Uh, you know, I, I use, uh, two things. I use a journal that literally allows me to organize my thoughts. And so my buddy Tony grabbed Meyer, built a journal called the be fulfilled journal. And it’s, it’s his version of it. There are other ones I’m just mentioning his because how I use it, but a journal that can allow, I have a lot of responsibilities. A lot of people on my team, I’ve kids, I’ve stuff to be able to organize my thoughts, not my I’m not an organized person.

I know I have a lot of responsibilities, but I’m not a generally organized person, but one of the places I needed to up-level was organizing my thoughts. That’s one thing I do a second, that it was, I time chunk. Now this may for high performers, you have to do this. And here’s the tip. I specifically take my calendar and I set out not just blocks of time, but specific blocks of time.

Vinnie (27:50):

So if I were to grab my screen right now and show you my calendar, you’d see that today. And what a woke up, how to get ready, prep time. People are like, what, what is that? That’s still a specific thing I need to do right after that I would have today. It’s Tuesday. I know whatever we air, I recognize it’s not going to be all that, but I have a specific ritual and each of those moments are blocked out. And only the time it’s open is our purpose, allowing someone to last minute and on my schedule. But I think in order to be a high performer, you have to find a way to make time-blocking an important part of your, uh, your daily ritual. Now.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (28:28):

No, that’s very good point. And, you know, protect our time. It’s one of the most valuable things that we have is to, uh, be able to get things done and, uh, you know, be creative. It allows us to schedule that time for creativity for thought and you know, everything that we need to do to make our days more efficient. For sure.

Vinnie (28:48):

I just get more done, like, because the world will take every second of your time, if you, the calendar open, you want to really check high productive people. They I’ll tell you. People say, they think time’s the most valuable until you monitor what they do with their time.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (29:05):

Right? Yeah. Yeah. It can be an awakening just to write down all the things that you do during the day when you, when you’re not paying attention, then, uh, you’d be surprised.

Vinnie (29:16):

All right. My friend, Tony, did this exercise with you. No, go ahead.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (29:19):

Go ahead. I’m sorry. Go ahead. What about

Vinnie (29:22):

My friend, Tony, that same guy did this exercise with me about drainers and drivers. What I would encourage everyone is to list out the things that are driving your time and what are the things that are draining your time. And you’ll be me. You were calendar days are stuck creep in days, and the amount of leakiness in your time that needs to be protected. You’ll see a massive uptick in, in, in peace and joy in the things you do. And so I’m so thankful for that. And it’s, it’s, it’s really been a huge weapon that I know I would not want to do without.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (29:59):

Right. All right. Vinny will tell everybody, uh, how first off, you know, who is your client and, uh, what can fully accountable do for them? And then of course, how can they reach out and get ahold of your team?

Vinnie (30:13):

Okay, so fully accountable, you know, we are a fractional CFO and controller service. We provide a full service backend to e-commerce and digital companies doing a million dollars in revenue a year and above. And so we work with high transaction businesses. We’re the experts. It’s the only category we work with. So all our people, that’s all we do. We’re the largest in the space at what we do.

That’s our client during all this process, we wanted to make it simple for people to get in touch with us, regardless of where you are as a category. So we created a week here You can go see our website. You can also take advantage of the free resource we gave you at forward slash the business of business. Please take advantage of those resources. Even if you weren’t a great fit for us, we’ll get you in the right hands and give you resources to succeed. Our mission is to help 10,000 businesses, double their profit margin. And if we can do that by equipping you great. If we can do that by being that for you, we’ll do that as well. Okay.

Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business (31:12):

Awesome. Well, again, Vinnie, thank you so much time. Uh, y’all reach out, see how Vinnie and his team can help you. Y’all be profitable and, uh, 2021. All right, well, that’s going to do it for another episode of the business of business podcast. Again, I’m Roy – The Business of Business Podcast – Don’t Put It Off Any Longer, Backoffice Help For Any Stage Of Business. Uh, you can find us at We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of this will be posted on YouTube as well until next time, take care of yourself and take care of each other.

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